Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Doc Brown - BBC Comedy videos

Now we all know Doc Brown for his impressive mic skills, stage shows and past releases, not many know that he's now dabbling in a little comedy utilising these elements. Now as I found out in it's early stages, I wasn't sure just how public this knowledge was supposed to be? Until I saw a feature recently in one of the Sunday papers, and a researcher from BBC Comedy Online hit me up via his section at Suspect Packages with more of a heads up...

-Doc put down one mic and picked up another when he was asked to work as a “slang consultant” on the Lenny Henry sitcom, Rudy's Rare Records for BBC Radio 4. “I never went out looking for comedy, comedy came and found me, slapped me about a bit and reminded me who I am: the greatest most memorable British rapper since John Barnes.”

Enjoy these four new music videos from the man himself, it's all about throwing down some sunflower seeds for the fallen... respek bro!

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