Saturday, 14 August 2010

Cappo - How to deliver a stage show 101 + 'Full Scale Chronicles' download

Live footage from Cappo's 'Genghis' launch party at SP Live in April, big ups to Al @ Son Records on this one. Capps' mic presence and delivery throughout the whole show was so on point, learn from this all you up and coming emcee's out there...

'Fire With Fire' / 'Magna Carta' / 'Barcode' from the mighty 'Genghis' album.

'Loyalty' / 'Provider' / 'Most Wanted' from the mighty 'Genghis' album.

And here's a link to a free 8 track compilation of radio appearances and freestyles from recent years, featuring 279, Sarah Love, Styly Cee, DJ Cro, Disorda & Westwood. Niiice.

'Full Scale Chronicles'.

1. 279, Choice FM, April 2010
2. Styly Cee, Kemet FM, April 2010
3. Sarah Love, 1xtra, March 2010
4. DJ Cro, New Style FM, February 2010
5. DJ Cro, New Style FM, November 2008 Pt. 1
6. DJ Cro, New Style FM, November 2008 Pt. 2
7. Disorda, Suspect Packages, October 2008
8. Westwood, Radio 1, October 1999

<a href="">279, Choice FM, April 2010 by Cappo</a>

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