Friday, 31 July 2009

Dark Circle - World Go Square

So my long time buddy Anik outta the team Dark Circle hit me up the other day with this little gem. Built on a shoe string budget and 'just for the hell of it', to get some of his political views across. It came out kinda fresh though, I'm feeling it, what u sayin?

It's nice to hear him back on the m.i.c. after relocating his life out to Iceland a few years back, big up bro, send us more!!...

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Ramson Badbonez & Chester P - part 2's...

You know the steez, two of the UK's finest right here, live from DJ Gone TV, part 2's from Ramson Badbonez and Chester P Hackenbush...

Monday, 20 July 2009

Phrase Mob, Disorda, Legoman & El Muddles this Saturday

Taking place this Saturday 25th @ The Fighting Cocks, Kingston, 56 London Road. Come down and get busy from 8pm, only £4 entry, with Phrase Mob, Legoman & El Muddles performing live, and myself, Disorda, on the dex...

Friday, 17 July 2009

Dominant G & Braintax freestyle '97

Here's some more freestyle action from the Max & Dave radio show on Kiss FM back in 1997, this time it's a Low Life Records affair with Dominant G (who at the time had just released 'The Whole Circumference EP' with Psychic Phenomena), and the one and only Braintax...

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The Nextmen 'Lions Den' ft.Ms Dynamite & Andy Cato

Check this new track from The Nextmen alongside Groove Armada's Andy Cato, would be interested to know what people think? Personally I think it's heavy and it bumped my head first thing this morning, the video is off the chain too. It features Ms Dynamite on vocals, and is lifted off Brad & Dom's forthcoming album 'Join The Dots' in August...

Monday, 13 July 2009

Jehst - exclusive...

DJ Gone catches Billy Brimstone on the acapella tip. YNR Productions 'Feeding Time At The Zoo' compilation out now...

Friday, 10 July 2009

Crate Classics Part 1 - Lords Of Rap

This is a new feature I'm gonna run on the blog looking at various artists that paved the way in the early days of the UK's Hip Hop scene. Not too much text as I don't have a lot of time, but most definatly the music and image scans...

First up is a South East London crew who released four 12"s back in the early 80's, and had a very strong stance on sounding British. They were MC Reu, Def G, Xtreme & GLK, aka Lords Of Rap.

I first heard of them on the BBC documentary 'Rapping - The Low Down' that aired around 1988/89, they caught my attention for 1.Looking fly as a crew all colour co-ordinated (yeah ok shell suits aren't that hot now, back back then, bwoy they were the lick). And 2.Sounding very unique, and British, you gotta remember that not a lot of crews took this stance back then, it was all new and exciting and everyone wanted to imitate the latest U.S. artist. Over here we were just realising we could rap in our own accent to stand out.

-BBC documentary 'Rapping - The Low Down' (featuring Lords Of Rap)-

So yeah there's a little flavour of what was going on with the Lords back then, repping Peckham to the fullest. As mentioned they sadly only released four 12"s, and from seeing them on 'The Low Down' film I made it my mission to seek out and buy everything they released...

This was their first outing on wax, which I only found by accident on the floor of in a very dusty record stall on a Lewisham market stall 6 years ago (now this has made me realise that the younger generation collecting their MP3 folders will have no memories like this of finding their music will they!). The 'Hip To House' track is kinda corny, and also featured on a Furious Fish Records compilation too. However the title track 'Lords Of Rap' shows them in their early development, with slightly yank twangs too. Still a dope cut though...

Next up was the 'In Effect' 12", which came in 3 mixes. I can remember the day I bought this too, it was at one of the early Southport South Weekenders many moons ago, one of the record stalls had it amongst some house tunes. Without knowing the track I picked it up and paid for it on the strength of the name Lords Of Rap, who I'd seen on TV recently...

Now i'm not sure which 12" came next, but by this time they'd hooked up a deal with the HUM label (Hardcore Urban Music), and their product came through this via their own (I think) Mad Dog imprint (which I recently found out had their offices in the same block in Camberwell that Suspect Packages used to operate out of), anyway... The 'Jazz It Up' 12" in 1991 came with the extra cut 'Where Are You Coming From?', however it was the title track that gained them some extra airplay and focus with its jazz fueled vibes...

They even performed it on Normski's 'Dance Energy' programme back in the day, this was the shit for those who remember it...

And finally there's the cream of the crop, for me anyway, the 'Stix N Stones EP'. The last official release they dropped and what a blinder it is. It was around the time CDs had just started making their way into stores and replacing vinyl, 'Where Does The Xtra 3 Quid Go?' deals with this issue, classic stuff. This 12" also came with a little cartoon 'Mad English' by Art Jazz, you can check it below with all the Lords Of Rap tracks mentioned above, enjoy, and educate ya'self...

