Thursday, 10 July 2008

Suspect Packages Radio Show feat.Sonnyjim & Taharka live

So we're a little late with this months show, apologies people, if you knew just how much work goes into these shows you'd understand sometimes it can take a while to get it all sorted... Anywayz, we bring you the goodness as ever, not only a fresh selection of new material from the likes of Jack Flash, Sir Smurf Lil', The Elementz, Roots Manuva, Mr Drastick, Ed209 and many more, but we also have Sonnyjim and Taharka passing through this month to chat about many topics, and play some joints off Sonnyjim's forthcoming 'Trading Standards' mix tape...

Download or stream and leave us some feedback yo! 1. Disorda...


01.Skandal - Suspect Packages Radio Show Intro - Halal Beats promo
02.The Elementz feat.Taskforce & Sarai Jazz - Crush Theme - Occupy Your Mind Records
03.Sir Smurf Lil' feat.Big Cakes & T.Bear - That Sound - YNR Productions promo
04.Sir Smurf Lil' feat.T.Bear & Cobane - We Ain't Into Losing - Ottomanelfmusic
05.Tom Young feat.Truth - Real Gangsters Wear Suits? - promo
06.Roots Manuva - Buff Nuff - Big Dada Recordings
07.Million Dan - Futuristic - Million Dappa Records
08.The Elementz feat.Dubbledge - Ruinin' My High - Occupy Your Mind Records
09.Reps feat.Nozeeny & Rup - Out In The Field - Asfalt Records
10.Ed209 feat.Imam THUG - Karma360 - VRD promo
11.Dirty Dike feat.Jamm Baxter & Mr.Key - Sepia - School Bully Records
12.Wordsmith feat.Supar Novar & Big Ben - Never Would've Thought - Def Ethics promo
13.Kid Genius - Kid Genius - promo
14.Sonnyjim interview pt.1
15.Sonnyjim feat.The I.R.S. - Running Late - Dented Records promo
16.Sonnyjim interview pt.2
17.Sonnyjim feat.Jehst & Cappo - God Complex - Dented Records promo
18.Sonnyjim interview pt.3
19.Sonnyjim feat.Malik, SK & Eyebs - Lunar Society - Dented Records promo
20.Sonnyjim interview pt.4
21.Sonnyjim feat.Orifice Vulgatron, Smoke Darg & English - Stack P's - Dented Records promo
22.Sonnyjim & Taharka live freestyle
23.Skandal - Home Economics - Halal Beats promo
24.Sir Smurf Lil' - Candlelight - YNR Productions promo
25.Mr Drastick - She Gotta Find A Love - MDM Recordings promo
26.Dpf - Rumours - Son Records
27.Jack Flash - Everything - Klinik Records
28.Doogie - As The Light Fades - CRS Entertainment


Franko Fraize said...

yes Disorda

Another Big Show. Feeling the Truth, Wordsmith and Kid Genius tracks a lot

keep bring the heat blud


Franko Fraize

Sickboy Nick with that Slick Thick Prick to run up in your chick and make her drip from the lips...... said...

