Monday, 21 March 2011

Cyrus Malachi - The Isis Papers Vol.2

Here's the second offering from Cyrus Malachi before his debut album drops next month. The all new 'Isis Papers Vol.2' mixtape. A killer set that also features the newer members of the mighty Triple Darkness team, spliced and diced by Evil Ed. This truly is some high grade Hip Hop, fully recommended, as is the album, nex level biz...


1) LDN Mentlity (Ft M9)
2) Scavengers Daughter (Ft Solar Black & Black Prophet)
3) The Wars Of Gods And Men
4) The Colour Of Water (Ft RayVendetta & Tesla's Ghost)
5) Kamikaze (Ft Blasphemy & M9)
6) Redemption 2 (Ft Neter Roots & Crown Nectar)
7) 1000 Cut Torture 2 (Ft Tesla's Ghost)
8) Thugs Prayer Freestyle (Ft RayVendetta & Blasphemy)
9) Tiberian Sun (Ft VA, Blasphemy & Black Prophet)
10) Abattoir (Ft M9)
11) Black Skin, White Mask
12) Snow Freestyle (Blasphemy solo)
13) Arsenic (Ft Solar Black & Black Prophet)
14) Paradise Lost
15) Who Cried For The Little Boy

And here's the video for the first single 'Native Son' lifted off the 'Ancient Future' album, dropping April 11th via No Cure Records.

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