Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Kashmere 'Galaktus: Power Cosmic' coming soon...

Dropping 15th November on Boot Records, Kashmere's 'Galaktus: Power Cosmic' album, nuff said. Pre-order up soon...

(check for more of a breakdown @ today, and shout to Hypedog for the connex!)

Kashmere - The corperation (ft. Jehst & Micall Parknsun) by Hypedog1

Kashmere - Herald Of Galaktus (ft. Ramson Badbones) by Hypedog1


01. the origin
02. the great sphere opens
03. i am galaktus
04. big g
05. wild style
06. green hornet
07. metal molester
08. bang! bang!
09. higher than god
10. out for the cash
11. the corporation ft jehst & micall parknsun
12. supreme being ft the chubby alcoholic
13. space battle ft dj random
14. silva surfa
15. herald of galaktus ft ramson badbones
16. the power cosmic ft dramacide & severe
17. the epitaph……

Monday, 27 September 2010

Durrty Goodz 'Jail Tales 2' video

Here's another new joint from Durrty Goodz. 'Jail Tales 2' finds him reflecting on his incarcerated half-brother Crazy Titch, and is lifted off his forthcoming album 'Overall'...

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Seanie T - War / Rap Revolution video

Nice to hear Seanie T is coming with some new material, i've been a fan since his days in The New Test-Da-Ment. Here's 'War / Rap Revolution' taken from the forthcoming album "Scribes of a Versitillian". Produced by Shoot The Thrill, Co-Directed by Darren Rahaman & Seanie T.

Also, listen out for the new single 'Bullit Bullit' coming at the end of October, on next months radio show, 'tis heeeeeeeeeeeeaaaattt!!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Suspect Packages Live w/The Illersapiens & Kings Of The City

Rocking a week earlier than usual, on Friday the 1st of October, and with two live bands, yep, live bands! Of course we're sticking with the Hip Hop angle here, just throwing some live instrumentation onto the stage too...

> First up is THE ILLERSAPIENS, a seven piece outfit from South London on the GorillaTech Records label, and loosely affiliated with the Banana Klan movement. Check their recently release 'Elevate EP' for some goodness, high grade goodness, and peep for more.

> And then there's KINGS OF THE CITY, another London based outfit, a six piece that guarantee to raise the roof! Having heard a tidy collection of their forthcoming material we just had to get them onboard. Check out for more.

Combined with residents Disorda & DJ LoK dropping Hip Hop, Reggae & Dubstep heaters...

All taking place @ Vibe Live (upstairs @ Vibe Bar), Brick Lane, London, E1. Kicking off at 8pm, £4 entry, however you can gain access to the bar below Vibe Live for free, before 8pm.


Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Suspect Packages Live footage & pictures

Shout out to all an' all who made last Friday's SP Live, was definatly a live one... Most importantly big ups to all the DJ's and Emcee's who rocked it, Mystro, Ramson Badbonez, MAB, DJ Thor, Jazz T, Zygote & DJ LoK!

Also a shout to others inside the dance - Jehst, Skillit, Verb T, Salvo, Grit Grammar, Micall Parknsun, Rhyme Asylum, Unusual Suspects, Big Cakes, DJ Bones & Mr 13, Joker Starr, Prose, Sally DMC, Joe Spitz, Sparx, Mr Fresh, Coherent, Diversion Tactics, Delusionists, Oliver Sudden, Nozeeny, DJ Blufoot plus many more heads in attendance, plus a shout to! Oh, and props to our engineer Ryan who did a sterling job re-riggin' the sound system from scratch, in an hour!

Look out for next months line up coming soon, it's gonna be a week earlier than usual too, on the 1st of October...

Loudmouth Melvin - E.P.'s 3 & 4

Loudmouth Melvin unleashes the final part of his 4 EP downloads, a crazy amount of product here, and all coming correct best believe! Make sure you check him out if you're unfamiliar with the name. And here are E.P.'s 1 & 2 if you missed'em...

E.P. 4 tracklist:

1.Total Package
2.Close Ur Eyes (ft Elrae)
3.Link (ft Youf)
4.Take Turns (ft Mentalist, Skillit, K-Nite-13 & Pyro Barz)

5.4 U (prod. by K-Nite 13)


Here's the third release I missed somehow? Must have been having a day off when this one dropped, apologies.

E.P. 3 tracklist:

1.Hoodie Rap (ft Skriblah & Black The Ripper)
2.Witheld (ft Elrae)
3.Saviours (ft Mentalist)

4.A Scenario Called Life
5.Tears (ft YJ)

Iron Braydz & M9 - 'Devils Death Day' video

Holy shit, check this, lifted off Iron Braydz' 'Devil May Cry' release, the video for 'Devils Death Day' featuring the one like Melanin9...

Monday, 13 September 2010

Delusionists 'Serious' single

Delusionists and Beats Laying About drop a new single today, 'Serious' is now available to download for free. It's produced by in-house DJ/beatmaker Slim Pickens, and rather good it is too. Oh, and if you do decide to download the full package, you'll get a nice surprise aswell (it's nothing to do with this man below by the way, thank god). That is all, enjoy...

<a href="">Serious by Delusionists</a>

The Planets 'What Is Terror?' freestyle

Watch for 'The Planet Roc Digi EP' (produced entirely by Roc Marciano and featuring Scorzayzee, Roc Marciano and Ikwon), and a new album, coming soon from Nomadic Poet & Ayman Raze aka The Planets. In the meantime, check this...

