Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Suspect Packages Live pix

Here's some pix from the last SP Live with Rhyme Asylum & Mowgli representing on stage. Shouts to Jam Baxter, Manage, Trem, Brad Strut, Tornts, Beat Butcha, Precise Da Analyzer, DJ LoK, DJ Snuff and many more up inside the jam, oh, &!
Don't forget to check out September's line up...

P.S.There were some girls there, honestly.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Wayne Lotek 'International Rudeboy' sampler

Wayne Lotek has a new album coming, 'International Rudeboy' is due for release around Christmas time in Australia (where he now dwells), with a slightly different album released in Europe around Spring/Summer 2011. Let's hope we can bag some before that! Also watch for the single 'The Rudest' coming late September. I've always been a big fan of Lotek and this is some niceness to my ears, check it...

Wayne Lotek International Rudeboy Lp Preview by WayneLotek

...and if you missed it, here's the video for 'Ctrl Alt Del' lifted off his last album 'Go', on the Russian label 2-99.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Stylah 'The Past, The Present and The Future'

Taking you on a journey from the start of his career, and up to present day jugglin's, DJ Snips brings you 'The Past, The Present and The Future' from Stylah. A prelude to Stylah's long awaited debut album ‘Treading Water’ featuring fellow lyricists Grafh, Sway, Akala, Immortal Technique and Joell Ortiz amongst others, due September. Watch for it...

Tracklisting :

01 Warfare Pt 2 feat Serious
02 Nobody Cares
03 Medicine
04 Freestyle (279)
05 My People feat Lowkey
06 Average
07 Lethal Dosage feat Poisonous Poets
08 Whats Gwarning feat Poisonous Poets
09 Poison, Poison feat Poisonous Poets
10 Devils
11 Welcome To London feat Tony D
12 Snips In The Mix
13 Free
14 Black Boys (Remix) feat Bashy
15 Freestyle (Westwood)
16 Please Listen >>

17 Craziest (Remix) feat Smiler
18 You Gotta Know feat Mims
19 Catch 22 >>

20 Hard Way
21 Everyones A Killer feat Ghetts
22 Them Boys feat Grafh
23 Treading Water
24 Poetry
25 James Bond
26 Young Forever (Semtex)
27 Pass Out (Freestyle)
28 Snake (John Terry)
29 I Think She Likes Me
30 Gucci Girl
31 Freestle (Outro)

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Durrty Goodz - 'Gunshot' video

Positive vibes from Durrty Goodz right here, 'Gunshot' coming with some rapid fire artillery. He's one of my favourite emcee's for this kinda spittin', loving this jammie! No word of what it's off though? Bit random... And the reggae sample used on the track is buggin' the hell outta me too! Anyone know what it is?

...and don't for get to hit up his site for the free 'Born Blessed' release.

Friday, 20 August 2010

SUSPECT PACKAGES LIVE - Mystro & Ramson Badbonez

Back with a banger, SUSPECT PACKAGES LIVE returns on Friday the 10th of September with two of the UK's finest lyricists, to launch two killer releases...

> MYSTRO & DJ THOR with 'The Digmund Freud EP', celebrating the release and getting the live treatment alongside numerous other bangers from the mighty Mystro...
(CD & MP3 released 13th Sept on Don't Biznizz/Self Destruct Music)

> RAMSON BADBONEZ 'The Official Volume 2', joined by DJ JAZZ T & ZYGOTE who'll also be working the decks either side of his show...
(CD & MP3 released 6th Sept on Boot Records)

Combined with residents Disorda & DJ LoK dropping Hip Hop, Reggae & Dubstep heaters, large up...

All taking place @ Vibe Live (upstairs @ Vibe Bar), Brick Lane, London, E1. Kicking off at 8pm, and is £4 entry, however you can gain access to the bar below Vibe Live for free before 8pm.


(Both CD releases will be available on the night)

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

'MC Duke & DJ Leader One' t-shirt pre-order

We now have a pre-order up and running for Style Warriors' latest set of limited old skool uk tee's, this time up, MC Duke & DJ Leader One.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

'Wild Dayz' book now in stock

Finally managed to track down this dope photography book 'WILD DAYZ' from Bristol photographer Andrew ‘Beezer’ Beese. The book is a collection of images shot in the mid 80's, many of which are of The Wild Bunch, later to become Massive Attack.
Beezer was a close friend of The Wild Bunch and other Bristol hip hop crews and was able to capture on film the rich urban culture at the heart of the underground music and art scene prevalent in Bristol at the time.

Massive Attack’s musical influence is well documented but this collection of images shows how it all started. Many of the shots are of the Wild Bunch performing at the Dug Out Club, the infamous Red House Jam and at St Paul's Carnival, but there are also many more shots from festivals and events and a selection of portraiture.

