Sunday, 28 September 2008

Unreleased Lyn E Lyn track

Here's the last of the unreleased Sindecut action, again another DJ Fingers production with Lyn E Lyn on the vocal, a track called Splurtin, don't sleep. I can remember seeing this crew perform live at the Southport Soul Weekender around the same time 'Live The Life' was released, so that would have been around 1990. A solid crew who bought something fresh to the UK's Hip Hop scene... Aswell as sporting Chipie jeans with the pin rolls, arrh yeah...

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Unreleased Crazy Noddy track

Here's another unreleased Sindecut gem from Disorda's dusty demo box, from the same Lewis Sterling sessions as the joint below. This time round a solo from the one like MC Crazy Noddy called We Don't Play, produced by DJ Fingers again me thinks... blam!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Unreleased Sindecut & Demolition Man

Ok so here's a little treat, around the year 2000 I was helping out clothing label Lewis Sterling put together a likkle mix tape ting, that never materialised! Shame. We had some ILL exclusives, some of which I'll be sharing with you here in the coming weeks and months... This joint features The Sindecut & Demolition Man, it's produced by DJ Fingers and called Rinse Without Remorse, download here yo...

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Suspect Packages Radio Show

Another two hours of straight up UK pressure for ya, available for streaming or download by clicking dis link...

A jam packed affair with brand new material from Blak Twang, Jack Flash, M9, DJ Jazz T, Mudmowth, Da Avengers, Joker Starr, Mystro and plenty more. We also rock back to the early days of the UK's Hip Hop scene this month as we have no special guests, enjoy! And don't forget to tell us where your checkin' in from...

1, Disorda

September's Playlist:

Skandal - Suspect Packages Radio Show Intro - Halal Beats promo
Roots Manuva - Kick Up Ya Foot - Big Dada Recordings
Joker Starr feat.Micall Parknsun - It's All Love - promo
The 3 Amigos - We Keep It Raw (The Lord Balrog remix) - promo
Kashmere - The Jazz - Karamak Recordings
Da Avengers feat.Micall Parknsun & Dabbla - Street Symphony - Un-Signed Beats
The Thunderclaps feat.Orifice Vulgatron, Ghetto & Shameless - Judgement Day - Ejectorseat Records
TB aka T.Bear feat.Mr Ti2bs - Off 2 Work - Ottomanelfmusic
Illustrate - My Hat - Headcount Records
Blak Twang - We Gonna Win - Abstract Urban promo
Mystro - Live & U Learn - Beer & Rap promo
Mudmowth - Skullcrackology - Associated Minds promo
Rhyme Asylum - Ground Zero - Rekabet Records
M9 - Strange Fruit - Killamanjaro promo
The P Brothers feat.Milano - Digital B Boy - Heavy Bronx promo
Mr Loop feat.Yosh - The Infamous Baron Spittswell - promo
DJ Jazz T feat.Chubby Alcoholic - Back To London - Boot Records promo
DJ Dise & Gobshite - Got 2 Stop - promo
Skreintax feat.Graziella - Breathe - Dented Records promo
Jack Flash - Step Back - Klinik Records promo
ProPain - Sunshine - promo
Reps feat.Freecy D - Crazy - Flash Fry Records
Chronicredeye feat.Franko Fraize & Lyrical T - Rudeboy - Kan Recordings
Million Dan - Bring The Reign - Million Dappa Records
DJ K-Delight & The Voodoo Guru feat.Chrome - The Wildstyle Dream - Playing Around Records
The Mantis Chapter feat.Remark, Bandog & DJ Psychopath - Escape From The Mausoleum - Prophet & Sound Recordings
------------------Old Skool Selection------------------
EMF - Rough Potential - Greedy Beat Records (1989)
Just Us & Junior Gee - We Want Justice - Panarecord International (1987)
Dizzie Heights - Gangster Boogie (Bring That Beat Back remix) - Viceroy Records (1989)
Construction Crew - Break The Beat - BPM Records (?)
Franschene - Go Sista (Hip Hop Mix) - BMG Records (1991)
NW1 feat.Born2B - The Band Played The Boogie - Ninja Tune (1991)
London Posse - Money Mad - Justice (1988)

Monday, 1 September 2008

Blak Twang & The Brotherhood freestyle

'Sup folks... Been mentally busy running the business recently and a shit load of other tings going on in my life so apologies for the lack of posts here, also our divshare audio files we're downloaded too many times and got maxxed out, and i'm not paying to upgrade it so we'll see how they go from now on, if it spazz's out again we'll put shit up via megaupload or something... The latest radio show is always located on main radio player on the Suspect Packages website anyway, it's just the older ones that are on divshare or megaupload etc...
Anyway, September's radio show is coming, in the meantime i've been going through the stash of old tapes and releases i have here and transfered this gem for you. Back in the day I used to use one of these, infact i still have it and it's what i'm using to transfer all these old and unheard tapes...

It's all about the double tape decks yo... So, I used to record a lot of radio shows back in the day, Westwood on Capital, 279 on Choice, and Max & Dave on Kiss... This freestyle is from the late 90's on Max & Dave's show of Blak Twang & The Brotherhood, they go for it big style for about 15 minutes. Enjoy!