Gotta give props to the Lords Of Rap for bringing some dope music into my life (and many others I imagine), I'm not sure what the rest of the crew are up to these days but Def G aka Soliheen is still active, hit us up bro. You must have some unreleased Lords Of Rap ya wanna play me?!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Micall Parknsun LP Launch

Taking place on the 24th of July, at Camden's Jazz Cafe, Micall Parknsun and YNR Productions present the 'First Second Time Around' album launch. Nuff special guests will be up inside the place, and Brad Strut will also be performing his new 'Fallout Shelter' EP...

The album drops on August the 17th and features production from M-Phazes, Apa-Tight, Ghosttown, LG, Jehst, Jaisu and Micall Parknsun himself. Here's a taster...

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Suspect Packages Radio Show

Here's the July edition of the 'Suspect Packages Radio Show', loads of new and forthcoming material in the playlist this month. Managed to play pretty much everything I wanted to, however it was a bit of a squeeze and could only have been done without having a special guest inside the place. And there were still new releases being sent to me right up to the last few minutes of recording, apologies, they'll just have to wait 'till next month...

This month there's new material from Kyza, Danny Spice, Orphans Of Cush, Rapskallions, Micall Parknsun, Karl Hinds, Loudmouth Melvin, Funky DL, Koaste, Inja and many moe yo. Some hefty releases around at the moment here in the UK. Check the playlist below and get the show for download or streaming at the bottom of this post. Enjoy it...

July Playlist:

01> Antiheroes - Suspect Packages Radio Show intro
02> Children Of The Damned & Brad Strut - Just Drink - Blah Records
03> TLG feat.Knownaim - What Lies Behind - Eat Good Records
04> Redbeard - DVD's (R2thabeatz Remix) - Eat Good Records
05> Micall Parknsun - All For Hip Hop (Jehst Remix) - YNR Productions promo
06> Kyza - It's Yours - Dented Records promo
07> Danny Spice - Sci Figh - Cog Records promo
08> Vecks feat.Teej - Perfection - Ido Productions
09> Orphans Of Cush - Reflections - promo
10> Funky DL - 1947 - BBE promo
11> London Allstars - London Convention (2009 remix) - BBE promo
12> Karl Hinds - Over 3 Years - Ill Flava Records promo
13> Tempa, Scor-Zay-Zee & Shifty Spirit - Bars On A Bass Drum N Snare - promo
14> The Rapskallions feat.Yosh & Vee-Kay - Higher - Sweatbox promo
15> Delegates Of Culture - Memories - School Bully
16> Koaste - Billy The Kid - Heroic Recordings promo
17> Elemental & Tom Caruana feat.Count Bass D - Pay Me A Visit - Tea Sea Records
18> Delusionists - To The Next... - Beats Laying About promo
19> Danny Spice - Money - Cog Records promo
20> Xidus Pain feat.Ready P - The Politcal Gangsterz - X-Ray Records
21> Percy Filth feat.Juice Aleem, Madflow & Lotek - Electronic Music - Eat Good Records
22> Brad Strut - Blastin' Em - Unkut Recordings
23> Dialect - No Guts No Glory - 1974 Records
24> Truth - Sideview - promo
25> Loudmouth Melvin - It's Not That - promo
26> Inja feat.Fallacy & Skinnyman - Hat Low (Mr Thing Remix) - IN promo
27> DVA feat.Badness, Riko, Flowdan & Killa P - Bullet A Go Fly (Dusk & Blackdown Remix) - promo
28> Kyza - Go (Bar9 Remix) - Dented Records promo
29> Kyza - Go - Dented Records promo
30> Professor Green - Upper Clapton Dance - Green Music promo
31> Charlie Sloth feat.Rodney P & Killa Benz - We Run Everything - promo
32> Karl Hinds feat.Jeff3, Iceman & Serocee - Don't Make Me Do It - Ill Flava Records promo
33> The Rapskallions - Dreamscape - Sweatbox promo
34> Yung - Level Up - MKD Recordings
35> Jyager - Actors In The Frame - YNR Productions
36> Instinct - Michael Jackson Tribute - promo

You can download or stream the show by clicking here...

Or stream in two parts from the mixcloud players below...

Friday, 3 July 2009

Ramson Badbonez, Skandal & DJ Gone live footage from Plymouth.

Big up to Stoner Si for this one! Footage taken from the 'Top Billin' night @ the White Rabbit in Plymouth as part of the 9-5 Tour...

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Skandal & Chester P for

Big Skandal reppin large once again for Hunger Pains mixtape dropping soon, get to know.

And here's the monster Chessa Chess fully locked...