Friday, 17 October 2008

Gunshot's Suspect Packages exclusive from 1998

Check it, fresh from '98 and dusted off from the box of masters is an exclusive from my 'UK Hustlerz Vol.5' mixtape from the mighty Gunshot crew. They stepped up to the game here and delivered me a rocker that kicked off the tape in fine stylee... Let me know what you think anyway...
(in the pic from left to right - Barry Blue, White Child Rix, Mercury, Disorda, Blokey Man & Alkaline)


moyinka said...

it's dope, never heard that before. these guys should get back into it and make another record, everyone'd buy it. i'd buy this if it got pressed up, no question.

Blokey said...

Bloody'ell havent heard that for yonks! I miss those days..

Disorda you truly are the Don.

ps:shame about the fat 'tard in the picture!

Adee said...

Great track. Thanks for posting this. You're the man!

And i can only back up moyinka's comment. I would cop this in a flash if it was on wax. No doubt.