Sunday, 20 November 2011

Reveal - 'Lost Tapes Vol.1 - Poison and Other Toxins'

Yessss, back on the block is original Poisonous Poet emcee Reveal. With a fresh 28 track free download of tracks, dubs and unreleased material. Most of which was recorded while part of Poisonous Poets, alongside Therapist, Tony D and Doc Brown. And later joined by Stylah and Lowkey. The songs here were all recorded between 2001-2004, and it's entitled 'Lost Tapes Vol.1 : Poison and Other Toxins'.

Hit the link, get with the programme, educate yaself, and reach Suspect Packages Live on the 9th of December for the launch of his new EP '7 Shades'...

Reveal : Lost Tapes Vol.1 : Poison and Other Toxins by RevealPoison

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