Friday, 24 October 2008

Karl Hinds, Seanie T & Blak Twang - Lewis Sterling Special

Another one from the archives for ya, a special from the unreleased Lewis Sterling/Disorda mixtape. Recorded early 2000 by Karl Hinds, Seanie T & Blak Twang , here's the 'Rotten Dress Code' enjoy... Big up's go to Olive for the fresh garms, bring back dat sheeet.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Gunshot's Suspect Packages exclusive from 1998

Check it, fresh from '98 and dusted off from the box of masters is an exclusive from my 'UK Hustlerz Vol.5' mixtape from the mighty Gunshot crew. They stepped up to the game here and delivered me a rocker that kicked off the tape in fine stylee... Let me know what you think anyway...
(in the pic from left to right - Barry Blue, White Child Rix, Mercury, Disorda, Blokey Man & Alkaline)

Friday, 10 October 2008

2001 Itch FM show with Jehst live in the studio

Stepping back in time to the old Itch FM pirate radio days, up in some empty tower block apartment come rain or shine, each and every Sunday between the hours of 6 and 8pm across London town. That's how the show started out from week one of Itch FM's first broadcast, and continued for 6 years straight. Big shout to my loyal listeners from these times, I know you're still checking the shows! 1L.

So, here we have one of these shows, from March 2001, lifted off the original tape used that day, remember tapes? I had the one like Jehst up inside the place... These we're the times I used to sing the intro to the show, now that's gangsta! And have to cut the swearing on tracks out live on air, jokes.

Hit these links for the download:

Side A -featuring tracks from Titan Sounds, Cappo, Krispy, Aspects, Junior Disprol, Defcon Allstars, Taskforce and more...

Side B -featuring Jehst live, talking on his pending High Plains Drifter, Champions Of Nature, and Evil Ed 12" releases. Some freestyle action, airplay of the mentioned releases and more, plus tracks from Katch 22 and Blade...

Friday, 3 October 2008

Suspect Packages Radio Show

Arrrh yeah, back in effect for another month comes two hours of exclusive Hip Hop pressure from the UK. Some straight heat this month, as ever, with brand new material from Dead Residents, M9, Jazz T, SNI, Sir Smurf Lil', Baby J, Delegates Of Culture, Skreintax, Foreign Beggars, Mystro and many more. Plus a dip back to the late 90's in the Old Skool Selection... Hit this new link and let us know where ya clicking from yo...

1. Disorda...

Octobers Playlist:

01. Skandal - Suspect Packages Radio Show Intro - Halal Beats promo
02. Dead Residents - Scumbongo - Dial Up Records promo
03. Foreign Beggars feat.Dabbla, Dubbledge & Kyza - Hit That Gash (LDZ Spam Salad Toss Off Remix) - Dented Records promo
04. Mr Loop feat.Yosh, Mudmowth, Vee-Kay, B'tol, Wordsmith, Slippa, Zoo Mark, Humble Pious, J-Soles, Dr Cerberus, 777, Reminicse & Beit Nun - Satisfaction Pts 1&2 - promo
05. SNI (Skuff & Inja) - iTal Violence - promo
06. Roots Manuva feat.Ricky Ranking - The Show Must Go On - Big Dada Recordings
07. Taner feat.Dirty Verbals - Man Flu - Taner Productions
08. Wordsmith - The Cro Debate - Def Ethics Recordings
09. Skreintax feat.Farma G, Verb T & DJ Skully - Mine For The Taking - Dented Records promo
10. Mudmowth - Knuckle Down - Associated Minds promo
11. Sir Smurf Lil' - A New Bloodline - YNR Productions promo
12. M9 feat.Cyrus Malachi - Table Of Elements - Killamajaro promo
13. Sir Smurf Lil' - Graveyard Shift - YNR Productions promo
14. Jazz T feat.Kashmere - Abraxus 365 - Boot Records
15. Mystro - Maintain - Beer & Rap promo
16. Jack Flash feat.Thabo - Refuge - Klinik Records
17. Brotherman - Hoodie With A Heart - Silent Soundz promo
18. Sonny Jim feat.Verb T & Metropolis - Dynamite - Dented/Eat Good Records
19. Xidus & Prozach - Propain - promo
20. Leafdog - Bounce (Remix) - promo
21. Kid Genius, Deadline, Stupid Ill, Leafdog, BVA MC, Mic Dyson & Assa - 7 sins (Remix) - promo
22. Delegates Of Culture - Hiphop Sideffect - School Bully Records promo
23. Baby J feat.Fallacy & Alyssia - No One Like U - Abstract Urban promo
24. Mr Hectic - To The Manor Born - promo
25. Da Avengers feat.Micall Parknsun & Dubbledge - Grindin - Un-Signed Beats
26. Blak Twang - 96 - Abstract Urban
27. Chronicredeye feat.Littleface & Franko Fraize - So Cold - Kan Recordings
28. Taner feat.Ron Compost, Jibberish & Dirty Verbals - 2Many2Faced - Taner Productions
29. M9 - Hidden Dangers - Killamajaro promo
---------------------Old Skool Selection---------------------
30. Jehst - Liquid Diction - YNR Productions (1999)
31. Roots Manuva - Juggle Tings Proper (Indopepsychics Remix by DJ Kensei) - Toy's Factory/Big Dada Recordings (1999)
32. M.S.I Asylum - Sex - Gran Kru Records (2000)
33. The London Allstars (Funky DL, MCD, Skinnyman, Taipanic, ESP, Ty, Phoebe One, Kwestmann, Q-Tee, Fallacy & Rodney P) - The London Convention (Not For Sale Mix) - Utmost promo (1997)