Saturday, 16 October 2010

Lotek 'The Rudest Dude' video

A couple of months back I posted a sampler for Lotek's forthcoming album 'International Rudeboy', and played a track called 'The Rudest Dude' at the end of this months radio show. I love my reggae music, and also pretty much everything that Lotek does musically, as he incorporates a lot of it in his own sound. So imagine my joy when he sent me this new video for 'The Rudest Dude', an absolute corker that has him placed in the studio with the mighty King Jammy at the controls (although he was probally still Prince Jammy at the time of this recording), and Bunny Lee looking on. Now this is my shit! Well, its not, its Loteks, but ya get my drift...

And as a bonus, here's the original footage Lotek has used, one of my all time favourites from the late, great Delroy Wilson, and 'Dancing Mood'... enjoy.

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