Sunday, 30 May 2010

Banana Klan - Test Tape: Klandestiny Series One

Yet more goodness from Roots Manuva & the Banana Klan team...

Test Tape: Klandestiny series one

Klandestiny podcast/promo tape by Banana Klan

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Roots Manuva's Banana Klan Ball

Gotta give a shout to Roots Manuva, Gordon G and the whole Banana Klan crew, currently creating an audio dubwise movement to move many mountains... Here you can see and hear the full whole crew in effect (well, most of them) at Dub College, Roots Manuva's birthday Banana Klan Ball a few months back, big tings big vibes. The highlight here has to be Seanie T & Manuva going in on 'Highest Grade' off the 'Run Come Save Me' album...

The BK All Stars:

Roots Manuva - Vocalist
Ricky Ranking - Vocalist
Amaziree - Vocalist
Seanie T - Vocalist
Kope - Vocalist
Ellie Mae - Vocalist
Ahmos - Vocalist
Greg Bowyer - Double Bass
Sophie Haloway - Drums
Peru - Saxophone
Johnny ball - Trumpet
Theo Gordon - Wagga Station
Gibbs - Keyboard
Mark Shaffer - Guitar
Lee Chenery AKA Jawa - DJ

Ben-One 'Pressure Sensitive EP'

Here's a sick release from Bristol's Ben-One for you to download, some crunchy beats & bass topped off with a dope piece of graf and Ben pissing in the corner, nice, the 'Pressure Sensitive EP', enjoy...


Kal Sereousz 'Da Da Da' video & album news

Yes my peoples, make sure you keep ya heads on look out for the debut album from Phobia crew emcee Kal Sereousz outta East London. It's dropping as a free download on the 1st July, with possible hard copy's at a later stage. It's entitled 'Terrorist City: Beta Version', produced by Chemo, Jon Phonics, Kelakovski, Kai-Zen, Torino the Scientist, Smokey and Kal himself. Features include Mystro, Ramson Badbonez and DM, with cuts from DJ Moodie.
Having checked the full length masterpiece I can assure you this is one to reach out for, some proper indepth, precise and fully executed rhymes layered over some very impressive beats, nice concepts and overall a sick sick package. I'm very excited about this album... Here's a video for one of the tracks, 'Da Da Da', and make sure you check next months radio show for some exclusive heat from said album...

Following this Kal is recording a mixtape, a new full length LP and a remix album, these all being well will be physical material, you know, the kind you can hold and look at...

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

F.U.TV, Guest Bars, Episode 1: Monster Under The Bed

Big Stig unleashes his 'guest bars' series for F.U. TV, Episode 1 features Monster Under The Bed. COTD crew...

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Sean Price - Let Me Tell You (prod.Beat Butcha)

Arrgh yeah, check it, our very own Beat Butcha gets cracking with Sean Price outta the Duck Down camp, he's one of the illest there is... Here B laces P with a sick Russian manoeuvre, 'Let Me Tell You' is lifted off Sean Price's forthcoming 'Mic Tyson' album. Butcha has more heat on the album, plus joints coming with Tony Yayo, and also for Havoc's album too, amongst others... gwan!!!

"Hell yeah i deck bitches... Chris Brown"

Monday, 24 May 2010

TY on music addiction & Special Kind Of Fool

If you've been sleeping on TY's latest album 'Special Kind Of Fool' then shame on you, shit's some ground breaking business yo, support it, please...

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Mr Loop 'Music From the Tanhauser Gate'

Sweatbox Sounds have unleashed a free album from the one like Mr Loop, s'kinda nice too, had me up an' moving this morning... 'Music From the Tanhauser Gate' features Dr Syntax, Yosh, Zoo Mark, Ben Black, Slippa, Chattabox, Rick Fury, Samuel Otis, Super Dirtie, Tellah & Phaze One. A real dope release, even more so as it's free...

<a href="">Entrée by Mr Loop</a>

Look out for a potential CD release from Mr Loop later this year with the Kojak Bros (Humble Pious, Reminisce and J-Soles)...

There's also another freebie from Samuel Otis & Chattabox, 'Stupid O' Clock', the pre cursor to the 'Hard Graft' album, featuring the talents of B'Tol, Rola, Dialect, Bane (No Pretense) & Chief Wigz, among others. However I can't get it to download, apologies. Here's the link to the Sweatbox Sounds website to try ya'self...

