Saturday, 30 January 2010

Suspect Packages Live - Feb 12th

Back in e.f.f.e.c.t. for February with our SUSPECT PACKAGES LIVE jam, taking place on Friday the 12th @ Vibe Live (upstairs @ Vibe Bar), Brick Lane, London, E1. 8-1am...

Live on stage we have Diversion Tactics representing Boot Records. And London Zoo reppin' Dented Records.

These two groups should not need any introduction, Diversion Tactics have been around long enough and their new album 'Careful On The Way Up' is straight true skool hip hop and out now. London Zoo have also been around for a minute, they have their 'Living Long Ting' & 'The Puppa Murc EP' currently doing the rounds, a hybrid mix an' blend between hip hop, grime & dubstep styles...

Both these crews know how to rock a crowd and deliver a dope show, truss, do not miss, guaranteed niceness!

On the decks will be Disorda & DJ LoK, dropping Hip Hop, Reggae & Dubstep pressure.

Suspect Packages Live Facebook Event Page...

Entry is £4, however you can get into the downstairs bar for free before 8pm.

(Unfortunatly we've had to start charging for this night due to a free drinks promotion we cashed in on for the last few months now moving to a different week)
Having said that, £4 isn't gonna break the bank is it?!

Your support is needed to keep the UK scene lively... respek.

Scor-Zay-Zee bars and free mixtape download

Props to Gone for this one, Scorz doin' it large... Respek bro.

BONUS - Donnie Propa 'The Best Of Scor-Zay-Zee Mixtape - Volume 1'.

Undertone's DJ Donnie Propa presents a mix of tracks from the UK's finest. Classics & rarities all mixed on vinyl...

1. Archery (Produced by DJ Fever)
2. Wishmaster (Produced by DJ Fever)
3. The Looniest (Produced by Cappo)
4. We Dont Care (Produced by DJ Fever)
5. Raw (Produced by Nick Dimes Sterrett + Big Trev)
6. Bang Your Head (Produced by DJ Vadim)
7. Freestyle Frenzy (Produced by Joe Buhdha)
8. Want Whats Yours (Produced by Styly Cee)
9. 3 Wize Men (Produced by DJ Fever)
10. Reality (Accapella)
11. Freestyle (With Lee Ramsay + Karizma) (Produced by DJ Fever)
12. Blueberry Dreamhaze (Produced by Cappo)
13. The Beginning Of The End (With Lee Ramsay) (Produced by DJ Fever)
14. Accakela (With Lee Ramsay + Killa Kela)
15. Try (Produced by Nick Stez)
16. 3 Kings (Produced by The P Brothers)
17. Speak (With Cappo) (Produced by The Akai Professionals)
18. Take A Journey (With Sophie Johnson Hill) (Produced by Nick Stez + Big Trev)
19. No Pain, No Gain (With Cappo) (Produced by Styly Cee)
20. Mic Life (Produced by The Labratz)

Ty 'Special Kind Of Fool' promo video

Here's a little suttin' suttin' from Ty talking on his forthcoming album 'Special Kind Of Fool'. He touches on his move from Big Dada to BBE, being a diabetic, collaborations on the album, advise for artists coming up in the game, and going into space with a monkey...

Friday, 29 January 2010

Lowkey - 'Which one of you pricks said I can't do grime?'

Yes yes, Lowkey hittin' 120 bars on a grime tip. Check him goin' innnn!! Showing these cats how it's done! Watch for his new 'Freedom Fighter' mixtape dropping around March time...

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Dubbledge 'Is Wot It Is... But It Ain't Wot It Woz!' promo vid...

Here's a dope video directed and animated by Future Through Design to promote the forthcoming album 'Is Wot It Is... But It Ain't Wot It Woz!' from Dubbledge. Three tracks feature here, 'The Trilogy' (produced by DJ IQ), 'Choices Choices' (produced by GhosTTown), and 'Don't Get Involved' (produced by Formula).

And don't front on the 'One Inch Punch' mixtape 'Edge has out right about now either...

Black The Ripper & Random Impulse video

Another sick one from Gone, this time around Black The Ripper & Random Impulse go in haaaard on this joint...

Monday, 25 January 2010

Taskforce, Inja & Remus footage @ Suspect Packages Live

Big ups to DJ for this one, the full live show from Taskforce, Inja & Remus @ our Suspect Packages Live - Remus mixtape launch...

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Fliptrix promo

Here's a promo video from Fliptrix, get to know. He has a new album entitled 'Theory Of Rhyme' dropping in March featuring Jehst, Kashmere, Verb T & Jamm Baxter. With production by Chemo, 184, Jon Phonics, Jehst, Verb T, Medison & Runone...

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Taskforce, Inja & Remus @ Suspect Packages Live

Here's a 35 minute recording from last Friday's Suspect Packages Live, featuring Taskforce, Inja & Remus mashing it up, enjoy. And thanx again to everyone that came down yo, t'was a good night. DJ has some visuals coming soon too... And hold tight for next months line up coming soon.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

2Tone featuring Kye - Roots (video & mixtape)

Here's a new artist outta the CRS Studio in Notts, 2Tone is his name with a hefty joint called 'Roots', featuring Kye and produced by Kirk Spencer. I'm feeling this one...

