Monday, 1 December 2008

Suspect Packages Radio Show with Ramson Badbonez

Indeed, Ramson Badbonez puts other emcee's in there place this month! Dropping by to smoke out the SP HQ, chat about his Official Mixtape Vol.1 release with Harry Love, and to tear shit up with a 33 minute live session alongside DJ Gone. Just take a listen to the show for the rawness, I don't need to bang on about how dope this artist is here...

Giving you the goodness no doubt! Not only do we have one of the UK's finest spitters live and direct, but some brand new product from Tor, Foreign Beggars, Delegates Of Culture, Mr Loop, Antiheroes, JVF Clique and more. And speaking of more, we want more feedback, good or bad!! It doesn't take much to type us a few lines in the shout box or comments section for your free fix! Thanx heepz, enjoy the show, Disorda...

Click here to download or stream the show

December's Playlist:
Stig Of The Dump – Suspect Packages Radio Show Intro
Mr Loop feat.Zoo Mark – Happy Go Lucky - promo
Skeintax feat.Graziella – Back Down – Dented Records promo
Lowkey feat.Logic – Relatives – So Empire/Hip Hop Village
Tor – Beatz International (DJ Mentat Remix) – Pinch Of Salt Records promo
Foreign beggars feat.Aqueel – 2nd Hand Contraband – Pro1 Music
Illustrate – Relax – Headcount Records
K-Delight feat.DJ JS1, J-Red, DJ Woody, Profound & Ironcyde, Universon, Krash Slaughta, Eddie Skratch & Evil Ed, and 2Tall – Scratch Club – Playing Around Records
Krash Slaughta – Watch Da Birdie – Superealists Records
Ramson Badbonez – Takin’ Medication – Medication Records
Ramson Badbonez – Interview part 1
Ramson Badbonez feat.Nox & Farma G – The Countdown – Medication Records
Ramson Badbonez – Interview part 2
Ramson Badbonez – Deep In The Streets – Medication Records
Ramson Badbonez – Interview part 3
Ramson Badbonez – Fuck A 9 To 5 – Medication Records
Ramson Badbonez & DJ Gone – Live Session
JVF Clique – Flow Nutters – JVF Recordins promo
Delegates Of Culture – Grip – School Bully Records promo
Antiheroes feat.Dark Star – Subhuman Nature – Blah Records promo
Malik – Ina Yu Head Side – Hip Hop Village
Dead Residents – Number Wang – Dial Up Records promo


Anonymous said...

Dope Show as per usual Disorda!

Some wicked UK business about right now, want to cop everything you dropped on the show!

evo said...

real heat!

Anonymous said...

Lovin' the UK ish

dom said...

badbones is indeed a badboy...hope he smashes it in the 09..big up disorda u r the motherfookin man..