Thursday, 29 December 2011

Piff Gang - Mary Piffmas

If ya still off work and loungin' on a Xmas flex, then do ya'self a favour and download this 'Mary Piffmas' release from London's next skool ambassadors, the mighty Piff Gang. Laid back rhymes, 808 drums, high hats and synths are the order of the day, spark it up, this is some high grade shiz...

Here's a taster, 'Shinin' produced by Budgie.


1. Mary Piffmas (Produced By Budgie)
2. Pineapple Express (Produced By The Purist)
3. Jaeger Music (produced By Werewolf)
4. Mixtape Sh*t (Produced By Crankz)
5. Fly Shit (Produced By Branden BeatBoy)
6. Booty Call (Produced By Budgie)
7. Blue Slims And A Bag Of Piff (Produced By Werewolf)
8. Shinin’ (Produced By Budgie)
9. Don Silk Baby (Produced By Crankz)
10. PG On My Tee (Produced By Crankz)
11. Northern Lights (Produced By The Purist)
12. DPMO (Produced By Crankz)
13. Bicycle (Produced By The Purist)
14. Casi (Produced By Budgie)
15. See What Happens (Produced By Onra)
16. Bust A Nut (Produced By The Purist)
17. Afterparty Feat. Plazma (Produced By Budgie)

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