Thursday, 21 April 2011

Skinnyman - Music Speaks Louder Than Words

Niceness, having witnessed Skinnyman performing this cut live a few times recently, it's a pleasure to drop the video to 'Music Speaks Louder Than Words' on ya. No news as to what it's off though? Trying to find out...


Anonymous said...

Is it off of Skinnyman's Music Speaks Louder Than Words EP or off a new DJ Gone mix-tape? Or both!

On it says Music Speaks Louder Than Words EP coming soon!

Also DJ Gone put this song on YouTube a month ago (he took the song down the same day though) but the description said it was off a forthcoming DJ Gone mix-tape.

Or am wrong?

Anonymous said...

gotta grab that new EP, good news! Like he neva been away. This song = instant classic