Monday, 22 November 2010

Stay Sailing

Here's a very dope documentary on the life of pirate radio and its future, by ex-Itch FM DJ The Furious, big up sir!
Gotta give a shout to all my fellow Itch FM deejays for holding it down for so long too, I was lucky enough to be one of the first on the station and remained there for 8 years... My Suspect Packages Radio Show, as I hope you all know, is still running...

Stay Sailing from hazel chandler on Vimeo.

‘Stay Sailing’, directed by Michael Chandler, looks at pirate radio, warts and all, providing a unique insight into this underworld phenomena.
The film features exclusive interviews with DJs and managers, from Passion, Rinse, Origin, Kiss, Itch and many more – as well as some of the pirate scene’s biggest names, such as DJ MK (now on Kiss) and Flight (previously on BBC’s 1Xtra). The film also gained exclusive access to some of the studios, locations and rooftops as pirates scaled a West London tower block at night to put up their rigs. Pirates have been integral to the UK’s music scene, but also provide a hub for communities, opportunities for the excluded, and something positive for street youth to do – but they are illegal. They regularly fight the law, and keep coming back.
This is the story of Pirates as they face their toughest challenge yet - the digital age. Will it kill FM? Will pirates be able to keep sailing the airwaves, or are they dead in the water?
Directed by Michael Chandler, ex-pirate DJ The Furious
Produced by Hazel Chandler


The said...

Big up yourself sir, for all you've done for the homegrown since day dot, one of the original Itch FM crew!
Glad you feelin' the film.

zeeni said...

what's the password for the video?