Tuesday, 28 April 2009

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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Brad Strut 'N16' remix

Arrgh yeah! Check it, Brad Strut's new video N16. Lifted off his forthcoming 'Fallout Shelter EP/Rejuvenation LP' featuring production from Beat Butcha. Big tings...

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Skandal '72 Bars' video...

Check it, big Skandal up in this, new video for his joint '72 Bars' lifted off his forthcoming mixtape 'Hunger Pains' mixed by DJ MK. Coming soon exclusive to Suspect Packages...

Is It Us? >> this Friday...

Back for another butt shaking hoe down at Vibe Live this Friday yo, myself and DJ LoK spinnin' the platters that matter this month. Come down and shake off that excess easter egg chocolate from ya hips yo, upstairs @ Vibe Bar, Brick Lane, Eastsides... get there before 8pm and ya don't pay, good look...

Friday, 10 April 2009

Itch FM April 2001 radio show with Krispy in session

Here's a little Easter treat for ya, the Suspect Packages Radio Show recorded 8 years ago in April 2001 from the Itch FM towers, featuring an exclusive session from Krispy...

Yep, recorded straight from the original tape used that day to dub the show off, you know how we roll. Ghost is also in the studio with me, rocking some co-host steez as it appears this show was a few days before I was lucky enough to be going to Hong Kong, Ghost was gonna be covering for me whilst I was away...

Anywayz, it's a dope show, expect to hear joints from Mark B & Blade feat.Phi-Life Cypher, Taskforce, Rodney P, Manage, Universal Soldiers, Verb T & Mystro, London Posse, Talib Kweli feat.Ty & Blak Twang, Roots Manuva, 499, Points Proven, SL Troopers and more. Your also treated to an exclusive 17 minute session from Mikey D.O.N & Mr Wiz aka Krispy. Big tings, one of my favourite sessions recorded for the show over the 9 years it's been broadcasting...

Listen/Download > side A
Listen/Download > side B

Bonus pressure >>

Here's just the Krispy session lifted straight off the minidisc, rather than the tape of the show as that's a little fuzzy, pirate radio styly...

Friday, 3 April 2009

Suspect Packages Radio Show with JVF Clique live in session

Back up in this, here's this months two hour radio show for ya, brand new material from the likes of Kyza, Kid Genius, Lewis Parker, Karl Hinds, Delegates Of Culture, Skandal, Stylah, Assa and more... Plus some special guests repping the Midlands - Nippa, Chief & Pappa Doc aka the JVF Clique. We play through some of their forthcoming album 'Alternative Income', throw on a couple of exclusive joints, and get busy on the freestyle too. Enjoy peoplez...

April Playlist:

01> Sonny Jim - Suspect Packages Radio Show intro
02> Stylah - Please Listen - promo
03> Skandal feat.Brad Strut - Fuck A 9 To 5 - promo
04> Asaviour & DJ IQ feat.Kashmere - Complicity (God Head) - Saving Grace
05> Delegates Of Culture - Extra Over Equipped - School Bully promo
06> Karl Hinds - I'm In Love - Ill Flava Records promo
07> Kyza - Love & Music - Dented Records promo
08> Children Of The Damned - The Greatest Mystery Of All - Blah Records
09> Endemic feat.Masikah & M9 - Hypocrites - No Cure Records
10> Jyager feat.Jehst - The Session - YNR Productions
11> Kid Genius - Late Nights - Tactical Thinking promo
12> Lewis Parker feat.Steele - International Takeover - Dusty Vinyl promo
13> JVF Clique - Drugs Needs Kids - Clique Recordins
14> JVF Clique - Interview part 1
15> JVF Clique - Those Dudes - Clique Recordins
16> JVF Clique - Interview part 2
17> JVF Clique - Sitting Target - Clique Recordins
18> JVF Clique - Interview part 3
19> JVF Clique - Loose The Chains - Clique Recordins (Exclusive)
20> JVF Clique - Interview part 4
21> JVF Clique - Live session
22> JVF Clique - Diana Sniffing Coke Off Midgets Heads - Clique Recordins (Exclusive)
23> JVF Clique - Interview part 5
24> Rupert feat.Kope, Compound, King Kaiow, Oliver Sudden & Manage - South Of The River - Hear Today Records promo
25> Two Fingers feat.Sway - Straw Men - Big Dada Recordings
26> Big Narstie - I Can't Leave It Alone - promo
27> Ben One & B'Tol - 4.12 - promo
28> Assa - Superhero - Tactical Thinking promo
29> Profisee x Eprom - What It Seems - promo

>>> Download or stream the show by clicking here.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

UK Hustlerz Volume 1

Back in April 1996 I put together a mixtape to showcase just what was on offer from the UK's Hip Hop scene, no one seemed to be concentrating on our healthy Hip Hop scene in their mixtapes so as far as I’m aware it was probably the first commercially available mixtape of 100% UK material. Straight low budget style though, made with two turntables, a tape deck and a cd player. Spliced with exclusive freestyles to make it that little bit more unique this was the start of many more to come, little did I know just what it would spawn and how it would shape what I do now in the music industry...
I stumbled across a link this morning for the first in the series of the UK Hustlerz tapes, so I thought I’d share it with you, saves me a bit of time anyway. Ya can’t knock the hustle > 1996-2009...

download side A - UK Side
download side B - Hustlerz Side