"Bristol had a very healthy scene at that time, both for live music and DJing” Beezer recalls. “In 1984, Technics just brought out these DJ decks, all my friends were DJs, they would play all kinds of records-funk, punk, post-punk and then a lot of US hip-hop and electro stuff was coming in. There was also the graffiti that people like Goldie were doing. But we had no idea what it would escalate into."

We have a few copies WILD DAYZ now in stock. Below are just a small selection of what's onboard, capturing a classic moment in the homegrown scene...

Blaktrix 'The Houdini Footprints Of Some People Never Go Crazy'

Blaktrix drops a sick collection of joints in preperation of his forthcoming album 'Some People Never Go Crazy' due in November. Here on this free 10 tracker ‘The Houdini Footprints Of Some People Never Go Crazy' your treated to some ILL beats from Sir Beans OBE, Stagga, Rola & Monky. Plus additional spittage from Mudmowth, Junior Disprol & Vocal Recall. Looking forward to hearing the album, it's been a long time coming...

'Tek Time' (prod.Monky)

'Business Is Good' (prod.Sir Beans OBE)

Loudmouth Melvin - E.P. 2

Loudmouth Melvin drops the second in a four part EP series, 'EP 2' follows on in similar fine style to that of part 1, entirely self produced too.

1. 1,2,3,4
2. I Doubt It (ft Pyro Barz & Black The Ripper)
3. Rhyming With K (ft K-Nite 13)

4. Love or Lust
5. My Top 10 List

And if you missed 'EP 1' cop that, tis' sick.

Tempa 'Life Is A Blessing' & '40 Bars' videos

Tempa drops two new vidz, setting the standard and still rock rockin on for Nottingham. 'Life Is A Blessing', and '40 Bars' lifted off the 'Barzology' mixtape... Watch for more.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Cappo - How to deliver a stage show 101 + 'Full Scale Chronicles' download

Live footage from Cappo's 'Genghis' launch party at SP Live in April, big ups to Al @ Son Records on this one. Capps' mic presence and delivery throughout the whole show was so on point, learn from this all you up and coming emcee's out there...

'Fire With Fire' / 'Magna Carta' / 'Barcode' from the mighty 'Genghis' album.

'Loyalty' / 'Provider' / 'Most Wanted' from the mighty 'Genghis' album.

And here's a link to a free 8 track compilation of radio appearances and freestyles from recent years, featuring 279, Sarah Love, Styly Cee, DJ Cro, Disorda & Westwood. Niiice.

'Full Scale Chronicles'.

1. 279, Choice FM, April 2010
2. Styly Cee, Kemet FM, April 2010
3. Sarah Love, 1xtra, March 2010
4. DJ Cro, New Style FM, February 2010
5. DJ Cro, New Style FM, November 2008 Pt. 1
6. DJ Cro, New Style FM, November 2008 Pt. 2
7. Disorda, Suspect Packages, October 2008
8. Westwood, Radio 1, October 1999

<a href="">279, Choice FM, April 2010 by Cappo</a>

Friday, 13 August 2010

Melanin9 freestyle

Here's a likkle suttin from Melanin9, keeping you entertained before his debut album drops, no set date as yet, as soon as we hear, you will...

Padrino (Freestyle) by user953956

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Mr Thing 'Champion Nerd' mixtape

Here's something super fresh for ya, the one and only DJ Mr Thing with a free mixtape entitled 'Champion Nerd'. From the title i'd hope you can guess what's in store, straight up breaks, sick breaks, cut up, doubled up, and rocked from the original wax, direct to you. There was a time when you'd have to pay for this typa ting, so say thank you to the man. He kills it here, propz bro!

P.S. You'll also find a likkle bonus in the download, double def...

'Full Of Lyrics' mixtape

Those that know me know i'm deep into my Reggae, from original 60's & 70's Roots through to present day Bashment & Dancehall, the whole spectrum. So when I saw this mixtape from Badness, Shizzle, Killa P & Jamakabi I had to share it with you. Straight up gullyness over some Grimy Bashment shizzle, mixed by Logan Sama, if you like dat typa sheeeeet, this is for you. Download 'Full Of Lyrics'.

Here's a taster >>

The Planets, coming soon.

New material from The Planets is on its way...

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Donnie Propa 'Classic Nottz Hip Hop Vol.1'

"Raaadford, U get me, U get me", if you have no idea what i'm on about then check this mix from Donnie Propa, educating the masses on Nottingham's Hip Hop output on this sick 'Classic Nottz Hip Hop Vol.1' mix. From Pure Genius & MC's Logik to Scorz & Cappo, get to know...

