Saturday, 28 February 2009

Suspect Packages Radio Show with guest Chester P...

Yes folks, it's that time again, another fresh dose of UK flavour for ya ear. This month we drop brand new heat from the likes of Skandal, Wordsmith, Dead Residents, Jyager, Percy Filth, Salvo, Two Fingers, Kid Genius, Asaviour & DJ IQ, Joe Kovacs, Respek BA, Assa and more. Plus we extend the flavour this month with some new and forthcoming titles into Suspect Packages on the instrumental flex from Floating Points, Harmonic 313, Hudson Mohawke, Letherette, Ghost & Bullion up in the mix...
And finally we round it all off with our special guest this month, the one and only Chester P, talking sense and dropping some fresh rhymes & poetry, check checka.

>>> Download or stream the show by clicking this.

March Playlist:

01> Sonny Jim - Suspect Packages Radio Show intro
02> Wordsmith - Nomad 2 - Def Ethics
03> Kid Genius - 10 Steps - Tactical Thinking Ent. promo
04> Dead Residents - Champion Sound - Dial Up Records
05> Salvo feat.Chester P & Kashmere - The Info - King Kong Holding Co. promo
06> Asaviour & DJ IQ feat.Jehst - The Gatheround - Saving Grace Music promo
07> Dead Residents - Smash Robot vs Pacman Ghost - Dial Up Records
08> Harmonic 313 - Call To Arms - Warp Records
09> Floating Points - Shangrilla - Eglo Records
10> Ghost - Feel Pain - Breakin Bread Records promo
11> Joe Kovacs - Non Serviam - Twelve Labours
12> Jyager - Crystal Mirrors - YNR Productions promo
13> Percy Filth feat.Sonny Jim, Foreign Beggars & DJ Weetamix - Out To Getcha - Eat Good/Aerosolik Records promo
14> Respek BA - Insane - Olde Boy Records
15> Bullion - Are You The One? - One-Handed Music promo
16> Two Fingers feat.Sway - What You Know - Big Dada Recordings promo
17> Dead Residents - Scumbongo - Dial Up Records
18> Skandal - Buckets Of Tears - promo
19> Wordsmith feat.Foreign Beggars - Sticks And Stones - Def Ethics
20> Dr Crobe - Rappers Coffee Morning - Brews N Biscuits
21> Assa feat.Jay Madden - Behind Closed Doors - Tactical Thinking Ent. promo
22> Endemic feat.Timbo King & Planet Asia - Robin Hood Theory - No Cure Records
23> The P Brothers feat.Milano - Got It On Me - Heavy Bronx
24> Chester P - It's Nuttin Real - Chessmonster Ent.
25> Chester P interview
26> Chester P feat.Deeizm - Spoonerised Minds - Chessmonster Ent.
27> Chester P live freestyle
28> Chester P - Blues De Mare Street - Chessmonster Ent.
29> Hudson Mohawke - Polkadot Blues - Warp Records
30> Letherette - In July Focus Rite - promo
31> Bullion - Young Heartache - One-Handed Music promo


Anonymous said...


i don't know if it's just me but i downloaded this and it turned out to be the december version (labelled as march 09 still)...

cheers :)

Sick Nick said...

I got December too with the Stig intro when I downloaded it.

Anonymous said...

same here.

Anonymous said...


Sick Nick said...


Yeah, yeah! Sick Nick is live and direct sitting in his secret cyber space hub somewhere juggling the evidence that there is life the fuck out there while bugging the funk out to the March 2009 episode of the Suspect saga with the DJ they all call Disorda. Hey everybody, why don’t we pass round a little PayPal collection tray for downloading the show like we use to at church after a good old Christingle! Proper old school like, you could give what you want like a cheeky little nugget or a couple of big English squids depending on how hard you’ve grafted for the week, then you can get some anti download slash blog slut stickers to cover the computer gimps in at break time yeah. Remember, a good idea is always a good idea! This month Dead Residents are fucking seriously dope on the dial up yo! I’m feeling that like industrial mechanical progressive sound from Harmonic 313 and Floating Point taking that reverberation engineering to another dimension within the brain. Skandals astral movements were making me feel dizzy and sick yo! Severe lyrics and perfectly carved rhyme patterns and a dope freestyle from Chester dropping the truth as always!


Si said...

Any news on if the download has been sorted, I wanna stick it on my MP3 player! I've downed it 3 times now always the same! Big show tho!

Anonymous said...

try a few more times si

DISORDA said...

Download link is now working peoples, sorry for f up!

1, Disorda