Wednesday, 1 April 2009

UK Hustlerz Volume 1

Back in April 1996 I put together a mixtape to showcase just what was on offer from the UK's Hip Hop scene, no one seemed to be concentrating on our healthy Hip Hop scene in their mixtapes so as far as I’m aware it was probably the first commercially available mixtape of 100% UK material. Straight low budget style though, made with two turntables, a tape deck and a cd player. Spliced with exclusive freestyles to make it that little bit more unique this was the start of many more to come, little did I know just what it would spawn and how it would shape what I do now in the music industry...
I stumbled across a link this morning for the first in the series of the UK Hustlerz tapes, so I thought I’d share it with you, saves me a bit of time anyway. Ya can’t knock the hustle > 1996-2009...

download side A - UK Side
download side B - Hustlerz Side

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