Friday, 18 March 2011

The Animal of Anham All Asylum

Here's something a little different, from the ashes of the Transcript Carriers, Undivided Attention, Parlour Talk and many more disguises, comes Scoutleader Deed & Majesta aka Dr Marc Carmichael and Mr Phil Wellgo, as the Anham All Asylum. A crazy place where the door closes upon entering, and never opens again, apparently...

Here's more of an insight into the goings on below, and what's to come on a forthcoming EP.

A Promotional film created by Dar' Shawn for the 'league of friends' of Anham All Asylum. A curious tape was Recently found in our lovely, if not a bit harrowing, Mental Health Establishment situated here in the rolling hills of South Gloucestershire, UK. Believed to have been made by patients as yet unknown at some undisclosed time in the last century (judging by their efforts) A curious blend of Traditional Hip Hop, Gratuitous Orating, and Puzzling Attitudes. Leading our scholars to be led, somewhat up the garden path and has sent a couple of the more 'Guilty' ones up the bridge. It's now up to you.

Thank you

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