Saturday, 28 February 2009

Suspect Packages Radio Show with guest Chester P...

Yes folks, it's that time again, another fresh dose of UK flavour for ya ear. This month we drop brand new heat from the likes of Skandal, Wordsmith, Dead Residents, Jyager, Percy Filth, Salvo, Two Fingers, Kid Genius, Asaviour & DJ IQ, Joe Kovacs, Respek BA, Assa and more. Plus we extend the flavour this month with some new and forthcoming titles into Suspect Packages on the instrumental flex from Floating Points, Harmonic 313, Hudson Mohawke, Letherette, Ghost & Bullion up in the mix...
And finally we round it all off with our special guest this month, the one and only Chester P, talking sense and dropping some fresh rhymes & poetry, check checka.

>>> Download or stream the show by clicking this.

March Playlist:

01> Sonny Jim - Suspect Packages Radio Show intro
02> Wordsmith - Nomad 2 - Def Ethics
03> Kid Genius - 10 Steps - Tactical Thinking Ent. promo
04> Dead Residents - Champion Sound - Dial Up Records
05> Salvo feat.Chester P & Kashmere - The Info - King Kong Holding Co. promo
06> Asaviour & DJ IQ feat.Jehst - The Gatheround - Saving Grace Music promo
07> Dead Residents - Smash Robot vs Pacman Ghost - Dial Up Records
08> Harmonic 313 - Call To Arms - Warp Records
09> Floating Points - Shangrilla - Eglo Records
10> Ghost - Feel Pain - Breakin Bread Records promo
11> Joe Kovacs - Non Serviam - Twelve Labours
12> Jyager - Crystal Mirrors - YNR Productions promo
13> Percy Filth feat.Sonny Jim, Foreign Beggars & DJ Weetamix - Out To Getcha - Eat Good/Aerosolik Records promo
14> Respek BA - Insane - Olde Boy Records
15> Bullion - Are You The One? - One-Handed Music promo
16> Two Fingers feat.Sway - What You Know - Big Dada Recordings promo
17> Dead Residents - Scumbongo - Dial Up Records
18> Skandal - Buckets Of Tears - promo
19> Wordsmith feat.Foreign Beggars - Sticks And Stones - Def Ethics
20> Dr Crobe - Rappers Coffee Morning - Brews N Biscuits
21> Assa feat.Jay Madden - Behind Closed Doors - Tactical Thinking Ent. promo
22> Endemic feat.Timbo King & Planet Asia - Robin Hood Theory - No Cure Records
23> The P Brothers feat.Milano - Got It On Me - Heavy Bronx
24> Chester P - It's Nuttin Real - Chessmonster Ent.
25> Chester P interview
26> Chester P feat.Deeizm - Spoonerised Minds - Chessmonster Ent.
27> Chester P live freestyle
28> Chester P - Blues De Mare Street - Chessmonster Ent.
29> Hudson Mohawke - Polkadot Blues - Warp Records
30> Letherette - In July Focus Rite - promo
31> Bullion - Young Heartache - One-Handed Music promo

Friday, 27 February 2009

Brand new album uploading blog trash...

This is an section taken from my page written in the latest Big Smoke magazine. Incase you've not seen it, please read this, and if you're one of the parasites killing off our artform, please stop!


"How much longer can we all survive if countless dumb ass blog sites decide to post up album’s for free, days after it’s release, or in some cases before it’s release?!! Seriously, sorry to start off with a rant, but for fucks sake, behind the scenes there’s a lot of hard graft going into albums being made, and I mean A LOT of hard graft. Not just from the artists themselves, but radio DJ’s, journalists, distributors, retailers, if this shit carries on we’ll all be out of jobs. We’ll be the downfall of the one good thing in life we’ve created, Hip-Hop.

So to all those punk ass blog sluts throwing up brand new albums, stop that shit. Please. It’s not big and it’s not clever, your argument is that it’s promoting the music yeah? Well when the younger generation are growing up bluetoothing music to each other they’ve got for free anyway, not giving a flying fuck about anything going back into the artist’s pocket they love, not caring about owning any physical product ‘cause it’s for free anyway isn’t it? That’s when it has to stop, we’re killing Hip-Hop..."


This will probally have no effect whatsoever, but I just wanted to highlight the fact that many of our favourite artists, record labels, magazines, record stores, and ironically enough, blog sites, will no longer be around if this continues as no-one will be making any money off the artform to create the music we all love!