..."Make my get away smarter than Doogie Howser"

Iron Braydz 'Hang' video

Boom! Here's the video for 'Hang' lifted off Iron Braydz' killer 'Devil May Cry' release, Braydz comes in hard with the lyrics aswell as producing this heater too...

Monday, 9 August 2010

Stylah 'Hard Way' video

Lifted off the forthcoming 'Treading Water' album from Stylah, due for release in September, here's the video for 'Hard Way' produced by Show N Prove.

Gotta love chocolate...

Saturday, 7 August 2010

CRS Entertainment 'Your Not Taking Us Out'

Here's a dope new joint outta the CRS Studio's in Notts, Kirk Spencer on the production with 2Tone, Nartz, Jay-Eye, Danger & Nay Nay - 'Your Not Taking Us Out'. A hard hitting grime tune that draws inspiration from each of the artists on living in Nottingham and being in competition between other artists within the city...

CRS Entertainment - Your Not Taking Us Out from Michael Holyk on Vimeo.

Friday, 6 August 2010

First Down - 'Rude Boys Lose' mixtape

Well this one came outta nowhere, big up Koaste @ The 273 for the heads up!
Back in 1990 a south coast crew going by the name of First Down unleashed their first 12" 'Jaw Warfare' onto the masses on their own Cobden Capers imprint. It was followed by 'Let The Battle Begin' EP on Ill Gotten Gains, and then the 'Mad Dogs And Englishmen' EP & 'World Service' LP on German label Blitz. The original line up changed a few times throughout these releases but the raw uncut b-boy essence stayed. They reformed briefly in 2008 with the addition of Koaste and compiled this mixtape of unreleased, rare and brand new material. If you were down with the crew (excuse the pun), or haven't heard of them until now...
Here's the First Down Rude Boys Lose mixtape, it rocks!

"Fuck censorship - Real 'B-Boys', real MC's, real DJ's - Graffiti artists keep bombing - South Coast rocks, London's burnin"

DJ Slademan - A Beatmaking Story

Peterborough's DJ Slademan flips this True Reflection break nice, check his Beatmaking Story...

Thursday, 5 August 2010

You Know My Steez - Disorda @ The Westbury

YOU KNOW MY STEEZ - The first Thursday of the month, Disorda will be rotating some back to back classics, Hip Hop, Reggae, Dubstep, Soul, Funk, Rare Groove and anything else that gets the nod factor!

Free entry, 8pm - 1am @ The Westbury in Kilburn, London...

Facebook Event Page

Dates - Aug 5th / Sept 2nd / Oct 7th / Nov 4th / Dec 2nd

Set It Off @ The Star Of Bethnal Green

Disorda & DJ LoK return to East London to SET IT OFF at The Star Of Bethnal Green pub. Supplying a heathly mixture of Soul, Funk, Disco, Hip Hop, Reggae, Party Classics and everything inbetween.

Come and let loose... Friday 3rd of September, 8pm - 2am.

It's free entry! Nearest tube, Bethnal Green.

Facebook Event Page

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Suspect Packages '10th Anniversary' Radio Show

So here we have it, the Suspect Packages Radio Show has now been running for 10 years! Big up all the loyal listeners over this period, going back to the Itch FM days and beyond. Also a big thank you to all the artists that have made it possible to keep supplying the true sound of the UK's Hip Hop scene past and present...

This months show is split into two halves, the first half delves back into the Itch FM archives, giving you recordings straight from the original tapes of some of the very first live sessions I had on the show back in the pirate days. You'll hear freestyles from Anik & Kope, Skinnyman, Jehst, Troy Scalpels, Rodney P, Mystro & Jargon and Klashnekoff.
The second half of the show is a live freestyle cypher with Sonny Jim, Fliptrix, Salvo, Jam Baxter & Mowgli, representing the new skool. Enjoy!

Download or stream this months 3 hour 20 minute show by hittin' up Sensei FM, Part 1 and Part 2.

Or play the show from the Mixcloud players below >

August 2010 Playlist:

- Part 1 -
01> Joker Starr - 10th Anniversary Show Intro
02> Anik & Kope - Live Session 05/11/00
03> Skinnyman - Live Session 14/01/01
04> Jehst - Live Session 25/03/01
05> Troy Scalpels - Live Session 02/09/01
06> Rodney P - Live Session 07/10/01
07> Oliver Sudden & Ill Move Sporadic - Suspect Packages Tribute
08> Mystro, Jargon & DJ Shapeshifter - Live Session 20/01/02
09> Klashnekoff - Live Session 02/06/02
- Part 2 -
10> Sonny Jim, Fliptrix, Salvo, Jam Baxter & Mowgli - 10th Anniversary Show Cipher