Thursday, 22 October 2009

Home Grown:The Story Of UK Hip Hop exhibition

Home Grown:The Story Of UK Hip Hop is currently running at Manchester's Urbis centre untill March. Having contributed to this I've still not had chance to get up there and check it out, but fully recommend you do yourself...

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Suspect Packages Live - November 13th

(please note: this event is now free entry!)

Taking place on Friday 13th of November Suspect Packages Live will be bringing you live on stage...



-and Manchester/London collective TACTICAL THINKING

...Alongside DISORDA & DJ LoK on the turntables, bringing you new and old skool Hip Hop, Reggae & Dubstep vibes.

All this for free!! Taking place at Vibe Live (upstairs @ Vibe Bar), Brick Lane, London, E1. From 8pm-1am.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Rhyme Asylum live footage

Incase you need convincing on just how sick Rhyme Asylum are, peep this compilation of footage taken from some of their recent live shows...

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Suspect Packages Live

Ok, so last night didn't go quite to plan, one side of the sound system got blown half way through the night risking the whole lot going up in smoke, not good. This meant we couldn't put on Micall Parknsun & Joker Starr, also not good. Children Of The Damned and Skuff & Inja did get to lace the stage, and massive props to both sets of crews for reppin' fully and making the journey from Liverpool & Cambridge.

I don't think the shabby weather helped either as the whole of Brick Lane seemed like a ghost town, most bizarre? Where we're all the heads?? This scene and its artists need your support otherwise it isn't gonna survive, trust me.
BIG respek to everyone that did come down and show love, hope you had a good night, despite the dramas with the sound everyone did from the feedback recieved...

The good side of this is that Micall Parknsun and Joker Starr have agreed to perform at next months Suspect Packages Live taking place on the 13th of November, alongside Sonny Jim & the Eat Good Records crew, AND Tactical Thinking! All for £4.... Be there or be boring as fuck downloading albums for free and not supporting the artists that make them... One.

Facebook events page

Skuff & Inja >

Children Of The Damned >>

Friday, 9 October 2009

Suspect Packages Live - Tonight!

Tonight peoples, upstairs @ Brick Lane's Vibe Bar in East London. Micall Parknsun, Joker Starr, Skuff & Inja & Children Of The Damned all performing live, plus myself Disorda, and DJ LoK dropping Hip Hop, Reggae & Dubstep business. Reeeeach & support, nice ones...

New facebook events page here

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Nottingham's CRS Studio freestyle cypher

Check it, this planted a big grin on my face... CRS Studio in Notts getting torn apart in a live session featuring Scor-Zay-Zee, Tempa, Karizma, Shifty Spirit, Jah Digga, 2 Tone and Jizzle.
Props to Big Trev on this one, holding it down @ CRS for tiiime. The old skool and the new skool right here, watch this space...

Part 1 >

Part 2 >

Monday, 5 October 2009

Foreign Beggars 'Contact' video

Ohh shit, here's the new video of 'Contact' coming on 12" from the Foreign Beggars. The album drops on the 19th of October, you pre-order it here > 'United Colours Of Beggatron' Dented Records, best believe...

Friday, 2 October 2009

Suspect Packages Radio Show feat.Tactical Thinking live

Another month another two hour installment of the legendary 'Suspect Packages Radio Show'. The SP bunker was full to capacity this month as the Tactical Thinking crew passed through to chat pork pies and play joints off their forthcoming album 'Too Broke To Go Solo', plus rock an ill freestyle session too...

Elsewhere this month you're also blessed with brand new tracks from Foreign Beggars, Endemic & Cappo, Orphans Of Cush, Skuff & Inja, Squid Ninjaz, Iron Braydz, Jeye Severe, Yosh, Diversion Tactics, London Zoo, Da Mic Stranglaz and more...

October Playlist:

01> Sweatbox Sounds - Suspect Packages Radio Show Intro
02> Yosh - Revenge Of The Nerds - Sweatbox Sounds
03> Jeye Severe - Yes Blood - Empiah Records promo
04> Foreign Beggars feat.Dubbledge, Rednaz & Badness - Seven Figure Swagger - Dented Records promo
05> Iron Braydz - Hyped Up - promo
06> Alphabetix - Control The Vibes - 30 Tonne Slug Records promo
07> London Zoo - Not Relevant - Dented Records
08> Da Mic Stranglaz - Retro - promo
09> Skuff & Inja - Spark It Up - In Records promo
10> Endemic & Cappo - Crumbs - No Cure Records promo
11> Orphans Of Cush - Pandora's Box - Triple Darkness Records/Suspect Packages
12> Raul Supreme - Poly Pocket (Restricted Area) - promo
13> Raul Supreme - 5th Degree (Red Button) - promo
14> Hudson Mohawke - Zoo00Oom - Warp Records promo
15> Squid Ninjaz - Wowzers - Squid Ninja Records promo
16> Inkrument - Proper Class - Dealmaker Records promo
17> Foreign Beggars feat.Kashmere, Jehst & Dj 2Tall - No More - Dented Records promo
18> Diversion Tactics - Back To School - Boot Records
17> Tactical Thinking - Stick Em Up - Tactical Thinking Entertainment promo
18> Tactical Thinking - Interview Part 1
19> Tactical Thinking - Blah Blah Blah - Tactical Thinking Entertainment promo
20> Tactical Thinking - Interview Part 2
21> Tactical Thinking feat.Taharka & BVA - TT Encore - Tactical Thinking Entertainment promo
22> Tactical Thinking - Interview Part 3
23> Tactical Thinking - Live Freestyle
24> Squid Ninjaz - 8 Bars - Squid Ninja Records promo
25> Orphans Of Cush - Lost Generation - Triple Darkness Records/Suspect Packages
26> Skuff & Inja feat.Taskforce Family - Famslam - In Records promo

You can download or stream the show by clicking here.

Or stream in two parts from the Mixcloud players below...

Deadline >

Assa >

Derogatory >

Jim Raygun >

Kid Genius >