Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Seanie T feat.Little Hero 'Pon Da Corner'

Loving this new jammie from the one like Seanie T, coming correct fi years! A joint entitled 'Pon Da Corner' featuring Little Hero, produced by Chemo aka Telemachus. It's lifted off Seanie T's forthcoming 'Scribes Of A Vercitillian' album...

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Lewis Parker - Dangerous Adventures EP

Dangerous Adventures preview by Lewis Parker

Dropping soon via The World Of Dusty Vinyl & King Underground will be a limited 5 track hand numbered vinyl EP from Lewis Parker entitled 'Dangerous Adventures'. It features the likes of Planet Asia, Vast Aire, John Robinson, Tah Born, Killa Sha, TRAC, Sav Kills & Baron. And will be coming with full instrumentals too, usual high quality production & rhymes from the SP master LP. And if the recent vinyl pressing of his current album is anything to go by, we suggest immediate purchase if you don't wanna miss out...

Monday, 28 March 2011

Trellion & Sniff ft. Figment - Who Cares

More visual heat from Trellion & Sniff and the forthcoming 'Parker Place Sagas Part 3', props...

Profisee - Logan's Run EP

Scottish label Phuturelabs drop you a tidy likkle ep from emcee Profisee. Teamed up with beats from Ninja Tune's Poirer, Glasgow's finest - S-Type, Amsterdam's Process Rebel and mysterious Glasgow producer Scharkz. A mixture of styles onboard here and Prof handles 'em with ease, always liked his flow, 'tis nice yo. Grab the lot here, or below...

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Bill Shakes - Light It Up (Prod. Lee Scott)

Lifted off the ill ep 'For Goodness Shakes', Mr Bill Shakes lights it up...

Friday, 25 March 2011

1210 Apperal 'Roots' t-shirt, and Technics Headshell bottle opener

Limited stock of these bad boys now available at Suspect Packages...

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Enlish 'Brain Basher'

Some complex grimery from Enlish, 'Brain Basher', produced by Scizzahz AKA Jack Torrents...

"i just, needed time to think things over... you've had your whole fu@*ing life!... to think things over"

Monday, 21 March 2011

Cyrus Malachi - The Isis Papers Vol.2

Here's the second offering from Cyrus Malachi before his debut album drops next month. The all new 'Isis Papers Vol.2' mixtape. A killer set that also features the newer members of the mighty Triple Darkness team, spliced and diced by Evil Ed. This truly is some high grade Hip Hop, fully recommended, as is the album, nex level biz...


1) LDN Mentlity (Ft M9)
2) Scavengers Daughter (Ft Solar Black & Black Prophet)
3) The Wars Of Gods And Men
4) The Colour Of Water (Ft RayVendetta & Tesla's Ghost)
5) Kamikaze (Ft Blasphemy & M9)
6) Redemption 2 (Ft Neter Roots & Crown Nectar)
7) 1000 Cut Torture 2 (Ft Tesla's Ghost)
8) Thugs Prayer Freestyle (Ft RayVendetta & Blasphemy)
9) Tiberian Sun (Ft VA, Blasphemy & Black Prophet)
10) Abattoir (Ft M9)
11) Black Skin, White Mask
12) Snow Freestyle (Blasphemy solo)
13) Arsenic (Ft Solar Black & Black Prophet)
14) Paradise Lost
15) Who Cried For The Little Boy

And here's the video for the first single 'Native Son' lifted off the 'Ancient Future' album, dropping April 11th via No Cure Records.

Telemachus ft.Roc Marciano - Scarecrows

Available now while stocks last, the limited edition 7" heat from Telemachus ft.Roc Marciano... Lifted off his forthcoming album 'In The Evening', nuff said.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Ricko Capito - Lock & Load (mixed by DJ Harry Love)

Blap blap! Here's the debut mixtape from Ricko Capito, entitled 'Lock & Load' and mixed by the one like Harry Love featuring production from Harry's younger bro Jetsun 24/7, Haka & N.I.Q.

A full bodied release showcasing Ricko's gruff flow in fine form, he kills it here, really feeling this emcee. Download and get to know now, and keep a look out for 'Headtop Seazon: Point Blank' dropping in June...

Here's 'Smile In My Face' lifted off the mixtape, produced by N.I.Q.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Suspect Packages Live > Scorzayzee & Inkrument

Back for another dose of liveness on Friday the 8th of April, we have a Nottingham showdown, representing on stage will be...

