Monday, 31 October 2011

Ricko Capito 'Power' video

Another burner entitled 'Power' from Ricko Capito, lifted off his forthcoming 'Lock & Load Vol.2' mixtape. If you missed Volume 1, check it here. Hopefully a full album is in the works...

Friday, 28 October 2011

Jack Flash - 'Four Letter F Word' video

Another tasty joint taken from the up and coming Jack Flash & Wizard release 'Progression'. Mr Flash get his K-Solo on, another sure shot!

Yungun 'I Want It'

Jeah! Here's a cut produced by Waajeed of Slum Village fame, lifted off the forthcoming Yungun & Mr Thing mixtape 'Jack The World'. Watch for it dropping next month, taking it back to the cassette era - two "sides" of new, exclusive and unreleased Yungun material...

Prose ‘Real Talk' video

So here it is, the really 'Real Talk' from Prose, the first single to be lifted off their forthcoming album 'The Dark Side Of The Boom', loving this! Launch party is Friday the 11th November @ SP Live, full line up a cometh...

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

All new Wordplay Magazine, free...

A copy of the dope new Wordplay Magazine will be going into every order placed, while the stack lasts us that is. Get in with any order at Suspect Packages and you'll receive a free copy of the mag. Alongside the usual graf burners and the like, there's now a heap of Hip Hop from our likkle island being represented. Interviews with Jehst, Mystro, Kashmere, Dirty Dike & Leaf Dog, plus a two page review secton. AND a free cd... Bonanza!

CD Tracklist:

1.Real Life Drama Ft Three Amigos
2.Get involved - Ft. Fliptrix, Jehst
3.Set You Free Ft. Masta Ace, Wordworth, Three Amigos (Naive Remix)
4.Love The Sound Ft Three Amigos (Exclusive)
5.Rainy Day Science Ft. Taskforce, Three Amigos (Naive Remix)
6.The Battle Ft LeafDog
7.Dangerous - Ft Kid Genius
8.You Dont Own Me Ft Three Amigos, Sadat X
9.Analyse Ft Mowgli
10.For Ever This Ft Three Amigos (Exclusive)
11.Rewind Ft Jam Baxter, Maria
12.Open Eyes Ft LeafDog (Exclusive)
13.Escapism ft Bosh (Exclusive)
14.Sound The Alarm Ft Verb t, Kashmere
15.Catch Me if You……Nah Ft Dirty Dike (Exclusive)
16.Stress Ft Dr.Syntax, Stig of the Dump (produced by Leafdog)
17.The Nest Ft Bva Mc, Eric The Red (Exclusive)
18.Some People Say Ft Leaf Dog
19.Walk With Me Ft Leaf Dog

Extra Classic - 16th Dec

A date for your Xmas party, in advance, courtesy of Extra Classic. Friday the 16th of December we'll be back at Brixton's Babalou... Line up and details coming soon.

Prose 'Real Talk' incoming...

Steady & Efeks (aka Prose) have the lead single 'Real Talk' on the way, 31st of October see's the first video and single dropping from the forthcoming second full length LP 'The Dark Side of The Boom'. Set for a 14th of November release on Boom Bap Professionals. 'Real Talk' is the shit, possibly one of my faves off the album, the image above, is all ya getting. ; )

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Looking forward to this little lot...

Some South West Yorks ciphering shizzle!


High Focus Records get set to fly in the debut album 'Nature's Greatest Mystery' from The Four Owls in December. Led by the merciless Big Owl (Fliptrix), guided by the teachings of Bird T (Verb T), entertained by the do-or-die spirit of Rusty Take-Off (Bva MC) & inspired by the inventions of Derformed Wing (Leaf Dog), here's the lead single 'Lights Off'. Album pre-order & live launch coming soon to Suspect Packages...

And finally Phoenix Da Icefire drops a taster for his long overdue album 'Back To The Essance', which features Keith Murray, Rustee Juxx, Klashnekoff, Skriblah DanGogh, Kyza Smirnoff and Cyrus Malachi. Check this little gem out...

Monday, 24 October 2011

Salvo Mifune 'The Monster With 21 Faces'

Salvo Mifune delivers the first single from his forthcoming EP 'Nagasaki Youth Club', dropping late November. This killah cut featuring Ramson Badbonez is available for free here. Check the short video below for a taster of 'The Monster With 21 Faces' shit's illlll. More to come...

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Kane FM Reggae mix...

