Thursday, 29 July 2010

We made the front page!

Big ups to DJ Roast on this one...

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Shortee Blitz - 'The Standard Vol.1' mixtape

Shortee Blitz get's busy setting The Standard with this free mixtape series, some dope freestyles, big jammies and ultra slick blends onboard... lovin' the Phil Collins lick, gwaaarn Blitz!



Nice to see Jehst's penmanship isn't just restricted to his lyrics...

Friday, 23 July 2010

Suspect Packages Live - Aug 13th - Rhyme Asylum & Mowgli

Another month, another stage's gonna get smashed. For August's line up at SUSPECT PACKAGES LIVE we have straight up gullyness from the professional mic wrecking tag team Rhyme Asylum, & one man militia Mowgli to entertain the masses...

If you've not caught either of their new albums, 'Solitary Confinement' & '93', then check the links above. Be sure of some high grade lyrical powerness, these lot don't ramp when it comes to spittin', some of the best of the new breed right here, live an' direct...

Combined with residents Disorda & DJ LoK dropping Hip Hop, Reggae & Dubstep heaters, ya best be on it... We'll see you there!

All taking place @ Vibe Live (upstairs @ Vibe Bar), Brick Lane, London, E1. Kicking off at 8pm, and is £4 entry, however you can gain access to the bar below Vibe Live for free before 8pm.


Thursday, 22 July 2010

Anik 'World Go Square' (Der Algorhytmiker Remix)

You may remember a video/track i posted a few months back from Anik outta Dark Circle entitled 'World Go Square'. Well here's a sick 'lil remix of the same joint "by a german fella by the name of Der Algorhytmiker, with whom I may even be doing the occasional bit or bob in the near future". It's the same video to the track, and if you dig it, you can download the vocal or instrumental...

Ill Move Sporadic presents - The Magnetic Mixtape

Watch for this South London producer duo Ill Move Sporadic (Nil Cage and Ben 81). Having bumped a selection of bangers from them on the radio show recently, it gives me great pleasure to pass this tasty gem onto you - The Magnetic Mixtape featuring Joey Menza, Oliver Sudden, Ddubble and more. Original beats, original rhymes, good times...

<a href="">Magnetic Intro by The Sensational Beat Group - Ill Move Sporadic</a>

1. Magnetic Intro
2. Battle Axes Ft. Joey Menza
3. Heads Up Ft.
4. Bunny Ft. Katha
5. M Interlude
6. War Ft. 2 Man Army
7. The Throwdown Ft. O' Sudds
8. Barcoded Ft. Joey Menza
9. Lashes Ft. Ddubble
10. Still the Same Ft. Baska
11. Black Milk Ft. Ddubble
12. Queensbury Interlude
13. Closer Ft. 2 Man Army

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Monday, 19 July 2010

Thursday, 15 July 2010

New stickers...

Formula 'Living Complex' soon come...

Another heads up on producer Formula people, he has a dope album in the works with some sick guests onboard, plus numerous other projects on the go that'll all be revealed in good time. Until then, grab yourself a free offering, his last album 'The Overcast Project'. And if you missed it, check the Elephant Dance off the forthcoming album 'Living Complex'...

<a href="">01 Ebony Shards by formula</a>

Here's a banger of a track with the LDZ frontman Dabbla, and a pretty disgusting instrumental, lifted off the album above...

Formula - Weebles (Featuring Dabbla) by FORMULA

Formula - Poster Boyz (Dusty Clouds) by FORMULA

Suspect Packages Live footage

Here's a snapshot of some of the artists that graced the stage at last months SP Live, Running Punch, and a few of the Jon Phonics allstars, Micall Parknsun, Verb T, Cyrus Malachi & Kal Seriousz...

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Suspect Packages Live pix

Here's some flix from last Friday's Suspect Packages Live, big representation and energy from all involved, you know who you all are! Props.
Extra shout to, 'till next month...

Monday, 12 July 2010

Bangers & Mashup All Dayer - Sunday 8th August

On Sunday the 8th of August 2010 to Celebrate the 4th birthday of Croydons Hip Hop event Bangers, get yaself down to another alldayer. BANGERS & MASHUP!

