Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Suspect Packages Radio Show

From a snow covered suspect packages bunker comes this months two hour show, straight up back to back music this month, our special guest decided not to bother turning up?! Wack. Anyway, amongst the freezing temperatures we bring new heat from Jyager, Kid Genius, Leaf Dog, Assa, Truth, Dialect, Skillit, Delegates Of Culture, Joker Starr and many more. Plus we dip back into the late 80's/early 90's for some old skool skoolage... Download or stream the show here. Thanx, Disorda...

Febuary's playlist:

01> Sonny Jim - Suspect Packages Radio Show intro
02> Assa feat.Deadline, Jay Madden & L.Lyricist - First Infantry - Tactical Thinking Ent. promo
03> Jyager feat.Kashmere & Foreign Beggars - Frozen In The Night - YNR Productions promo
04> Skillit - I'm Badder Than You - Hand 2 Mouth Records
05> Paul White - For You & For Me - One-Handed Music
06> Sir Smurf Lil' - Nature Bites - YNR Productions
07> Dialect - No Knives No Guns - 1984 Records promo
08> JVF Clique - Last Man Standing - JVF Recordins promo
09> Truth feat.Conflix & Sonny Jim - Heavyweight - promo
10> Recordkingz feat.Mobb Deep - Heat - All City promo
11> Mystro - Banishment - Beer & Rap
12> Assa - Teknikality - Tactical Thinking Ent. promo
13> Dabbla - The Title - promo
14> Manage feat.LeEo - No One Needs To Know - Pro 1 Music
15> Blind Alphabetz feat.Sean P - Firey Red (Beat Butcha Remix) - Halal Beats promo
16> Kid Genius - The Drop - Tactical Thinking Ent. promo
17> Lowkey - Tell Me Why - So Empire/HHV
18> Serocee - You'll Never Find - Crate Estate/Jambrum
19> Jyager - Didn't Wanna Have To Do It - YNR Productions promo
20> Joker Starr feat.Micall Parknsun - All I Want - Flukebeat promo
21> Delegates Of Culture - Grip - School Bully promo
22> The Three Amigos feat.Sadat X - You Don't Own Me - Real Life Drama promo
23> Kid Genius - The Labyrinth - Tactical Thinking Ent. promo
24> Mr Wrong feat.Antiheroes - Pie And Chips - Blah Records promo
25> Skillit - So Bad - Hand 2 Mouth Records
26> Dialect - Put It Down - 1984 Records promo
27> Kasha feat.Klarity - With You All The Way - Vivid Imagery
28> Sir Smurf Lil' feat.Dubbledge & Kashmere - Boards Of Luigi - YNR Productions
29> Leaf Dog - Open Eyes - promo
30> Chester P - If You Go Down - Chessmonster Ent.
-------------------Old Skool Selection----------------
31> Sir Drew - Old School Style - Positive Beat Records (1987)
32> 3PM - Manifestation - Earth Recordings (1991)
33> Gunshot - To Live & Die In The UK - Unreleased (?)
34> Unanimous Decision - Everybody Knows - Kold Sweat (1993)
35> 11:59 - Josephine - China Records (1995)
36> Pointblank - Planting Semtex - Kold Sweat (1992)


G Rob XL said...

nice one mate.

Aidan said...

Dabbla produced by Miss Tofelees - don't forget her!

DISORDA said...

She's bigged up fully if you listen, just don't have enough space to write producers of every track in, sorry...

Sick Nick said...

