Wednesday, 31 October 2012

M9 - 'Magna Carta' pre-order & videos

Now available for pre-order, the killah new album from M9 'Magna Carta', don't sleep, shit's ILL. Some next level lyricism right here! Check the album snippits and two videos below, tell me i'm wrong... Hit the link above and support this classic, due for release 27th November.

'Magna Carta' tracklist:
01. Gene of Isis (Produced By Anatomy)
02. Magna Carta (Produced By Anatomy)
03. Landslide (Produced By Anatomy)
04. The 7 Blues ft.Madame Pepper (Produced By HeyZues)
05. Cosmos (Produced By Parental)
06. 11:08 (Produced By Option Command)
07. Loves Stencil ft.Madame Pepper (Produced By Ohbliv)
08. Heartless Island ft.Triple Darkness (Produced By Jehst)
09. White Russian ft.Roc Marciano (Produced By Anatomy)
10. Red Snow (Produced By Anatomy)
11. Organised Democracy (Produced By Tony Mahoney)
12. No Mans Land ft.Triple Darkness (Produced By 7th Dan)
13. Colour Blind ft.Madame Pepper (Produced By Anatomy)
14. Marble (Produced By Tony Mahoney)

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