Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Suspect Packages Radio Show (June '08)

No cameos on this months show, jus' strictly new & exclusive UK joints for the hot sticky weather. As well as the usual session rading the crates for some fresh old skool joints...

Click on the link to play or download the show:

01.Skandal - Suspect Packages Radio Show Intro - Halal Beats promo
02.The Three Amigos - Howling Winds - Real Life Drama Records promo
03.Snuff The Ablist feat.Koaste & Orifice Vulgatron - Maelstrom - Dented Records promo
04.Jon Phonics feat.Cyrus Malachi - The Lions Den - Ill Rhythmikz
05.Sonnyjim - On All Cylinders - Dented Records promo
06.Wordsmith - The Cro Debate - Def Ethics promo
07.Dirty Dike - Decible Dike - School Bully Records
08.Mystro - The Urge - Beer & Rap promo
09.Casey (Pentalk) - Mic War - promo
10.C-Lone - Be Careful - Headcount Records promo
11.Joe Blow - It Takes Concentration - Dial Up Records
12.Kashmere - The Genesis - YNR Productions
13.Life - Devil Mentality - Zebra Traffic Records
14.Queens English - Keep On - Skip Records
15.Phrase Mob feat.Retorik - Uppers And Downers - Stay Baggy Records
16.Dpf - Fame - Son Records
17.Ghetto feat.Devlin - Buss 1 - J Clarke Ent
18.Jon Phonics feat.Mr Drastick & Verb T - Jealousy's A Bitch - Ill Rhythmikz
19.Illustrate - You Haven't Got A Chance - Headcount Records promo
20.Mr Drastick - Take It Slowly - MDM Recordings
21.Wordsmith - They Don't Seem To Care - Def Ethics promo
22.Million Dan - Inner City Got Plenty Cases - Million Dappa Records
23.Triple Darkness - Gods Of The New Millennium - Higher Heights Records
24.Kashmere - Power Up - YNR Productions
25.Braintax - Fix Up Come on - Low Life Records
26.Revilo - Curious/If U Want Me - Comabeat promo
27.Brotherman - Heart Of Dem - Silent Soundz
28.Mystro - Banishment - Beer & Rap promo
----------Old Skool Selection---------
29.Smith & Mighty feat.Krissy Kris, MC Kelz & DJ Linx - Anyone - Beatmaster Records (?)
30.Tru Funk Posse - Break The Beat - Three Stripe Records (?)
31.Dolby D - Loud N Clear - Desire Records (1989)
32.Thrashpack - Cooling In Paradise - Music Of Life Records (1987)
33.Einstein - Friday Night Saturday Morning - Music Of Life Records (1988)
34.The Brothers Of The Head - Brother Man - White Label (?)
35.The Rebel MC - Cockney Rhythm - B Ware Records (1988)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing the track Disorda, really appreciated! Dope show btw. Shout outs to Suspect Packages, the Headcount Crew, Celltrait and MCM.

Peace and props


G Rob XL said...

Decent show as usual. Looking forward to the new Wordsmith stuff dropping , props.

moyinka said...

nice old school selection D, never heard that dolby d record before.

Nicholas munching a shroom.... said...

That fucking intro sounds like something outta my physiological mushroom infected lurid nightmares. Fucking serious yeah. POW!

Alright that sick kids back, shout out all you beat diggas and sweet figures. Yeah its true ive been working with Crusty crackers and Minge flem formally from the blazing squad and us peeps working on some new jack swing mixed with heavy, heavy, Romanian techno....watch the fuck out yeah. That snuff track....that’s my type of shit for real bro. That shit bumps like Dutch knocking shops on the New Years Eve yeah! Nice rhymes. Nice beats. Nuff respect people. Jon Phonics sort of that hard industrial metal sharp smooth shit. Working class hip-hop for the real heads among us. You know who you are! Cyrus has got staid rhymes every time he blesses our ear drums with enuff intelligence to go back and back and back and back again. Clever Story teller yeah with a deep thread stitching that shit up. Nar mean? Wassup Dee? Nice record collection... you got OCD and shit. Don’t worry about it bro, take each day as it comes and keep it clean. Serious picture. Turned me on, no not sexually but more in a respectful manor Grandad! Sonny rhymes are getting tighter and tighter, distinct style. You could pick him outta dark hum in the next boro being bumped outta car window and shit. Plus he’s pretty nasty and i like that in my hip-hop, its funny and sounds bad when you turn well dressed suit heads walking to work. Fucking me Wordsmith sounds different. He’s gotta good rise in his vocal tone and tweaks the words out in tune. Not trying to be too intelligent not too brain taxing but fucking real. And content is on point. Smooth track. Is the last skeptic still on his heavy meds then? Looks like the credit pinch is touching everyone. Im poor right now. Everyone is poor right now. I haven’t been paid for 3 weeks, they still owe me three grand from months and months ago so as soon as i get paid im gonna binge best believe. But i think we need a promo man like moi, in the pop industry pushing the product not selling out but getting our artists a fair share of youth culture coz right about now we aint even on the radar. Ask Jehst if i can sell? I can sell anything believe, yeah i lie so what? i was telling peeps Banksy was coming to the Kashmere launch! Did they believe me? Who gives a fuck? They all laughed and then told there mates at work to get a cheap laugh and thats just how shit builds. Everyone is still trying to be too cool. You need a couple of twats like me in the game. To get the idiots on board so we can empty their bank accounts and invest in quality artists to build the real. 2008 still no money. We need a big business plan. Sick nick the poster boy. Even teenage lads are wanking there shit over my rhymes and busting nuts in the speaker cone. Anyway back to the program.
Fuck me i love super T, first time i saw him standing at the bar i thought fuck me. He’s a big lad! Bigger than he is on the internet..!!!Serious... The Mighty one is back. broken down his rhyme flow sounds dope as fuck. That track sounds fucking heavy. Pretty trippy actually. Hypnotic and mesmerizing really magnetizing. Nice beat from mcm. Regal and choppy and even a little splashy. Sweet! You wanna see my new bird disorda....she is fucking well nice. And she makes me bust up my cocksnot in my brogs yeah. Pow! Ive gotta go now. Ill bug out later to the rest of the show and carry the fuck on. But ive got that itchy under pants dance coming on. Oh shit!