Thursday, 16 August 2012

Jehst 'The Illest' (Live In London) video

Taken from a forthcoming film about Jehst by director Tarun Thind, here's a likkle slice of niceness from his recent tour with his live band. Performing 'The Illest', an album cut from 'The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family' album. Featuring Micall Parknsun on hype-man duties, Kwake (Speakers Corner Quartet) on drums, Fae Simon on vocals, Louis Slipperz on bass, DJ Jazz T on the pots and pans, and extra-special guest Mo Kolours (OHM) on congas. You can also download this from the YNR Productions website...
Also a taste of what to expect from the man at the forthcoming Boom Bap Festival.

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