After many years striving for a legal license it's finally happening, look out for Kane FM 103.7 broadcasting real soon. In the meantime it's test transmissions, here's an exclusive Reggae mix Kane FM & Da-Vinci Sound asked me to do for them. Some old time Roots, 80's Dancehall, and new skool Roots business... enjoy!
> Download here <


01> Augustus Pablo – Pablo Satta
02> The Abyssinians – Satta Massagana
03> Luciano – Man Of Jah Order
04> Carl Bradney – Slipping Into Darkness
05> Liberation group – Namibia
06> I-Roy – Coxone Time
07> Bunny Rugs – Be Thankful
08> U-Roy – Chalice In The Place
09> Sugar Minott & Captain Sinbad – Hard Time Pressure
10> Barry Brown – Mafia
11> Latty – Kentones Rock
12> Walton Irie – Nice Up The Dance
13> Chronicle – Rub A Dub
14> Lesley Lyrics – Blind Date
15> Tippa Irie – All The Time The Lyric A Rhyme
16> Asher Senator – Lyrics Protecting
17> Andrew Paul – Who’s Gonna Make The Dance Ram
18> Trevor Don – Dem Ha Fi Move
19> Triston Palma, Tippa Lee & Rappa Robert – A Come We Come
20> Ruben Da Silva feat.Skinnyman – Sensi Skank
21> Kenny Knots meets The Dubateers – Credit Crunch
22> Robert Lee – Meltdown
23> Tony Roots – The Beast
24> Barry Issac – Hooligan
25> Dan I Locks – Babylon Meltdown
26> Jah Melodie – Love Jah More

Lunar C & Jack Flash - 'Call It' video

Lifted off a forthcoming Wizard produced release entitled 'Progression' from Huddersfield's Jack Flash, here's 'Call It', featuring Lunar C throwing bars back an' forth with Flash, 'tiz nice...

M9 'The Book' video

Another visual make over from M9's 'Orions Stencil', bringing the last track of the release 'The Book' to life, and expanding on topic at hand, deep stuff...

Monday, 17 October 2011

Sav Killz feat.Lil Fame of M.O.P - 'Jamal Rockwell' (prod.Beat Butcha)

Check it, my man Beat Butcha on the beat, and New York heavyweights Sav Killz & Lil Fame in the booth...

Sunday, 16 October 2011

UK Rappertag # 3 - Tony D

Tagged by Badbonez, in steps Poisonous Poets emcee Tony D dropping some ill bars, as per...

Friday, 14 October 2011

Rum Committee - 'Yudunwannadrink' video

Lifted off Rum Committee's killer 'Boozetown' album, here's the video for 'Yudunwannadrink', niceness, cop the album...

Melanin 9 - 'Mont Blanc' video

Some fresh visual pressure for M9's 'Mont Blanc', produced by Anatomy, lifted off the 'Orions Stencil' release...

Tonight!! Suspect Packages Live...

Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Four Owls - 'Natures Greatest Mystery'

The Four Owls 'Natures Greatest Mystery' album dropping on High Focus Records in December, that's all i'm allowed to say...

Salvo Mifune - 'Nagasaki Youth Club Infomercial'

Dropping at the end of November via the King Kong Holding Company, Salvo Mifune and the 'Nagasaki Youth Club EP', featuring guest rapper Ramson Badbonez. Produced by Salvo Mifune and sampled entirely from 1970's and 80's anime soundtracks such as Mobile Suit Gundam, Lupin the 3rd, Akira, Babel + more. I've heard and seen more from this project and it's frikkin' ILL! Soon come...

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Onoe Caponoe - 'Central Control LP'

Usually when posting on this blog it helps to be able to link back to a title or artist we sell on the main Suspect Packages retail site, otherwise i'd spend most of my days filling this space with dopeness, and never actually get any work done that makes a living, nah mean... However, i'm gonna make an exception for this new dude Onoe Caponoe 'cause he's super fresh. Having posted up a few of his videos before it's clear he's on his own vibe, a skilled lyricist too. Anyway, watch for him coming to the SP Live stage soon, check out the two new videos below, and download his album Central Control LP now... And when he does have product for you to buy, dip into ya pockets!!

Skriblah Dangogh 'S.O.S' video

New visual pressure from Skriblah and 'The Little White Dot' album, here's 'S.O.S' produced by Sleeping Giants...

