Wednesday, 26 October 2011

All new Wordplay Magazine, free...

A copy of the dope new Wordplay Magazine will be going into every order placed, while the stack lasts us that is. Get in with any order at Suspect Packages and you'll receive a free copy of the mag. Alongside the usual graf burners and the like, there's now a heap of Hip Hop from our likkle island being represented. Interviews with Jehst, Mystro, Kashmere, Dirty Dike & Leaf Dog, plus a two page review secton. AND a free cd... Bonanza!

CD Tracklist:

1.Real Life Drama Ft Three Amigos
2.Get involved - Ft. Fliptrix, Jehst
3.Set You Free Ft. Masta Ace, Wordworth, Three Amigos (Naive Remix)
4.Love The Sound Ft Three Amigos (Exclusive)
5.Rainy Day Science Ft. Taskforce, Three Amigos (Naive Remix)
6.The Battle Ft LeafDog
7.Dangerous - Ft Kid Genius
8.You Dont Own Me Ft Three Amigos, Sadat X
9.Analyse Ft Mowgli
10.For Ever This Ft Three Amigos (Exclusive)
11.Rewind Ft Jam Baxter, Maria
12.Open Eyes Ft LeafDog (Exclusive)
13.Escapism ft Bosh (Exclusive)
14.Sound The Alarm Ft Verb t, Kashmere
15.Catch Me if You……Nah Ft Dirty Dike (Exclusive)
16.Stress Ft Dr.Syntax, Stig of the Dump (produced by Leafdog)
17.The Nest Ft Bva Mc, Eric The Red (Exclusive)
18.Some People Say Ft Leaf Dog
19.Walk With Me Ft Leaf Dog

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