Obba Supa 'Audio Alchemy' freeness

Following their recently released 'Too Far Gone' b/w 'Beaks On Faces' 7", 'To:AM Free:A' LP & CD, and 'Midnight Mathematics' 10", comes this fresh album of freeness from London duo Hey!Zeus & Teknical Development, aka Obba Supa. German label Project: Mooncircle deliver 'Audio Alchemy' to ya, and just 'cause it's free don't think it's some swagness, this is DOPE. It also features Shuanise on a couple of tracks, even more reason to cop it. What'chu waitin' for? Some free thinking freeness right here...

<a href="">Audio Alchemy by Project: Mooncircle</a>

Track list:
01 Audio Alchemy Obeah Magik Tonez
02 Pure INtentions Intro
03 We Are Right Now
04 Black Candle Music
05 Dont Test Me feat. Shuanise
06 Scatty Intermission
07 Hold a Mehdi
08 Life In London feat. D.N.T
09 Beaks On Faces
10 Raw Footage
11 Ear Drums
12 Cracked Friendships
13 Too Far Gone feat. Shuanise
14 Don't Test Me (Remix)

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Jam Baxter - 'BarrelEyeSpookFish' promo

Checka check... Here's a new promo from Jam Baxter entitled 'BarrelEyeSpookFish' (download it here). It's produced by the bad man Pete Cannon and lifted off Baxters forthcoming solo album 'Rinse Out Friday / Spack Out Friday', a double disc bonanza dropping on High Focus Records 12th November. Watch out for the launch party @ Suspect Packages Live, POW!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Technics 'Airmix' laptop sleeve now in stock...

We've got a few of these bad boys now in stock @ Suspect Packages, made from water resistant neoprene with a nice chunky zipper at one end, perfect for accidental beer spillage! Trust me, i know...

Monday, 6 September 2010

'Suspect Packages Radio Show' with Mystro...

Kickin' it live with Septembers radio show, Mystro passes through to talk on his 'Digmund Freud EP' spit some lyrics and more. Unfortunatly we had a few technicals with his mic during the first part of the interview so he's a bit low in the mix, but it's rectified afterwards, apologies. There's also a fresh batch of newness, check the playlist below. And thanx to all the heads hittin' me up for last months 10 year show, it's much appreciated, enjoy this one...

Download or stream this months 2 hour show by hittin' up Sensei FM, or play the show from the Mixcloud player below >

September 2010 Playlist:

01> Dabbla – Suspect Packages Radio Show intro
02> Inja – March / promo
03> Ramson Badbonez feat.Skandal – U Ain’t Got Shit / Boot Records
04> Mr Fresh feat.Chrome – Travelfox / Strictly Kings
05> Inkrument – I, Wise / Dealmaker Records
06> Precise Da Analyzer – Rockin With The Best / LDNU Records promo
07> Stig Of The Dump – Big City Blues / Lewis Recordings promo
08> Clarity – Shape Of The Future / Outta Town Sound
09> Unusual Suspects feat.Rhyme Asylum, Lee Scott & Reain РS̩ance / promo
10> The Illersapiens – Brixton / Banana Klan/Trailblazers
11> Kings Of The City – Listen To The Old Man / promo
12> The Bug feat.Killa P & Flowdan – Skeng / Hyperdub
13> Inja – Gone With The Wind / promo
14> Stagga feat.Skamma & Joe Blow – Genik Riddim / promo
15> Ramson Badbonez feat.Remus – I Just Don’t Care / Boot Records
16> Blak Twang – Going In Hard / promo
17> Solid N Mind – Battle Tipped Rhyme / Liberty Grooves
----------------Mystro live---------------
18> Mystro feat.Baby Sol – Don’t Worry / Don't Biznizz/Self Destruct Music
19> Mystro – Interview Part 1
20> Mystro feat.Chezelle Bingham – Merry Go Round / Don't Biznizz/Self Destruct Music
21> Mystro – Interview Part 2
22> Mystro feat.Ramson Badbonez, Skandal, & Stig Of The Dump – It’s… / Don't Biznizz/Self Destruct Music
23> Mystro – Interview Part 3
24> Mystro feat.Sharlene Hector – Flyaway / Don't Biznizz/Self Destruct Music
25> Mystro – Interview Part 4
26> Mystro – Live Freestyle
27> Roots Manuva feat.Ricky Ranking – Dutty Rut / Big Dada Recordings
28> Dr Syntax – Hire Me (Statix Remix) / promo
29> Dr Syntax – Hire Me (Original Mix) / promo
30> Unusual Suspects – Dope Shit / promo

Prose feat.Ed Strong & King Kaiow 'Run For The Hills'

Here's a fresh slice of boom bap from Prose for ya, lifted off their forthcoming debut album 'Force Of Habit' due for release in November on their Boom Bap Professionals label. Always coming with the goodness, this is produced by Steady, and also features Ed Strong & King Kaiow outta The I.R.S., grab it now, sounding tough!

<a href="">Run For The Hills Ft. Ed Strong &amp; King Kaiow of The IRS (Clean Vocal) by Boom Bap Professionals (The Home of Prose)</a>