Now that I know I’ve been shitted on. She’s packed her bags and she’s gone. Never mind the world famous Suspect radio show is back and bugging the fuck out of my eardrum again.
Fucking serious first track yeah, sounds like some sort of gothic Victorian circus slash horror freak show where kids go missing and bottles of medicine are swapped for healthy goats and scabby wives. Some far out shit, but fucking fresh I’ve bugged out to it ten times already. Abstract yeah but with professional undertones. Smurf is back yo! His vocal tone has opened up with a new altitude of pure street poise with serious buoyancy over the track and who’s he got on the track? Only fucking T Bear and Big Cakes heavy, heavy, fucking heavy record. Im down with that one and can’t fucking wait for the album. Im all about TB right now, Im still loving that track he did with Asaviour I’ve heard that so many times but it still sounds fresh. Yeah that one where he’s learning Wing Chong!!
Real gangsters wear suits. It’s pretty far out sounds like club-hip mixed with a little blip-hop. I could show off while im dancing too it in a club with the ladies watching me bust dem dare bare dance moves. It’s gotta flow and a bounce. Nice new English tone that i haven’t heard before too. Sounds well fresh!! Roots always comes with that space aged new wave funk type freaky shit that always blows the human mind every time. Nar mean. So unique I still hold the man above Dizzy for mainstream UK even tho Dizzy signed with El!! It’s that proper black digital drippy fuzzy electro head fuck hip-hop. So progressive!! The vocals entwined in the track like a vine producing the sweetest wine in the country. Million Dan with the almost salsa slash Latin funk mixed with reggae, his vocals flick over the track like a DJs mixer and with dem shakers in the background well boom! Im feeling The Elementz beats and Dub is back to his old shit that was fucking incredible. No doubts I remember hearing him on mixtapes before lowlife and thinking what the fuck, this MC is fucking vital with a mix of realism and a large chunk of personality, I’d like to hear an album with him and Mystro on coz I think they are similar in many respects. Reps, is back to the main game UK hip-hop style if you can hear what im saying. That’s my staple style mid week when im getting down and low, it picks me up and shit. Rup always add a magical mystical quality with a soft vocal tone and expressive lyrics like picture painting on soft mushrooms. Tight lines too!! Ed209 got played the other week. So I’ll forward that one.....not saying it’s not dope but I’ve already killed that track. Dirt Dyke always gets a lot of air play on the Suspect, Disorda you must love this guy. Right... Gravely nasty tho!! Evil voice and dark lyrics! Severe, sombre, solemn, track... Nuff respect. Im feeling the new Wordsmith shit, I always thought he was a serious MC but it seems like he’s matured a lot and taken shit to the next level. He is what I’d call a street poet with a sense of pride. I’m not really feeling the Kid Genius track. It’s not my bag. I mean if you’re gonna call yourself a genius then you better bring it. Sounds too soft tho! Check it, if you’re gonna brag about intelligence you better write something in your rhyme that is gonna puzzle me and make me look it up. Chester P, Intelligent M9, Intelligent, Jehst, Intelligent, but Kid Genius is struggling with his hip-hip GCSEs nar mean. Has Sonnyjim worked with enuff heads yet? It’s like an all star mixtape. Even your Nan would know somebody on that shit. Can’t wait for the new I.R.S shit tho!! I love that crew and always bump that album when dropping off my exotic fruit samples in London. I say cannot wait for the King back in the studio and fresh out on a new release. Itchy!! Edward Strong production is very British and very regal total UK hip-hop with no airs and graces. A very grown up sound to smoke fat cigars to in front of an open fire in a comfy chair with your favourite slippers and your best mate!! Jehst and Cappo....what! They’ve got a mutual respect you can hear in there vocal tones. I bet there record collections are very similar and I’d love to hear them both talking about hip-hop in a dirty Dutch Cafe in Amsterdam. Fly on the wall shit tho. So you wouldn’t disturb the balance. Best thing I’ve heard in time. Jehst sweats hip-hop and he’s gotta nice lady he doesn’t need their gold. (I’d like to see him with a gold grill tho for jokes, looking seriously means maybe even dribbling a little bit for full effect!!) The Lunar track is fucking quality straight outta Brum! What. Im feeling that shit!! Vicious local dialects sound wicked. (Apart from the UB40 bit) tone it down a bit guys still sounds a bit Scottish to my London eardrums and gets you some new threads player. Joking yeah but No! I haven’t got any spare change so on your way sunshine. Skint... Orifica Vulgatron steps with some cruel lyrics but this time nauseating even for the man they all call Sick Nick aka Tricky Nicky aka Pretty Dickie aka Vomit Nicky the pretty kid from the gritty city. Orifica is what they’d call a natural just gifted like Stigs freestyle skills. So let’s see what Sonnyjim and his freestyles bring to the table. Im bugging on the beat! Yeah! Pretty serious... Is that written tho or what, we want legit freestyles on the Suspect Show. Im feeling Tah tho, ive never heard any of his shit before but I’ll be looking that cat up, i like his flows. Holding it down... Yeah Sonnyjim and his freestyle skills are alright actually. Bet he eats a lot of pies tho yeah Stake and Kidney....Bet he loves them, oh extra gravy love don’t be shy with the gravy makes the meal sweetheart and fill up that pint of mild while you’re there chicken legs. But you guys fucked up the freestyle at the end tho. You gotta know where to draw the line in this game. This is on the Suspect records forever and ever. Yeah we’ll be listening to them in the afterlife watching the new cats rap as Disordaz great, great, great, great grand flids with the webbed fingers guide us with the new aged gems. Tell ya’ll what i does not like this Divshare dish water bullish. Take me back to the old player and shit Dee. I feel like a confused Granddad who’s just lost Mabel after 75 years of happy marriage searching for Granny porn on the internet while sitting in her stockings and suspenders semi erect and lubed up. I know I’ve said it before but this Smurf album is gonna be hotter than surfing a volcanic tidal wave wearing a sheepskin and moonboots. His voice has really opened up from the last one and he seems to be more melodic and it feels like we are feeling the natural rhythms outta his soul breaking into his voice in the chorus. Nuff respect Sir. Im totally feeling your shirt and tie and thatz why i love this hip-hop shit!! Business... Strictly on that next level shit and you know it. Mr D is alright you know; I know he puts out a lot of shit and you can lose the gems in the mass amounts. Sometimes less is more but in his case more is best. His shit is funky but i don’t like his Jay-Z dreams the best thing about U.K hip-hop is no fucking money totally outta the soul. Likes the early blues and shit!! Dpf sounds pretty real to me. Vocals sound pretty drugged up. Not too sure about all the content need some fine tuning. I think references are now totally disposable where back in the day dropping a reference was powerful now it’s just another line that fits in with a rhyme for time. I remember seeing a video of Jack Flash on you tube when he was about 10 and i thought it was shit but after talking to Jehst about him im looking at him in a new light now and he sort of tuned my ears in the sound of his rhymes and define that his lyrics are in fact technical. But he still seems to have that, i don’t know sort of tracksuit bottle of strong lager park smoking fags type of vibe. But im looking forward to the album coz Ape is fucking too serious. Shouldn’t rap tho Ape, your production is too good for that and yes it does lower the tone a little to the hardcore listener. Doogie soulful and from the heart nice way to end the show feels like a teenage disco where you’d be picking out a chick to snog and grope.

I just wanna say if anyone knows Jacky Purple Haze can you tell her the kids are missing there mum and I’ve got the emotional house of love on lock down yeah. Keep tight girl you’ll be out that cell before you know it bruv.....still love you. And always will. Kissy wissies and huggie wuggies.

Got any jobs going yet Dee. Let me come and see the Suspect dungeons just for a day man outta the nuthouse for a bit like a tourist attraction ill bring my cam , it would really make my lifetime and I’d buy you’ll lunch if Hotdog Jims still on the scene nar mean......

Sickols Nicholas munching a blue shroom said...

!!!Lunar a fucking funking fucking funking serious track. what the fuck......

Bennjiboy the ladies playboy!! said...

yeah Sick Nick is right about the Lunar Society track.

Dee can you shout out Bennyboy Roberts the flem monkey?


Who around town wanna fuck with Butch? said...

yes yes Sir one is feeling the Jehst and Cappo number.

G Rob XL said...

quality show boss!.

Liam.Boulton(Warminster) said...

thanks GOOD KIT