Thursday, 29 January 2009

UK Flow

Here’s the first draft from a forthcoming film called UK Flow completed for a recent university deadline by film makers Mike Tyler and Lee Warren. It runs for 15 minutes and features DJ Snuff, Orifice Vulgatron, Kingpin, Stig Of The Dump, The I.R.S., Manage, and myself, Disorda. The main film is still in the research/planning phase, which has involved interviewing a small number of people directly involved in Hip Hop in the UK (in order to learn about their characters, their views, as well as the scene as a whole), this short edit is made up of footage mainly taken from these interviews…
The main film will expand on the topics touched on in this initial edit, but will go much deeper to explore the personalities and stories of the people involved. It’ll also look at the mechanics of the UK Hip Hop industry and the process of making music. An animator is also on board, so the aesthetic of the main film will differ from this edit, giving it an original, defined visual style. In order to make some of the processes involved in music easier to understand for the viewer, it’ll use a combination of animated sequences and carefully constructed live footage…
Although this is a short edit and lacking many of the features they plan to include in the main film, it begins to convey the tone of the overall project, which aims to show Hip Hop in a positive light, dispelling some of the negative attitudes and hopefully making the genre accessible to all… Take a look and leave ‘em some comments, let them know what you think of it, enjoy!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Beer & Rap present 'The Grill House'

...this coming Friday @ 333, Shorditch, East London.

A new night brought to you by BEER & RAP - 'The Grill House' presents:

Burn baby burn like disco inferno...

YO MAMMA DJ'S (tomb crew)
TM JUKE (alice russel / tru thoughts)
BENNY LIGHTYEARZ (chuurch / choice fm)
TOM SIMPSON (5mm / the dugout)

In the Basement - Disco, Soul, Funk, Rap
ME & MY CREW featuring:
JOHNNY ZIG ZAG (Disorda / & DJ LoK (Crazy Beat Records/Stacked Saturdays)

+ lots more treats and cured meats.

£5 entry b4 12. £10 after.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Cappo & Styly Cee footage

Here's a likkle treat from November's radio show with Cappo & Styly Cee inside the Suspect Packages ghetto bunker...

...and here's the freestyle action, big up to Al @ Son Records for the filmage!

Don't forget to check for that limited The H-Bomb EP too...

Friday, 9 January 2009

Suspect Packages Radio Show

Bit later than usual as we took a little time off over New Year, but here's January's radio show. No special guests this month as we had quite a lot of newness to get through so it's back to back pressure. Peep the playlist and get ya download on, respek...

1, Disorda.

January's playlist:

01> Skuff - Suspect Packages Radio Show Intro - Halal Beats promo
02> M9 freestyle - promo
03> Scor-Zay-Zee feat.Fangol - Scorz Chat - promo
04> Tor Cesay feat.Flying Lotus, Phonte Coleman & Oddisee - The Perch - Pinch Of Salt
05> Ill Move Sporadic - War - promo
06> Jetsun Beats feat.Big Deal & Ramson Badbonez - Sin City Exclusive - Kung Fu promo
07> Chester P - Suicide Switch - Chessmonster Ent
08> Mr Loop feat.Slippa & Zoo Mark - U.S.B (Dirt Bass Re-lick) - Sweatbox Sounds
09> DJ Mentat feat.Syaman - Where I Wanna Be (Unheard Remix) - Big Smoke promo
10> Illustrate - Broke - Headcount Productions
11> Kasha - She Wants You - Vivid Imagery
12> Deadly Hunta - Valley Of Death - Pro 1 Music
13> Influx - Step One - Influx Production
14> Ramson Badbonez - Funny Guys - Medication Records
15> Skreintax feat.Dubbledge - Venus - Dented Records
16> Brotherman - One I - Silent Soundz
17> Sir Smurf Lil' - Blossom - YNR Productions
18> Malik - Appetite For Destruction - Hip Hop Village
19> Taskforce - Exclusive - Sin City promo
20> Kasha feat.Klarity - With You All The Way - Vivid Imagery
21> Serocee - You'll Never Find - Jambrum/Crate Escape
22> Kyza- Rules Of The Game - promo
23> JVF Clique - Drugs Needs Kids - promo
24> Kid Genius feat.Leaf Dog - A Nuther Night Out - promo
25> The P Brothers feat.Milano - Late Night - Heavy Bronx
26> Endemic feat.Cappo - Needle Drop - No Cure Records
--------------------Old Skool Selection--------------------
27> Neighbourhood Threat - Creepin Up On The Downlow - Dope Traffickin Records (1993)
28> Black Radical Mk II - Yu Dead Now! - Dredbeat Records (1993)
29> Krispy 3 - Harder Times - Gumh Recordings (1991)
30> Danny Red - Riddimwize - Columbia Records (1994)
31> Minds In Transit - Big Tings a G'wan - Shocking Colour (1995)
32> Krispy 3 - ? - Gumh Recordings (1991)