In the house in that house, Wassup! Fuck the Taxman I’ve cooked my books. 2009 the year of The Sonny Jim. . . Those frees on YouTube with Jehst in Oz are dope as fuck my man. The Assa posse record you kick it off with has some pretty aggressive lyrics up on it yo! And heavy weighty beats from the Tactical Thinking crew. I think Jyagers album is gonna be a severe release for the YnR corner, I like every track I’ve heard so far and that Kashmere verse is quality. I’ve never heard of Skillit before to be honest but he’s gotta few abrupt jumpy lines in his rhymes . . . pretty funky yo! The Paul White track sounds atmospheric and it’s gotta bit of depth to the sound. I got the Smurf album from YnR pre order to be honest, I thought they had released it early my eyes were still crusty coz I’d just woke up it was about 7.30am straight on the website I was like yeah at last! Then after I’d paid for it, I saw it was only up for pre order. Gutted! I’ve had it a while now and I’m still bumping it in the work van day to day, it still ride shotgun with me so it’s close to hand. I love the beat Jehst produced at the start. Dialect is bringing a real message with his hip-hop none of that sexy lyricism where they seem to make the words fit this guy’s got some hard emotion behind it! And another proper Northern English accent to represent. . . I like everything the JVF do, we’ve had a few of their tracks over the months on suspect now and they got tight beats and honest rhymes. Conflix has been around for time now and he’s brought loads of heads in it. Truth is the guy who did the suited gangsters track. Heavy weight track. . . I’ve totally detuned my ears to American voices now I can’t get down with it like i use to, I just can’t relate to it I need a dirty English rapper to bug out these days! Next up Mystro, perfect proper London I’ve said it before this guy is full of character he’s never boring and I rate personality before small point detail every time. You can have the most technical rapper on the planet but if his rhymes are boring what good is he? I don’t want my rappers sounding like they are reading straight out of a scientific rhyme dictionary that’s for sure. I do still like American voices when the DJ cuts up the vocal samples in the chorus tho. I saw Manage on the 08/08/08 last year in Camden and he fucking wrecks the stage incredible live rapper, live in protest I’m still playing track 6 it’s got some nasty lyrics in it but sounds so fucking good! His syllables in his rhymes always bounce along right with the rhythm. I’m feeling that Heat Butcha remix for sure, I’ve heard those rhymes on a Skeptic mixtape before. The drop sounds ill, abstract beat and he has got a good vocal tone and real level of honesty in his voice. I’ll just nip and get my string vest for this Lowkey affair, fucking good flow and serious lyrics, he’ll be massive it’s just a matter of time he’s got all the right components including the vision and progressive mind state. I’ve heard the Serocee track before the vocal sounds of old school UK hip-hop to me with a set of the legitimate lyrics for yo! Ears . . . I don’t think this next Jyager track was written for me tho somehow, this one’s for the ladies! Have you seen that YnR video on YouTube where the whole crew are in like an underground building and it starts with Smurf who bust out the illest rhyme then it goes round the circle and end with Kyza, incredible video! Delegates always drop something dope and I love all the artwork on their shit heavy hip-hop crew for sure. The Polish get the jobs but you’re fucking lazy! What . . . The Three Amigos rolling with Sadat X . . . serious! He did a track with the P Brother a few years ago he must be feeling the UK scene; he’s not a daft cat he knows where it’s at. I think I’ll cope that Kid Genius album, still don’t think he’s a genius tho that bits a lie but I like the tempo in his flow and some of them lines are pretty seriously dope yo! Haunting beat underneath it in all. I like that Mr Wrong beat, that piano loop is sick. . . Argh yeah Antiheros! This is the guy I was talking about earlier on Manages album track number six this guy is fucking incredible nauseous rhymes and what a fucking vocabulary. Old Dialect doesn’t beat around the bush does he? I’m feeling his lyrics for sure and a good melody for a hip-hop track. Number one underground rap radio station in the world! I got the Chester P CD today and I just wanna say it’s a serious, serious, must have Greatest Story Ever Told is well dope yo! But all the tracks are from start to finish are fucking mind blowing. He’s telling you the truth with a good mix of personality and humour but most of all realism. So thanks for the show D and thanks for making another great album Chess and for filling the boring hours when I aint got shit to do! . . . Sick Nick’s still praying for his full length Prose studio album and his new Jehst album every night before bed kids. What is UK hip-hop then? Well it’s more of a new age religion really with a serious cult status in the swagger.

Certified Banger said...

haha no need to be sorry - just linking this up on my blog!

DISORDA said...

Seeen, gotcha. Nice one Aidan...

@ Sick Nick, jeez, you've got too much time on ya hands! Big up for the show run down though, glad to hear ya feeling it all! Respek bro.

lee said...

disorda- this radio show keeps me sane while living here in Finland. Much respect. The old skool selections always give me goosebumps mate, brings back the childhood memories!

IkaSON said...

Yo DISORDA!!! Big Ups to you and yours. Being from the US I thank god for you and the whole suspect packages crew keeping hip hop alive for me. Im sick of all the mainstream trash that continues to plague the radios over here now and days. The February show was ill keep doing what your doing, and I'll try to get the word out about the show. PEACE.