Thursday, 17 September 2009

Introducing Mixcloud & 'Nitro Tape Thump Vol.1'

As you may have noticed I've recently started using a new site called Mixcloud to host the 'Suspect Packages Radio Show'. It's a great, easy to use service which I thoroughly recommend to all radio presenters, podcasters and DJs for a number of reasons...

The guys behind it are based in London, which is obviously a good thing as we like to support the home-grown. They say that their vision is to be the YouTube of radio - creating one platform for so many great radio stations, radio shows and DJs to live, since this content is currently too fragmented and difficult to discover.

The site's got a great upload process with some nice features like a "magic tracklist button" which takes your tracklist and turns it into artists and songs. This means that people can click on artists you play to see what other DJs are rocking their stuff. You get an easy to remember page to promote all your mixes and radio shows, and the social features on the site are great - you can build up a community of followers who'll then get an update on their feed when you upload new shows/mixes. And the widget is very nice, as you can see... Here's a mix i did this morning called the 'Nitro Tape Thump Vol.1'.

Nitro Tape Thump Vol.1 by Disorda : Suspect Packages on Mixcloud

It's a simple, easy way to upload your show to the cloud and embed it anywhere for your listeners. One thing they suggested to me is that I get all the artists I've played in a particular month to embed the show on their blogs, MySpace pages etc. Great way for me to distribute my show out to people rather than it living behind closed walls...

Enough talk. The site's currently in private beta but you can sign up and see for yourself using the following suspect packages link, from us to you.

...and if you want to download 'Nitro Tape Thump Vol.1', click here.

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