Sonny Jim 'Purple Patch pt.2'

As if Part 1 wasn't dope enough, Sonny Jim follows up with 'Purple Patch Part 2', an Apa-Tight produced beast of a track...

Clean Version - Click here to download, right click and save
Dirty Version - Click here to download, right click and save

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

LDZ '8 Bar Grind' + new mixtape coming...

Check out this new London Zoo jammie lifted off their forthcoming 'Brainstorm' mixtape, it's entitled '8 Bar Grind' and features Verbal, Stig Of The Dump, Dubbledge, Ill Legit, Illaman, Foreign Beggars & Taskforce. This mixtape will be dropping at the end of the month, closely followed by their debut album...

Suspect Packages Live pix

Major props to anyone that passed through on Friday, to Delusionists & Phi-Life Cypher for lacing the stage with some stellar performances, also shouts to DJ LoK & Ria for the support on this one. 'Till next month...

Friday, 14 May 2010

Black Einstein feat.Mystro & Kyza - Steppin'

Grab it while ya can, Black Einstein has just let off this heater featuring Mystro & Kyza called 'Steppin', sampling Bell Biv Devoe's classic swingbeat joint 'Poison' in full effect... pow!

<a href="">STEPPIN' (CLEAN) by Black Einstein</a>

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Scor-Zay-Zee 'Raging Bull' mixtape

Big Scorz with his all new mixtape gearing up for his debut solo album 'Peace To The Puzzle', here's 'Raging Bull'. 18 Tracks in all, plus two hidden gems, some jacked beats, and some other original productions from Scorz & Nally, Configa, K Classic, Nick Stez, Illmana & Juga-Naut (the latter also features vocally, and he's tight). All in all, this is dope. Best to get ya click on...

Fused Forces - Future Dubsteppers Vol.1

Here's some tidy Dubstep business for ya, a dope mix from Fused Forces...

Future Dubsteppers Vol 1 Mixed By Fused Forces by deathbydub

01 - Mr MaDJestyk - Dub Hangover - Crazy Rabbit Recs - Out Now
02 - Death By Dub - Earth Song - Out May 28th
03 - Rawtee - Jetpack - Real Recs - REALEP001 - Free download - Out Now
04 - B Ridge - ContraBand - Crazy Rabbit Recs - Out Now
05 - Fused Forces - Who You Dealing With - Forthcoming On Substance Abuse Recs
06 - Rawtee - Mantis Fist - Real Recs - REALEP001 - Free download - Out Now
07 - Funktion - Virus - Sub Dirt Recs - Out Now
08 - B Ridge - Monk-E - Crazy Rabbit Recs - Out Now
09 - Funktion - Panic Attack - Sub Dirt Recs - Out Now
10 - Fused Forces - K-Hole - Forthcoming On Substance Abuse Recs
11 - Judgement Productions - Di Earth - Death By Dub Remix - Crazy Rabbit Recs - Out May 28th
12 - Fused Forces - Tropical - Dubplate
13 - Death By Dub - Meet Me Halfway - Out May 28th
14 - Death By Dub - The Way I R - Battle Katz Vol 4 - Free Download - Out Now
15 - Dub Rucka - Split Lip - Crazy Rabbit Recs - Out Now
16 - Pogman - Skecthing Out - Sub Dirt Recs
17 - Robozaudz - SafeAsFuck - Sub Dirt Recs - Out Now
18 - Waltz - Weak Ass Bitch - Sub Dirt Recs - Out Now
19 - Death By Dub - Forever Young - Dubplate
20 - Mr MaDJestyk - The Wobble - Crazy Rabbit Recs - Out Now

Monday, 10 May 2010

May's 'Suspect Packages Radio Show' with special guest Iron Braydz

Hittin' up the world wide webwaves for another two hour session. This month the one like Iron Braydz is live inside the session talking on his 'Devil May Cry' project, dropping some new material from his forthcoming release on ya, and also lacing the mic with some fresh spittage...

Elsewhere there's also brand new heat from the forthcoming Skitz album, a sick new Roots Manuva cut, plus lots more new material from Cappo, Mystro & Jargon, Rhyme Asylum, Tigerstyle & Jehst, Shifty Spirit, Invisible Inc, Delusionists, Jon Phonics, Fused Forces, Jack Flash and more...