This year going larger than ever with a killer line up and all elements of Hip Hop being displayed.
In assosiation with Graffiti Kings,, Suspect Packages, Peoples Army, Sika Studios, Holdin' Court, Stay Clever Clothing, and Dhobi Records.

Shocking out from 3pm untill 1am to the finest selection of live acts...

London Zoo (LDZ)
Supar Novar & F.L.I.P
Diversion Tactics
Frantic Frank
Big Cakes
The Vibe-a-deliks
Jimmy Jitsu
Chad Powerz
and Oliver Sudden

With Dj's:
Blue Movies
Al Mighty
and J-da Kut

+ Massive live Graffiti wall with the Graffiti Kings and Special Guests
Open mic cipher
Open B-Boy Circle
and loads more.

The event is being held in The Black Sheep Bar, 68 Highstreet Croydon, CRO 1NA.
£4 entry before 6pm £5 after.
Cheap Drinks from 7pm till 9pm

Facebook event page

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Doc Brown - BBC Comedy videos

Now we all know Doc Brown for his impressive mic skills, stage shows and past releases, not many know that he's now dabbling in a little comedy utilising these elements. Now as I found out in it's early stages, I wasn't sure just how public this knowledge was supposed to be? Until I saw a feature recently in one of the Sunday papers, and a researcher from BBC Comedy Online hit me up via his section at Suspect Packages with more of a heads up...

-Doc put down one mic and picked up another when he was asked to work as a “slang consultant” on the Lenny Henry sitcom, Rudy's Rare Records for BBC Radio 4. “I never went out looking for comedy, comedy came and found me, slapped me about a bit and reminded me who I am: the greatest most memorable British rapper since John Barnes.”

Enjoy these four new music videos from the man himself, it's all about throwing down some sunflower seeds for the fallen... respek bro!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Scorz is coming...

Mystro 'Around My Way' video

Lifted off the forthcoming 'Digmund Freud EP', here's the killer video for the DJ Swerve produced 'Around My Way' from Mystro, taking back to the pavements...

Sarah Love 'Soul Power Cypher'

Another edition of the Soul Power Cypher with Sarah Love, featuring Kyza, Remus, Scor-Zay-Zee & Black The Ripper...

Saturday, 3 July 2010

July's 'Suspect Packages Radio Show' with Cyrus Malachi

Download or stream this months 2 hour show by hittin' up Sensei FM.

Or play the show from the Mixcloud player below >

July 2010 Playlist:

01> Delusionists - Suspect Packages Radio Show intro
02> Running Punch – CD Shotta - RPMC
03> Willo Wispa – The Lollipop Ladies Favourite – Associated Minds
04> Tempa – Grimey Bars - CRS
05> Ahmos – Ghetto Jam - Banana Klan promo
06> Grit Grammar feat.Genesis Elijah – Hard Times
07> Jimmy Screech – Dats My Girl - promo
08> Skandal feat.Black The Ripper – Everyday - promo
09> Skitz feat.Taskforce & Juni – Rainy Day Science (BVA Remix) – Dragon Drop
10> Ahmos – Shottars - Banana Klan promo
11> Skitz – Slavestep (Urgent Union Remix)
12> Foreign Beggars feat.Chasing Shadows – Typhoon - Dented Records
13> Fused Forces – No Reality - promo
14> Jonski – Concrete Jungles – History Maker Records
15> Assa & Antidote – Repute - promo
16> JC feat.Malik – Soul Search - promo
17> Yungun – Sunshine – promo
18> Cyrus Malachi – Interview pt.1
19> Cyrus Malachi – Praying Mantis - No Cure Records
20> Cyrus Malachi – Interview pt.2
21> Cyrus Malachi feat.M9 & Crown Nectar – Bloodhounds - No Cure Records
22> Cyrus Malachi – Interview pt.3
23> Cyrus Malachi – 7 Plagues - No Cure Records
24> Cyrus Malachi – Interview pt.4
25> Cyrus Malachi – Freestyle

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Mystro Investigates: The 1960's

Mystro's 'inner afro pops out' on the latest installment of his Spine TV show 'Mystro Investigates'. He kills it here, best one yet, taking it back to the 1960's and fully in character, jokes...