Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Boom Bap Festival, 3 days to go.

Only 3 days away now, get onboard if you're not already... www.BOOMBAPUK.com

On a Suspect Packages tip, we'll be operating a retail store all weekend at the festival, controlling the guest promoter tent on the Saturday, and with my Extra Classic family, dropping some reggae vibes on the Sunday... come and find us!

Here's who we have in the Suspect Packages tent on Saturday, in no particular order... DJ Muddle, Leaf Dog & Rag N Bone Man, Split Prophets, Pete Cannon & Dr Syntax, Oliver Twist, M.A.B, Rum Committee, M9, DJ LoK, Ed Scissortongue, Three Headed Beast, Frosty (LDZ), Cappo and Remus.

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