Known for his multi-syllabic style and political view points he caused controversy in 2003 with his P-Brothers produced cut 'Great Britain' - a scathing response to the Iraqi war and hypocrisy amongst the country's elite. Many believe this to be his masterpiece. This was an anti-establishment rant against the Queen, Tony Blair, the B.N.P., Freemasons and a few other people he threw into the equation. It gained him plenty of attention, getting picked up by Radio 1, 1xtra and even more hysterically the Daily Telegraph. Watch for this and more off his forthcoming album 'Peace To The Puzzle'.

Scorzayzee - Luv Me ( Exclusive Video) from Mista Jam on Vimeo.

The kids who brought you 'Rrrare' a Beatbox, Rap and Scratch Combo, Inkrument inject the styles of Hip Hops golden era carrying the good vibes akin to The Pharcyde, De La Soul and People Under the Stairs.

Plus residents Disorda & DJ LoK dropping Hip Hop & Reggae pressure...

All taking place @ Vibe Live (upstairs @ Vibe Bar), Brick Lane, London, E1. Kicking off at 8pm, and ending at 1am. It's free entry if you reach the downstairs bar at Vibe before 8pm, and £4 thereafter.



> Also, downstairs for extra flavour, former DMC Champ Mr Thing & fellow DJ and vinyl enthusiast JP join forces for their Monthly throwdown of all things good from their extensive record collections - 'Thing Fridays'. Expect everything from your favourite anthems to the super rare gems they have unearthed over the years - Hip Hop, Funk, Soul and everything inbetween!

The Animal of Anham All Asylum

Here's something a little different, from the ashes of the Transcript Carriers, Undivided Attention, Parlour Talk and many more disguises, comes Scoutleader Deed & Majesta aka Dr Marc Carmichael and Mr Phil Wellgo, as the Anham All Asylum. A crazy place where the door closes upon entering, and never opens again, apparently...

Here's more of an insight into the goings on below, and what's to come on a forthcoming EP.

A Promotional film created by Dar' Shawn for the 'league of friends' of Anham All Asylum. A curious tape was Recently found in our lovely, if not a bit harrowing, Mental Health Establishment situated here in the rolling hills of South Gloucestershire, UK. Believed to have been made by patients as yet unknown at some undisclosed time in the last century (judging by their efforts) A curious blend of Traditional Hip Hop, Gratuitous Orating, and Puzzling Attitudes. Leading our scholars to be led, somewhat up the garden path and has sent a couple of the more 'Guilty' ones up the bridge. It's now up to you.

Thank you

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Suspect Packages Live flix...

Big ups to all who reached, performed, and made it lively. Apologies Life MC couldn't make it, get well soon bro! Shout to Dirty Dike, Jam Baxter, Fliptrix, Ronnie Bosh, Stig Of The Dump, Mr Key, Ed Scissortongue, Leaf Dog, Bva MC, DJ Nappa, Si Philli, MCM, Inja, MC Mell'O', DJ LoK and a shit load of others I can't remember?!... 'till nex month.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Cyrus Malachi - Ancient Future (pre-order)

Cyrus Malachi's debut album 'Ancient Future'. Available now for pre-order... Fully recommended, here's another jammie to sample, 'Master Builders' Ft Bronze Nazareth, Kevlaar 7 & June Megladon (Prod Endemic).

Cyrus Malachi - Master Builders Ft Bronze Nazareth, Kevlaar 7 & June Megladon (Prod Endemic) by nocurerecords

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Dub Chronicles - March 2011

Download or stream from, or listen from the Mixcloud player below. Reach Extra Classic on the 1st of April if you're liking the steez here. Enjoy, one L.

