Friday, 4 March 2011

Lee Ramsay & Donnie Propa - The Best Of Lee Ramsay - Hosted By Cappo

Shout to Donnie Propa up in Notts, he's not only hit us up with this fresh mixtape of Lee Ramsay material, hosted by the one like Cappo. But he's also laced us with a batch of free CDs to add to customer orders, his 'Skillsmen Mixtape' of Cappo material, and a 3 track EP from Heavy Links. Watch out now... Oh yeah, look out for the Sonnyjim mixtape coming too 'The Late Checkout'.


1. Why Is It ? (Out Da Ville - Life 12inch)
2. Were Not In Em (Joe Buhdha - Escape To Victory 12inch)
3. Earth, Wind + Fire (Out Da Ville - Notts Property EP)
4. 3 Wise Men (Out Da Ville - 3 Wise Men - White Label)
5. Bang Yer Head (Mr. Thing Remix) (DJ Vadim - Y2K 12inch)
6. Rock The House (P Brothers - Heavy Bronx Experience Vol.5 - A New Era)
7. Already Know (Exclusive)
8. Conspiracy Theories Online (Remix) (Exclusive)
9. Lights, Camera, Action (Exclusive)
10. City Scape (Exclusive)
11. Oh My Dayz (Out Da Ville - Notts Property EP)
12. No Strings (Out Da Ville - White Label)
13. Mindstates, Moods + Differences (Out Da Ville - Blood, Sweat + Tearz 12inch)
14. Bro - N - X Intro (P Brothers - Heavy Bronx Experience Vol. 2 - Nottingham Bronx)
15. Eagles (Endemic + Cappo - The Needle Drop EP)
16. The Beginning Of The End (with Scorzayzee) (Speaking In Tongues Compilation)
17. Blood, Sweat + Tearz (with Karizma) (Out Da Ville - Blood, Sweat + Tearz 12inch)
18. Verbal Latitude (Cappo - The Resilience EP)

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