Friday, 9 November 2012

TRASH & READY End Of Year Round Up!!!

Saturday December 1st TRASH & READY hosts another non-stop, all-action, 45 Face/Off at the place called Silver Bullet with very special guests...

RICKY RANKING: Many will be familiar with Ricky via his current collaboration with BANANA KLAN but that's only part of the story. He cut his teeth in the late 70’s performing on the legendary sound systems of KING TUBBY, KILLER WATT and DYNATONE before moving on to the mighty NASTY ROCKERS and TAURUS. Ricky is the genuine article - a proper UK Sound System legend who can rock a stadium or cork a dance same way and it's an honour to have him in the Trash & Ready family! Gonna be BIG!!!

featuring SEANIE T: Seanie is one of the most versatile MCs in the business. His roots are in the early-mid 80s Reggae Sound System tradition that we celebrate at Trash & Ready but his style shows the influence of a broad spectrum of music: There's evidence of his exposure to the NY Hip-Hop scene during it's most vital era, as well as his foundation work on the UK Rap scene - to which he remains an inspiration and a cutting edge contributor. His 'Scribes of a Versatilian' album is just out and demonstrates that he remains one of our finest MCs - regardless of genre. The ever-excellent EXTRA CLASSIC DJs will be joining Seanie to drop some serious riddim action pon di place!!!

TIGHTEN UP CREW featuring CHAMPIAN: With a career spanning four decades, Champian remains one of the most respected MCs to emerge from the UK Sound System scene. At a time when you had to be phenomenal just to survive - Champian - the lyrical lynchpin of the mighty JAMDOWN ROCKERS SOUND SYSTEM was up there with the best of them - rubbing shoulders and matchings wits/words with the likes of PapaLevi, Tippa Irie, Asher Senator et al. We reckon he's as great today as he ever was back then. His secret? Musical Knowledge: There'll barely be a tune pressed between 1960 and 2012 that Champ doesn't know/hasn't owned at some point! The TUC will be putting the big man's memory to the test with a stack of killer vinyl! Expect him to get an A++! BIGNESS!!!

This is gonna be something special people! Expect a guaranteed rewind selection of Old-School-Dancehall, Rough 'N' Rugged Rub-A-Dub and Dangerous Digital Reggae Pressure all night long!


DOORS: 10:30-03:30 / GATE PRESSURE: £4

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Trash & Ready is presented in association with
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