Friday, 1 February 2008

Suspect Packages Radio Show w/Triple Darkness live in the studio (Feb '08)

Fresh for Febuary we have a full two hour's of UK goodness for ya, also featuring M9 & Cyrus Malachi (Triple Darkness) and Young Rootz (9 Planets) inside the studio for an interview and 30 minute freestyle!

get it here, and feel free to show support on the comments section...

Prose - Suspect Packages Radio Show Intro - Boom Bap Professionals
Life - Hands Up - Zebra Traffic
Phalanx Heresy feat.Kyza - Heresy - Higher Heights Records
Revilo - Mr No Names - Comabeat Recordings
Yogi & Shade One feat.Malik - Rainy Dayz - Ant Records
Asaviour - Lust Letters (Apa-Tight Remix) - Saving Grace Music
LG presents Micall Parknsun & Jehst - The Mission - YNR Productions
Tha 4orce - That's Right - BBE Music
Hoodz Underground - Home Of Da Streets - Trackshicker Records
Prose - A Whole New World - Boom Bap Professionals
Life - Right In Your Face - Zebra Traffic
Northern Hostility feat.Jack Flash & King Kaiow - M1 - promo
Lewis Parker - Rooftop Drama - The World Of Dusty Vinyl
Million Dan - Scream Out - Million Dappa Records
Lewis Parker - The Hideout - The World Of Dusty Vinyl
Triple Darkness - Thousand Cut Torture - Higher Heights Records
Triple Darkness - Anathema - Higher Heights Records
-----------Triple Darkness interview--------------
---------Triple Darkness live freestyle-------------
Yungblud - Patience - Filthysox Productions
Capitol 1212 feat.Profisee - I See - Capitol 1212 Productions
Chester P - Fly Away (Migration) - Chessmoster Ent/Rawdog
Life - What's Going On - Zebra Traffic


Sama said...

Cheers man, another ill show. Keep it up im down in Sydney Australia and this is my only source for fresh UK tracks. Peace man and know that the hard work is appreciated. Sama

Sick Nick said...

Oh shit…… yet another big twist in the chronicles of the suspect radio saga, can you dig it? Already dug it out but her corpse is still hiding in the hospital. Big sounds kicking the show of this week bro, no doubt. Prose smacking the hell outta the intro and setting the new bench mark for dem who wanna step in and challenge then you got Life stepping up and taking that next level lyrical dimensional step I know I‘ve been waiting for, can hear that new degree of untouchable confidence in his voice for real. The day the suspect radio show lands on my laptop screen is categorically the best day of the month coz I’m poorer than a medieval leper boy hosting a very large tape worm germ people. Shit, I’m as hungry as a hostage over here but didn’t you play The Mission last show tho? Hey, if they wanna hear that shit now tell em to go cop that shit from the suspect shop, we ain’t running no charity here brother. But that Prose shit is seriously heavy, I’ll be saving up the silver dinner change shrapnel for that bad boy. Big rhymes covered with the severest of beats blud. They represent the real hip-hop and yeah I’ll get in where I fit in. Triple Darkness sound dangerously dark….. so sinister I was hiding under my duvet for the best part of there epic suspect freestyle session. I get what everyone was saying about quality control and what’s being beamed out to the masses but I’ve never seen channel U so I don‘t really know what that is about, sounds like you send in your homemade rap videos or something and maybe the fat sofa surfing kid votes for the best hooded top and cap combo? I think the spot light is shining in the wrong direction for a reason tho. Music is evolving and the age of celebrity is slowly dieing like Miss Spears in a sick and twisted drug fuelled sex game planned by some sort of evil genius lucking in the shadows of death……..

Anonymous said...

Great show man.. keep it going, this is a great way to get new uk stuff and keep an ear on the scene..Peace..