March 2011 Playlist:

01> beenie man & luciano – crazy baldhead
02> yami bolo feat.bounty killer – willow tree
03> buju banton & beres hammond – who say
04> beres hammond – double trouble
05> freddie mcgregor – ease off
06> johnny osbourne – no icecream sound
07> nitty gritty – good morning teacher
08> super black – deh wid you
09> barrington levy – prison oval rock
10> brigadier jerry – jamaica jamaica
11> boogie down productions – reggae medley
12> nitty gritty – lightning clap
13> sleepy wonder & jingo – fade away
14> courtney melody – ninja mi ninja
15> kenny knots – run come call me
16> wayne marshall – gunshot
17> ramon judah – truth & rights
18> cornadoor – world inna crisis
19> richie spice – my life
20> dub from atlantis feat.celestine – silly little things
21> roots manuva & wrongtom – proper tings juggled
22> lotek – rudest dude
23> assassin – nowadays boopsie
24> busy signal – dem huh care
25> elephant man – whine
26> romain virgo – live mi life
27> jah mason – fire 2011
28> ward 21 – jump & skip
29> jr. banton – daggadang
30> dr. ring ding – polish vodka
31> courtney john – love is
32> fiona – need you know
33> glen washington – match made in heaven
34> lloyd brown – another sunday
35> king banton – you don’t need me
36> alton ellis – why
37> freddie mckay – you are not the kind
38> carlton & the shoes – i’ve got soul
39> pioneers – my love
40> motion – walk on by
41> janet kay – you bring the sun out

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Telemachus ft. Roc Marciano - Scarecrows

First aired on the radio show a couple of months back, Chemo aka Telemachus featuring Roc Marciano, limited edition 7" 'Scarecrows' coming on YNR Productions. Pre-order available from Suspect Packages when the official date is set is stone...

Enlish - Come On (produced by Wizard)

Big ups to Enlish (aka Big Dave), finally getting round to putting his debut album out, in fact not one, but two are coming, 'Cold Lazarus' and 'Rap Ain't Real, My Life Is Real', via F.U. Music. Having served suckers down in Brighton for a long time, he's now residing in the big smoke, not only carving his own brand of witty punchline, observational rap out, but touring with Dr Syntax & Stig Of The Dump. Anyway, he's nice with his, here's a free download to get crunk to, 'Come On' produced by the one like Wizard.

Come On (Prod. Wizard) by Enlish AKA Big Dave LO

Watch for the debut single 'Arrogance Is Bliss' coming soon, produced by Ido and featuring Sean Price, Stig Of The Dump & DJ Manipulate...

Monday, 7 March 2011

Sonnyjim 'Purple Patch 4' video, and full EP.

Sonnyjim delivers the forth and final part of the mighty 'Purple Patch EP', featuring production from Apatight this time round. Niceness, as ever. Gotta say he's killed it on every single one of these Purple Patch tracks, and so have the producers and video editors/camera bods, top marks. Cop the full set below and look out for 'The Psychonaut' album coming to us soon...

P.S. What record spot is this? Need to get my hands dusty in that bitch!

Friday, 4 March 2011

Lee Ramsay & Donnie Propa - The Best Of Lee Ramsay - Hosted By Cappo

Shout to Donnie Propa up in Notts, he's not only hit us up with this fresh mixtape of Lee Ramsay material, hosted by the one like Cappo. But he's also laced us with a batch of free CDs to add to customer orders, his 'Skillsmen Mixtape' of Cappo material, and a 3 track EP from Heavy Links. Watch out now... Oh yeah, look out for the Sonnyjim mixtape coming too 'The Late Checkout'.


1. Why Is It ? (Out Da Ville - Life 12inch)
2. Were Not In Em (Joe Buhdha - Escape To Victory 12inch)
3. Earth, Wind + Fire (Out Da Ville - Notts Property EP)
4. 3 Wise Men (Out Da Ville - 3 Wise Men - White Label)
5. Bang Yer Head (Mr. Thing Remix) (DJ Vadim - Y2K 12inch)
6. Rock The House (P Brothers - Heavy Bronx Experience Vol.5 - A New Era)
7. Already Know (Exclusive)
8. Conspiracy Theories Online (Remix) (Exclusive)
9. Lights, Camera, Action (Exclusive)
10. City Scape (Exclusive)
11. Oh My Dayz (Out Da Ville - Notts Property EP)
12. No Strings (Out Da Ville - White Label)
13. Mindstates, Moods + Differences (Out Da Ville - Blood, Sweat + Tearz 12inch)
14. Bro - N - X Intro (P Brothers - Heavy Bronx Experience Vol. 2 - Nottingham Bronx)
15. Eagles (Endemic + Cappo - The Needle Drop EP)
16. The Beginning Of The End (with Scorzayzee) (Speaking In Tongues Compilation)
17. Blood, Sweat + Tearz (with Karizma) (Out Da Ville - Blood, Sweat + Tearz 12inch)
18. Verbal Latitude (Cappo - The Resilience EP)

Jabba Tha Kut feat.Oliver Twist 'UK Flashback'

Big big shout to my brother from anutha mutha Oliver Twist, he's just let off a taster of whats to come from some new solo material. For those not knowing we used to roll together in a crew called Intelligent Maddness.