Here's a link to his 16 track mixtape "Nottingh'Am Just Thinkin", featuring the above track and more. Production from Nick Stez, Kirk Spencer, Blenda (LRG) and more. Plus artists Jah Digga, Cienna, Lee Ramsay, Tayla Jayde, Kye, Mizz Red, Razor & Becky Jarvis. It has a commercial edge laced with some decent nuggets, enjoy.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Suspect Packages Live - Prose, Taskforce & Remus pictures

Much love goes out to all those in attendance on Friday night for the Remus mixtape launch, not only the general public for passing by and having a lot fun, but also the amount of artists inside the dance too! Those I managed to catch sight of were Kashmere, Skandal, Ramson Badbonez, Crucifix, Dr Syntax, Krate Krusaders, Blufoot, DJ Gone, Cross Bone T, Charlie Sloth, Serocee, Joker Starr, Nutty P & Mr Flex. Propz for passing thru you lot. Anyone I missed, apologies.

Anyway, hope you all had a good time. We managed to record the Taskforce/Remus show so expect that real soon yo. Here's some flix from the night...

Thanx to everyone involved in staging this event, Steady & Efeks (Prose), Chester P, Farma G, Inja, Remus, Louis Slipperz, Ollie, Johnny, Attai and DJ LoK. And of course all the heads who helped us promote it via their blogs etc, respek.

Catch us next month people! And don't forget to support the next generation of the Taskforce family by copping Remus's mixtape 'The Uprising'...

Friday, 15 January 2010

Ramson Badbonez video

DJ Gone gets busy visually for Badbonez...

Monday, 11 January 2010

Mystro '2009 Rap Up' video

Here's the official video for Mystro's UK take on US emcee Skillz' yearly round up, a sick track that just got a lot better with this video. The track is produced by Black Einstein, aka C-Swing, aka Colin Emmanuel, big up C!
Personally it would'a been good to get more of the UK's Hip Hop artists in there, I feel the likes of Pop Rap artists such as N-Dubz, Tinchy, Chipmunk etc get enough press as it is, maybe 2010's Rap Up Mys?

You can cop everything Mystro related here, including his recently re-released 'F.D.T. EP', respek...

Sunday, 10 January 2010

January's 'Suspect Packages Radio Show'

Download or stream this months two hour show by hitting up Sensei FM.

Or you can play the show on the Mixcloud player below, enjoy...

Respek, Disorda.

January's full playlist with record labels:

01> Sweatbox Sounds - Suspect Packages Radio Show Intro
02> Prose – Personal Efeks / Boom Bap Professionals
03> Darkstorm feat.Trellington & Shiftee Moova – Crow Manor / Bad Taste Records promo
04> Remus – Real Life / Doin' It Large
05> Iron Braydz – Golden Legacy / promo
06> Lewis Parker – The Big Gamble / The World Of Dusty Vinyl
07> Mowgli – Tax / Dodeca Records
08> Diversion Tactics – No Collaborations / Boot Records
09> Wizard – Sakura / promo
10> Remus ft.Chester P – It’s Not A Game / Doin' It Large
11> Reggimental feat.Cipher J.E.W.E.L.S. – Family Life / Rusty Jukebox promo
12> Verbal Contact feat.Mr Ris – Likad 2nite / 30 Tonne Slug Records
13> Darkstorm feat.Skamma & TK-One – Let ‘Em Know / Bad Taste Records promo
14> Contact Play – Serious Man Business / School Bully Records
15> Formula feat.Dubbledge, Cobes & Dabbla (LDZ) – Keep On Eating / promo
16> Phoenix Da Icefire feat.M9 – Spiritual Scolls / Higher Heights Records
17> Diversion Tactics – Return Of The Ladies Man / Boot Records
18> Obba Supa – Day In The Life / Project Mooncircle Records
19> Hock Tu Down – Shock Horror / Blah Records promo
20> Unfriendly Neighbours – Power Of The Klan / Banana Klan promo
21> DJ Roa$t feat.Cyrus Malachi – Trading Darts / promo
---------------------------Old Skool Selection---------------------------
22> S.W.S – Emperical Expansions – The Source / Cue Records (1990)
23> Sirus – Allow Me To Flow / Go Boy Records (?)
24> Body Snatchers – Genocide / Unreleased promo (1995)
25> MC Flex – Make Ya Move / Positive Beat Records (1987)
26> Ruthless Rap Assassins – We Don’t Care / Murdertone Records (1987)
27> Silent Eclipse – One In A Ya Body / 4th & Broadway (1995)
28> B.R.O.T.H.E.R. – GhettoGedden (Armshouse Mix) – Tribal Bass Records (1992)
29> Top Cat – Request The Style (Hip Hop Mix) / Fashion Records (1993)
30> Ragga Twins – Juggling / Shut Up And Dance (1991)
31> Dominant Force – Taking Over Ragga Hip Hop / Gangster Records (1991)
32> Mowgli ft.Sound Scientists – Jazzpants / Dodeca Records
33> The I.R.S. – Cold City / promo
34> Prose – The Crew / Boom Bap Professionals
35> Remus – La La La / Doin' It Large
36> Remus feat.Farma G - Brap Brap / Doin' It Large
37> Endemic & Cappo – Intro / No Cure Records
38> Darkstorm ft.K-Verse – Case 139 / Bad Taste Records promo
39> Hock Tu Down feat.Tame One – Hits From The Wrong / Blah Records promo
40> Lewis Parker feat.Tah Born – Snakes & Ladders / The World Of Dusty Vinyl

Remus mixtape launch

Remus mixtape launch this coming Friday, with support from Chester P, Farma G, Inja & Prose, see ya there...

More information here, and facebook event page here.

Need an excuse to attend this free jam? Check...

You can cop the mixtape on some exclusive advance steez from Suspect Packages here > 'Remus presents The Uprising', don't sleep!!!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

New Sonny Jim & Kelakovski pressure

Here's some fresh heat for you to download from the one like Sonny Jim... 'The Purple Patch (Part 1)' (right click & save) produced by Kelakovski. Respek to Eat Good Records, a perfect match between producer and emcee right here...