Here endith my sermon.

Thank you for reading, Disorda.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Limited edition Ramson Badbonez t-shirt pre-order

'Das right, get in quick, these are very limited and if you want one I advise placing an order asap, click here for more details...

...And click here to download DJ Gone & Ramson Badbonez's J Dilla Tribute Mix, big tings!

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Turbo Soul anyone?

Look out for some new instrumental/beats type titles coming onboard to suspect packages real soon, in the same vain as stuff like Flying Lotus, Onra, Dr. Who Dat?, Stevo, Samiyam etc, but on a UK tip of course. Artists such as Hudson Mohawke, Floating Points, Mike Slott, Harmonic 313, Bullion and label mate Paul White to name a few. We're really into this kinda steez and look forward to being able to offer it to our customers, the question is do we have a new section for it, and if so what do we call it? Hudson Mohawke suggested 'Turbo Soul' today, which we like a lot, but do we need to have a new section at all? Essentially it's instrumental Hip Hop thrown in a blender and spat out as something new and fresh. Beats? Experimental/Leftfield?... Anyway it's coming soon, if you dabble in this kinda shit, hit us up...

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Suspect Packages Radio Show

From a snow covered suspect packages bunker comes this months two hour show, straight up back to back music this month, our special guest decided not to bother turning up?! Wack. Anyway, amongst the freezing temperatures we bring new heat from Jyager, Kid Genius, Leaf Dog, Assa, Truth, Dialect, Skillit, Delegates Of Culture, Joker Starr and many more. Plus we dip back into the late 80's/early 90's for some old skool skoolage... Download or stream the show here. Thanx, Disorda...

Febuary's playlist:

01> Sonny Jim - Suspect Packages Radio Show intro
02> Assa feat.Deadline, Jay Madden & L.Lyricist - First Infantry - Tactical Thinking Ent. promo
03> Jyager feat.Kashmere & Foreign Beggars - Frozen In The Night - YNR Productions promo
04> Skillit - I'm Badder Than You - Hand 2 Mouth Records
05> Paul White - For You & For Me - One-Handed Music
06> Sir Smurf Lil' - Nature Bites - YNR Productions
07> Dialect - No Knives No Guns - 1984 Records promo
08> JVF Clique - Last Man Standing - JVF Recordins promo
09> Truth feat.Conflix & Sonny Jim - Heavyweight - promo
10> Recordkingz feat.Mobb Deep - Heat - All City promo
11> Mystro - Banishment - Beer & Rap
12> Assa - Teknikality - Tactical Thinking Ent. promo
13> Dabbla - The Title - promo
14> Manage feat.LeEo - No One Needs To Know - Pro 1 Music
15> Blind Alphabetz feat.Sean P - Firey Red (Beat Butcha Remix) - Halal Beats promo
16> Kid Genius - The Drop - Tactical Thinking Ent. promo
17> Lowkey - Tell Me Why - So Empire/HHV
18> Serocee - You'll Never Find - Crate Estate/Jambrum
19> Jyager - Didn't Wanna Have To Do It - YNR Productions promo
20> Joker Starr feat.Micall Parknsun - All I Want - Flukebeat promo
21> Delegates Of Culture - Grip - School Bully promo
22> The Three Amigos feat.Sadat X - You Don't Own Me - Real Life Drama promo
23> Kid Genius - The Labyrinth - Tactical Thinking Ent. promo
24> Mr Wrong feat.Antiheroes - Pie And Chips - Blah Records promo
25> Skillit - So Bad - Hand 2 Mouth Records
26> Dialect - Put It Down - 1984 Records promo
27> Kasha feat.Klarity - With You All The Way - Vivid Imagery
28> Sir Smurf Lil' feat.Dubbledge & Kashmere - Boards Of Luigi - YNR Productions
29> Leaf Dog - Open Eyes - promo
30> Chester P - If You Go Down - Chessmonster Ent.
-------------------Old Skool Selection----------------
31> Sir Drew - Old School Style - Positive Beat Records (1987)
32> 3PM - Manifestation - Earth Recordings (1991)
33> Gunshot - To Live & Die In The UK - Unreleased (?)
34> Unanimous Decision - Everybody Knows - Kold Sweat (1993)
35> 11:59 - Josephine - China Records (1995)
36> Pointblank - Planting Semtex - Kold Sweat (1992)