Monday, 13 September 2010

Obba Supa 'Audio Alchemy' freeness

Following their recently released 'Too Far Gone' b/w 'Beaks On Faces' 7", 'To:AM Free:A' LP & CD, and 'Midnight Mathematics' 10", comes this fresh album of freeness from London duo Hey!Zeus & Teknical Development, aka Obba Supa. German label Project: Mooncircle deliver 'Audio Alchemy' to ya, and just 'cause it's free don't think it's some swagness, this is DOPE. It also features Shuanise on a couple of tracks, even more reason to cop it. What'chu waitin' for? Some free thinking freeness right here...

<a href="">Audio Alchemy by Project: Mooncircle</a>

Track list:
01 Audio Alchemy Obeah Magik Tonez
02 Pure INtentions Intro
03 We Are Right Now
04 Black Candle Music
05 Dont Test Me feat. Shuanise
06 Scatty Intermission
07 Hold a Mehdi
08 Life In London feat. D.N.T
09 Beaks On Faces
10 Raw Footage
11 Ear Drums
12 Cracked Friendships
13 Too Far Gone feat. Shuanise
14 Don't Test Me (Remix)

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