> Download or stream this months two hour show by hitting up this link.

Or you can play the show on the Mixcloud player below >

May 2010 Playlist:

01> Delusionists - Suspect Packages Radio Show intro
02> Roots Manuva – Snake Bite / Banana Klan
03> Tigerstyle feat.Jehst – Way Ahead Of Ya / promo
04> Skitz feat.Rodney P – Never / Dragon Drop Records promo
05> Rhyme Asylum – Next Level / Rhyme Asylum Records
06> P.R. feat.Mystro, Jargon & DJ Thor – Aight Den / PdotR Music
07> Ty feat.D-Cross – I Get Up / BBE
08> Invisible Inc feat.Asaviour & Devorah - Paradise / Musicforheads
09> Shifty Spirit – It’s Been A While / CRS promo
10> Delusionists – Nature’s Way / Beats Laying About
11> Jon Phonics feat.Masikah – Rabbit Jab / YNR Productions
12> Jon Phonics feat.Fliptrix, Sonny Jim, Ramson Badbonez & Verb T – Pump / YNR Productions
13> Salvo feat.Chester P & Kashmere – The Info (Remix) / King Kong Holding Company promo
14> Iron Braydz – Interview part 1
15> Iron Braydz feat.M9 – Devils Death Day
16> Iron Braydz – Interview part 2
17> Iron Braydz – Hyped Up
18> Iron Braydz – Interview part 3
19> Iron Braydz feat.Guilty Simpson & Sav Kills – Savin’ Artillary (Original Version)
20> Iron Braydz – Interview part 4
21> Iron Braydz – Mic Molester Freestyle
22> Iron Braydz – Interview part 5
23> Iron Braydz – D.M.C. Devil May Cry
23> Iron Braydz – Live Freestyle
24> IQ Productions - IQ Productions meets Kope / Banana Klan
25> Skitz feat.L Dot Man – Diamonds & Gold / Dragon Drop Records promo
26> Fused Forces – Muddy Pauper / promo
27> Reggiimental feat.Rukus & Ras Supa – Far Away / Rusty Jukebox promo
28> Mowgli feat.Jamm Baxter – Six Stages / Dodeca Records
29> Cappo – Tighten Your Grip / Akai Professionals promo
30> Jack Flash – Writing On The Wall / Jack Flash Music

Tempa, Scor-Zay-Zee & Shifty Spirit - Bars on a Bass Drum N Snare

Big tings... Tempa, Scor-Zay-Zee & Shirty Spirit - 'Bars on a Bass Drum N Snare'

Sunday, 9 May 2010

184 'Robots' video

Now THIS I need to rock on a kick ass system very soon, loving it! Not so sure about the video though, kinda random? And the vacume cleaner could do with a bigger part I feel... 'Robots' from Brighton's 184.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Uncle Dicky 'Neighbourhood Star' remix

Flash Fry Records will be dropping a new album this coming Monday, it's coming from Uncle Dicky aka Freecy D, titled 'The Drunken Uncle' and produced by Biji Talls. We have a free download for ya right here...

'Neighbourhood Star (Remix)' feat.Witchdoctor Wise

Catch the full FF crew at the launch party tomorrow night.

Braintax 'D90 Rules' (Asaviour Remix)

Big dawg Asaviour flips up the 'D90 Rules' jam from Braintax right here, bringing something totally different to the original b-boys breaks that Brains' bought to the mix. It's nice to get a different flip on it tho, download here yo.

Braintax - D90 Rules (Savvy Remix)byhypedog2

Big ups to Hypedog for the headz up...

Paul White featuring Guilty Simpson 'Ancient Treasure'

As South London producer Paul White gears up for this new album 'Paul White & The Purple Brain', dropping in June via One-Handed Music/Now-Again Records, he's delivered a free download of this new joint 'Ancient Treasure' that Detroits' Guilty Simpson has jumped on...

<a href="">Ancient Treasure ft Guilty Simpson by Paul White</a>

The full package contains two other mixes from Paul, plus instrumentals. You can cop them all via the Bandcamp page, or wait 'till the album drops as the first 1000 copies will contain a bonus 12" with all these mixes on, bonus.

Here's my pick anyway, the 'Assumin' Remix'.