Monday, 14 February 2011

Cyrus Malachi album track list & free download

This is lookin' pretty dope, not that I expected anything less from Cyrus Malachi's debut album though, 'Ancient Future' is due April 11th via No Cure Records... Here's the first taster for you to download, 'Bulldozers' featuring Ruste Juxx & the late, great, Killa Sha. Produced by Endemic.

And here's the tracklist to the album, watch this space for more freeness before it drops yo...

1.Intro (Prod Noize Theivery)
2.Dark Skies Ft Melanin 9 (Prod 7th Dan)
3.Native Son Ft Letia Larok (Prod Diplimat)
4.Streets of Sodom (prod Anatomy)
5.Black Madonna Ft Melanin 9 (Prod Beat Butcha)
6.Master Builders Ft Bronze Nazareth & The Wisemen (Prod Endemic)
7.Elemental (Prod Morph)
8.Brave New World (Prod Morph)
9.Hell's Garrison's Ft Melanin 9 (Prod Endemic)
10.Duality (Prod Anatomy)
11.King cobras Ft Ruste Juxx, Darkim be Allah and Kevlaar 7 (Prod Endemic)
12.Bulldozers Ft Killa Sha and Ruste Juxx (Prod Endemic)
13.Slang Blades Ft Kyza Smirnoff (Prod Beat Butcha)
14.Black Maria (Prod Anatomy)
15.Kemetic Love (Prod Beat Butcha)
16.Concrete Flowers (Prod Noize Theivery)
17.Crimson (Prod Anatomy)
18.The Crucible Ft Iron Braydz and Cipher Jewels (Prod Beat Butcha)
19.Animal Circus (Prod Jon Phonics)
20.Solomon's Temple (Prod Chemo)

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