Monday, 3 March 2008

Suspect Packages Radio Show w/Skandal live in the studio (March '08)

Disorda drops another hot show for 2008, featuring bare newness & exclusives, Skandal also dropped by this month for a chat about forthcoming projects with producers Chemo, Beat Butcha, Last Skeptik & Ed Strong....

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01.Prose - Suspect Packages Radio Show Intro - Boom Bap Professionals
02.Ramson Badbonez - Deep In The Streets - Medication Records promo
03.Kashmere - Do The Numbers - YNR Productions promo
04.Life - Bad Minds - Zebra Traffic
05.Text Offenders - Spithop - 1984 Records
06.Revilo feat.Basion - Pushin The Pen - Comabeat promo
07.Instinct feat.Young Kof, Karizma & Janice - Where's Hip Hop - promo
08.Malik - Something Real - promo
09.Yogi & Shade One - Top A Ma Game - Ant Records
10.Phrase Mob - Under A Broken Sky - promo
11.Kid Genius - Racking My Brain - Tactical Thinking promo
12.Braintax - Magnum On Crack - Low Life Records promo
13.Scor-Zay-Zee feat.Fangol - Scorz Chat - promo
14.Million Dan - Scream Out - Million Dappa
15.Ghetto - What It Takes - J Clarke Ent
-------------------Skandal Live In The Studio-----------------
16.Skandal - Venom - Killamanjaro promo
17.Skandal - Interview part 1
18.Skandal - Warning - Killamanjaro promo
19.Skandal - Interview part 2
20.Skandal - Dark Times - Killamanjaro promo
21.Skandal - Live freestyle
22.Brotherman - Bollox - Silent Soundz promo
23.Northern Hostility - Birds Of Pray - promo
24.Breaking The Illusion - DMMK - Nice Things Music promo
25.Ramson Badbonez - It's Like That - Medication Records promo
26.Life - Devil Mentality - Zebra Traffic
27.Mole & Iris - Rising Up - Mole & Iris
28.True Self - Certified Suicide - promo
29.Text Offenders feat.Rick Fury & Chattabox - Get Down - 1984 Records
30.Taurus - Cadence - promo
31.Ghetto - Ghost Town - J Clarke Ent
32.Flthysox feat.A-Bomb - Anything - Filthysox Productions
33.JVF Clique - Where We're From - Clique Recordings promo
34.Ramson Badbonez feat.Farma G - Take It Back - Medication Records promo


g rob xl said...

looks heavy as usual. props for the download

Anonymous said...

Heavy show mate, really feeling this one..
Ransom Badbones and Braintax good tracks!!
Cheers for the big up!

Beezwax said...

Safe 4 spinning Cadence by Taurus! Will get a drop atcha soon! Peace. Beez & Taurus

elsicknick said...