Cappo 'Kling Klang' video

As promised, here's the video for 'Kling Klang' from Notts bomber Cappo, it's lifted off his forthcoming mixtape 'Gusto Grizwold, International Vacation', in stock soon.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Roots Manuva & the Banana Klan 'Crow Bars' acoustic style

Here's a random one, on a bit of wasteland, the morning after a gig in Vienna, Roots Manuva, Ricky Ranking, DJ MK and some other member of the Banana Klan on the guitar I don't know, performing an acoustic version of 'Crow Bars' lifted off Manuva's new album '4everevolution'. Interesting...

Bonus: 'Let The Spirit Move You' from the 'Slime & Reason' album...

Ray Vendetta - 'Rhyme Like' video

Another video for one of the tracks lifted of the forthcoming Chakra Sounds release from Ray Vendetta. Produced by Hey!Zeus, here's 'Rhyme Like', first heard on August's edition of the Suspect Packages Radio Show...

Wizard - 'Dutty Gash Face' sampler

Wizard has a new instrumental project dropping next week, here's a sampler of the forthcoming 'Dutty Gash Face', so called because that's the face you pull upon listening... apparently.

Dutty Gash Face Music (Sampler) by WizardBeats

Extra Classic flix...

Big ups to all who made it possible on Friday at Extra Classic, vibes a plenty! I didn't take many photo's but here's a few random ones to give you an idea of what went down... Till next time!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Extra Classic Tonight!

Lookin' like a road block... email for free entry -

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Suspect Packages Radio Show (October 2011)

This months show features brand new material from Ramson Badbonez, Roots Manuva, MSI & Asylum, Steady & Crusada, Delusionists, Inja, Skriblah, Cappo and more... Enjoy it, and we'll see you at SP Live nex Friday!

Download/listen to this months show by hittin' up this link at Sensei.FM, or play from the Mixcloud player below >

October 2011 Playlist:

01> dirty dike – suspect packages radio show intro
02> delusionists – dastardly schemes
03> roots manuva – takes time to
04> ramson badbonez – down and out
05> steady & crusada – the basis
06> scizzahz – i did that
07> leaf dog - beat interlude
08> charlie boy – charlie boy
09> msi & asylum – war 2
10> ramson badbonez – eleven digits
11> elliot fresh & legoman heartless parkyn – elliot building with lego
12> roots manuva feat.spikey t – here we go again
13> red-eyed skunk, oliver twist & xidus pain – giantz
14> steady & crusada feat.efeks – the 11th hour massacre
15> danny spice feat.craig g – king of the beat (instrumental)
16> danny spice feat.craig g – king of the beat
17> laing & ranx diggla – disconnected
18> the irs feat.rewd adams – pen n ink
19> roots manuva – snakebite
20> scizzahz feat.sonnyjim & tc – should I get em?
21> amos & fidjit feat.puritan – flood warning
22> jvf clique – planet 2011
23> skriblah dangogh – the little white dot (remix)
24> skriblah dangogh – sos
25> chris leese feat.jay madden & assa – coming for the game
26> ramson badbonez – sour
27> seanie t feat.roots manuva – move ya shoulda
28> inja – pepper sauce
29> charlie boy – ya nuh ready
30> laing – retro
31> cappo – kling klang
32> dirty rotton scoundrels – dirty rotton
33> inja – later laters
34> no pretense – nothingness
35> leaf dog – beat interlude
36> no pretense feat.junior disprol – fundead
37> msi & asylum – hang ‘em high
38> msi & asylum - war

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Inja 'Pepper Sauce'

Here's the second video to follow the epic 'Laters Laters' track from Inja for his forthcoming single on Allouette Street Records. A killer skank produced by DJ Edsik called 'Pepper Sauce'. Loving it... Full release is Monday 31st October, with the album 'Bass Music Adventure / Escapism' to follow.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

UK Rappertag # 2 - Ramson Badbonez

Ramson Badbonez laces the second UK Rappertag, following Mystro. As you'd imagine, he kills it, check to see who's up next. And watch out for limited cd copies of 'Give Badbonez A Break Vol.2', and his new album, incoming...

Jaz Kahina - We On Fire (prod.Configa)

Nice joint from Londons Jaz Kahina, watch for her. At last, some decent female talent, eh hem, you know what i mean...

Monday, 3 October 2011

Roots Manuva '4everevolution' released today

Released and in stock today, Roots Manuva's brand new album '4everevolution', limited edition CD casing, booklet and bonus tracks, and double vinyl with download code and artwork images...