Here's 'UK Flashback' produced by Jabba The Kut, it's all about the name check, 1, 2. And yes, you will be having more from Oliver Twist soon, see what I did there...


Suspect Packages Radio Show

Back for another two hour smashathon of the UK's finest Hip Hop, this month there's new material from Salar, Ricko Capito, Bva MC, Oliver Sudden & The Lazy Technician, The Planets & more. Plus we take it back with a quick fire History of UK Hip Hop mix, taking in some of the finest vinyl releases from around 1987-1993. The likes of Jus Badd, Stone Risk, Dynamic MC's, Rough Element, 2 The Top, Dominant Force and many more, enjoy!

Download or play this months show by hittin' up Sensei.FM, or play from the Mixcloud player below >

March playlist:

01> children of the damned – suspect packages radio show into
02> salar – persian rugged
03> bva mc feat.leaf dog – love the sound
04> michal cimala & obba supa feat.radimo – wamp
05> trellion & sniff – when the storm hits
06> wizard feat.kal sereousz – can’t stop me
07> naïve beat - interlude
08> ricko capito – the nucleus freestyle
09> phoenix da icefire – diamond effect
10> spida lee – put yo fists up
11> wizard feat.sonnyjim – 99%
12> bva mc feat.leaf dog – forever we will be
13> michal cimala & obba supa feat.radimo – electro cowboys
14> oliver sudden & the lazy technician – not feeling it
15> the planets – pray
16> fresh ski & mo rock – down to the a.m.
17> mc mell’o’ – our time
18> mc mell’o’ – voodoo kahn
19> silver bullet – guns of mind alone
--------- history of uk hip hop mix ---------
20> greedy beat syndicate – this is London
21> the rebel mc – cockney rhythm
22> london posse – london posse
23> stone risk – this is stone risk
24> jus badd – free style
25> gunshot – nobody move!
26> richie rich & bello b – gifted with the vocab
27> demon boyz – glimity glamity
28> hijack – style warriors revenge
29> dominant force – when we flex
30> rough element – reflex action
31> overlord x – rough in hackney
32> mc mell’o’ – words spoken
33> mc mell’o’ – comin’ correct
34> trouble – I get hype
35> 2 the top – score 2 settle
36> cookie crew – crews gone mad
37> mighty ethnic – free style
38> top billin’ – straight from the soul
39> stingray – project x
40> hardnoise – serve tea, then murder
41> standing ovation – onslaught
42> d to the k – hard but live
43> dynamic mc’s – I feel dynamic
44> caveman – pages and pages
45> cash crew – ghetto circumstances
46> outlaw – sons of the devil

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Trellion & Sniff - The House and the Brain

Here ya go, a 15 minute ride through the minds of Trellion & Sniff and the Parker Place Sagas - episode 2 - 'The House and the Brain'. Good stuff, dunno how I missed episode 1, sorry...

1. The house and the brain
2. Sunny side down
3. Red Jungle
4. Pistol shot
5. Banana cake
6. Dunk biscuit
7. Delf obsessed
8. To the cemetery

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Ricko Capito remix of CeeLo Green's 'Bodies'

Looking forward to this dropping mid March, Ricko Capito's 'Lock & Load' mixtape, sliced by Harry Love. Here's a taster of one of the tracks, a remix of CeeLo Green's 'Bodies'...

Leaf Dog beats & free track

Producer/emcee Leaf Dog aka Lord Balrog has hit us up with some very impressive productions he's churned out recently. This young producer has steadily, yet also very speedily, built up a solid cliental for his beats, not only uk sides, but stateside too. Check out this free download he's also featuring on, alongide fellow 3 Amigo member BVA MC. It's entitled 'The Incredibles' by Beast 1333 ft.Ras Kass, Leaf Dog, Bva Mc & Dj Trickalome...

Bonus heater... Lifted off Kool G Rap's recently released 'Offer You Can't Refuse' EP, 'Baggin In Da Spot', big look. Keep em coming Balrog!