Friday, 24 June 2011

Rodigan vs Supergold

Another soundclash tape from the archives, this one finds Mr Ram Jam Rodigan up against Supergold in Houston, Texas, June 1999.
Lots of killer dubs laid down in the one for one, Cocoa Tea's 'Go Home Soundboy' conteracted with Delroy Wilson's 'Won't You Go Home' being a personal highlight. And Rodigan's Prince Buster dub of 'Hard Man Fi Dead' kills it... Lots of one liners worth checking too, Pancho of Supergold 'big up all my British crew inside the house, easy English'... and the best of all 'mi gwan lick Rodigan in im bal'ead wid some Freddie Mcgregor', priceless. Enjoy it! Download > Side A and Side B

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