Thursday, 22 July 2010

Ill Move Sporadic presents - The Magnetic Mixtape

Watch for this South London producer duo Ill Move Sporadic (Nil Cage and Ben 81). Having bumped a selection of bangers from them on the radio show recently, it gives me great pleasure to pass this tasty gem onto you - The Magnetic Mixtape featuring Joey Menza, Oliver Sudden, Ddubble and more. Original beats, original rhymes, good times...

<a href="">Magnetic Intro by The Sensational Beat Group - Ill Move Sporadic</a>

1. Magnetic Intro
2. Battle Axes Ft. Joey Menza
3. Heads Up Ft.
4. Bunny Ft. Katha
5. M Interlude
6. War Ft. 2 Man Army
7. The Throwdown Ft. O' Sudds
8. Barcoded Ft. Joey Menza
9. Lashes Ft. Ddubble
10. Still the Same Ft. Baska
11. Black Milk Ft. Ddubble
12. Queensbury Interlude
13. Closer Ft. 2 Man Army

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