Thursday, 17 January 2008

RE:UP -Suspect Packages Radio Show w/Beat Butcha live in the studio (Jan '08)

Get it here, and feel free to show support on the comments section:

01.The I.R.S. - Suspect Packages Radio Show intro
02.Invisible Inc - Invisible Theme - promo
03.Triple Darkness - Anathema - Higher Heights Records promo
04.Blak Twang - Thumbz Up - Rotton Product Records
05.Twyman - Full Moon Domain - Soundscape Realm Recordings
06.Jay Madden & Mic Dyson - Throw 'Em Up - Tactical Thinking Ent. promo
07.Mike GLC - For The Yout Dem - Big Paper Recordings
08.Farma G - Responsible - Filthysox Productions
09.Fliptrix feat.Inc & Gigi - Karma - Renegade Artistry
10.TB feat.Asaviour - Shut Up - Saving Grace promo
11.Univited Guests - No Invitation - Univited Guests
12.Ddubble feat.Dubbledge - Bringin' It - promo
13.P Brothers feat.Boss Money - New Religion - Heavy Bronx promo
14.Twyman - Entrance To The 2nd Age - Soundscape Realm Recordings
15.Tactical Thinking - Dusk Till Dawn - Tactical Thinking Ent. promo
16.Shameless feat.Ghetto, Wretch 32 & Smasher - Everyday (Lewi White remix) - Dat Sound

-----------Beat Butcha live inside the studio--------
18.Detin8 feat.Sabrina Roberts - Home Sweet Home - Halal Beats promo
19.Braintax - All I Need - Low Life
20.Beat Butcha interview part 1
21.Kyza - Dutty Bwoy Stomp Down - Halal Beats promo
22.Terrafirma - Git Down (Remix) - Central Foundation
23.Beat Butcha interview part 2
24.Jehst - Brimstone Academy - Halal Beats/YNR promo
25.Paragon - Queen Like No Other - No Dough Records
26.Phalanx Heresey - Clapton Pond - Halal Beats promo
27.Beat Butcha interview part 3
28.D.Ablo - Find A Way - Halal Beats promo
29.Finale - Change Gon Come - Barak Records
30.Ciph Barker - U - Supercharger promo
31.Blind Alphabetz feat.Sean P - Firey Red (Beat Butcha mix) - Halal Beats promo
32.Beat Butcha interview part 4
33.Ghetto feat.Wretch 32 & Scorcher - You And Me - J.Clarke Enterprises
------------------Old Skool Selection-----------------
34.Family Quest & Automation - Outer Space Rap - Jungle Rhythm Records (1984)

35.Hardrock Soul Movement - Hardrock Throwdown - Elite Records (1985)
36.Hardback feat.Faze One, Team Team Horns & Streets Ahead - Bust The Champ - Streetwave Records (1986)


Anonymous said...

Dope show...
Beat Butcha is sick on the beats!

Mr Loop

moyinka said...

never heard that hardback tune before, will add it to my long list, bit of an old school stickler me, blog looks good though, i'll be listening in more regularly.

Sick Nick said...

Best radio show on the planet.

I wanna hear Chester P and Ramson Badbonez rhyming live on the show.

About time you wrote the book on uk hip-hop D time is slipping!

Nuff respect. El Sick Nick

Tom White said...

Yes mate, will download and play to my 8 month old son - give him a proper education!