Monday, 16 November 2009

Rest In Peace Derek B

Very sad news reached me today that Derek B has died of a heart attack at the age of 44, in Charing Cross Hospital, London.

He kick started his career as a DJ in the late 80's under the name Easy Q, and dropped his first single 'Rock The Beat' on Music Of Life Records in 1987. He was one of the first UK rappers to get some decent chart success with his later singles 'Get Down', 'Bad Young Brother' & 'We've Got The Juice' and even appeared on Top Of The Pops.
He released the 'Bullet From A Gun' album in 1988 on his Tuff Audio label via Music Of Life/Phonogram, and also signed with Russell Simmons' Rush Artist Managment in the US, shining the light on the ever expanding Hip Hop scene here in the UK.

As someone who grew up with Derek B's music (and still plays it out to this day), I just wanna say Rest In Peace to a 'bad young brother' and pioneer of the British rap scene.

Here's some education to those who may not know of the legacy he's left behind...

Derek B - 'Rock The Beat (Remix)'
(on the Profile 12" from 1987)

Derek B - 'Power Move'
(one of my favourite cuts lifted off the 'Bullet From A Gun' album)

Derek B - 'Power Move (With X-Tra Strength Boyee!!!)'
(found on the 'We've Got The Juice' Remix 12" 1988)

Derek B performing 'We've Got The Juice' @ Regals in Uxbridge, 1988.


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