Chiggerdy check one two one two, whoz chuffing and puffing to blow the mutha cussing house down tonight then? Two hours two hours Jesus. Saved that shit for Friday night coz im well controlled like that. Ramson badbonez out at last and only 6.49 thats what im talking About....ordered that shit but didn’t get the email from the suspect so sort it out man!! Yeah yeah i got my payment details bro... seriously to all you rappers, im that crazy disc collector with hundreds and hundreds of cds and yeah i only buy British albums but i don’t wanna pay over 10 notes for that shit for real. I respect you gotta eat and live but so have i and if you wanna stop the kids downloading you gotta respect the listener and give us a good deal. Its starting to remind me of the mid 90’s when the mainstream record shops use to put IMPORT stickers on and charge us 23.99 for a fucking album. Jesus all the album where imports coz it all came from the states, i ask the guys once why the import sticker bumped it up to 23.99..... cock tosser said coz it came over on its own private 747 sipping champagne and pulling on fats Cubans so i crack him in the nuts and give him a knuckle rub coz im well gangsta like that. Keep it in check and ill keep giving up the cash. Kashmere out soon been waiting for that for too long. Thats gonna be money well spent for sure no doubts. You always get good odds on anything that Kashmere blesses and thats my word. I graduated to the next level listener a few moons back now and i need fresh shit to scratch that itch in my ear but im still bugging out with the prose. Holy shit bags can’t get over that album still spinning it everyday. Pharse mob is fucking well heavy. Really love that shit. I Always get something new as the suspect monthly legend unfolds. The new Braintax album is too expensive, i’ve got all his other shit and im up for collecting the series but to be honest it’ll be on ebay next month and it will only fetch 4 pounds so i’ll wait until then and thats not being disrespectful, trust me but what i loved about braintax was his production skills. Vocally he can be pretty boring in the dark corners of his mind, he shot himself in the foot when he said he don’t do punchlines coz it was like watching the bbc news 24 on the war suffering a really bad acid comedown. But saying that his new shit sounds pretty funky and he seems to have picked up a bit spiritually and seems like he’s back with that braintax bounce that we all loved. Scorz......fucking incredible but you expect nothing but the best when this guy is up in the booth. Technical sentence structure from the foundations up nar mean. Love that flow. Missed that guy when he was out the scene so glad he’s back coz we need more of that intelligence for real. I like that Ghetto stuff too tho, thats the type of shit five years ago id have been like a bit closed too but now i find myself bugging out to it on the real. Real nice mix, real nice blend yeah and the beat bounces in the background nicely. Skandal pushing that shit forward with the perfect tones of chemo again nice blends but you can’t go wrong when you got Kung fu chemo on the boards of the star ship enter highs. Swear chemo was a classically trained genius in a past life need to get a fucking hair cut tho, come on you aint in the soup kitchen now bro. Get some blue and green dreds or sumin... back to the program tho Skandal got some dope rhymes got some time for that cat in my eardrum. Need some experimental shit when you a straight up purest. But Grime cats could never ever rip hip-hop mc’s . so lets have some respect for the jedi in the building please. Disorda gives man an opening on the biggest show on the planet. You disrespect the man by saying grime mc’s could damage hip-hop mc’s wigga please. Lower your tone in front of the finest eardrums on the planet right now! Yeah Stand back solider! Nar nar nar...I aint fronting man, think back to 96 disorda was making big moves for you to be able to spit shit now so please please have some respect for the man. Think before you talk. If you are from the halal posse then you should know man. We represent the real hip-hop so get in where you fit in. There production is big so never stop feeling blessed and listen to what they are saying in your ear!! But im still gonna buy your album man as long as its under 10 notes tho coz i believe in you as a credible mc but not an incredible mc yet....still Love tho bruv. Big tings for you for real. Bring it back tho don’t go running off with that shit in the wrong direction. Nar what i mean? Sick flows tho, you are good!! Mic check one two one two. Real tight skills. Nuff respect for you man skandal.
Northern hostility are fucking dope man.....yes please more of that shit and double helpings for the man like sick nick to bump in his work van man! Undo the windows im showing the Holborn suits 6am crowd what the fuck is really going on. And i aint happy until they are nodding so im turning the fucker up!! Look at me.....fucking look at me...then get back to counting other peoples money in there office on there time bitch!!
Breaking the illusion back to attack for real. Sounds like sumin el-p had his hand yeah sort of 96 shit tho. Nuttin but respect and yeah i read all about in on the WWW!! love.
Lets get that man Badbonez blown the fuck up.....from the taskforce so try fucking with that! Perfect lines perfect rhymes real nasty but fucking nice at the same time!!
I know ive said it before but life gets deeper and deeper man. Ive followed the cat and hes spitting his best shit right now so listen the fuck up people!! Send that cat to the states to snatch that million dollar necklace from the neck and watch the man throw it on the floor and spit on it... if you’re reading this life....write an album yeah one straight rhyme different beats but just don’t stop one massive rhyme...thats what i wanna hear!!
Mole and iris sound pretty fresh yo! Nice tones nice rhymes and nice beats...but not sure about the rise mid tune sounds cheese yo! Sorry
True self hip the fuck not dropped a couple by this time tho so who knows what the fuck is going on......sounds funky tho. I bugging out to it no doubts...its got that vibe.
Text offenderz is proper English so if ya still listening to that
yank bullshit don’t even try it yet!! But this is why i love the uk
stuff the real English accents are starting to fully develop right
now. That gonna be big for the real heads.
That fucking Taurus beat is too fucking funky man. Well trippy and
Shit serious flow too. Candy flipping music for real. Heavy...not a
Grower fucking instant........proper vibration to the spine.
Ghetto is fucking hip-hop......bit like big L when he busted out on
the scene!! But right about now im going back to that Taurus no no don’t sweat it ill be believe in me
coz im real but this tune is realer!!
I think ive got hip-hop OCD yeah.....keeps going over and over in
My get that?? And im not done until im done with it....
Nice addiction something your grandmother would be proud of.
Oh yeah little nicky, he’s got his addiction but its on a sound
Ting no need for substance abuse!!
Nar i’m stuck on that signing out now. Its got me
Hooked cant go on. Ill listen to the rest laters.
Wanna shout out my main man disorda for pumping me with two
Hours..... but you know you can’t go back to one hour now
bro....right don’t let me down brother!! Im listening and i wanna
read more fucking feedback people, if you have enjoyed reading
this then you owe it to me to write something for me to read. Its
not about the money its tribal shit now......i give you my
mind...give me sumin back man!!


everybody welcome......

nar nar im back already.....JVF proper sick that. more
more more!! . I respect the planning of the show man but i do like
that tune don’t know why...possibly shouldn’t ask why but i
ransom badbonez yeah.......what the fuck Are you gonna give us
back you fucking yank wank...coz this shit is serious!!

Come and get me D....ill work for day a week in the
suspect empire. Pay me in knowledge bro!!

Can you shout out purple haze from purple haze dayz for
me...and tell her she should be with me coz im pretty dope like
that....and she talking about chemistry or some shit!! What the
fuck does she want from me?? Tell her skeptiK....

jake souttar said...

yes yes Disorda long time listiener first time commenter sick update as usual.
just thought id let you knwot that your shows being listiend all the way out in bangkok cause im on me travelling ting at the mo so a new show is pure fire to hear some new UK ish.
look forward to the april update cause im missong the uk.