Tuesday, 17 August 2010

'Wild Dayz' book now in stock

Finally managed to track down this dope photography book 'WILD DAYZ' from Bristol photographer Andrew ‘Beezer’ Beese. The book is a collection of images shot in the mid 80's, many of which are of The Wild Bunch, later to become Massive Attack.
Beezer was a close friend of The Wild Bunch and other Bristol hip hop crews and was able to capture on film the rich urban culture at the heart of the underground music and art scene prevalent in Bristol at the time.

Massive Attack’s musical influence is well documented but this collection of images shows how it all started. Many of the shots are of the Wild Bunch performing at the Dug Out Club, the infamous Red House Jam and at St Paul's Carnival, but there are also many more shots from festivals and events and a selection of portraiture.

"Bristol had a very healthy scene at that time, both for live music and DJing” Beezer recalls. “In 1984, Technics just brought out these DJ decks, all my friends were DJs, they would play all kinds of records-funk, punk, post-punk and then a lot of US hip-hop and electro stuff was coming in. There was also the graffiti that people like Goldie were doing. But we had no idea what it would escalate into."

We have a few copies WILD DAYZ now in stock. Below are just a small selection of what's onboard, capturing a classic moment in the homegrown scene...