Thursday, 3 April 2008

Suspect Packages Radio Show (April '08)

No special guests this month, just straight up bangers and new exclusive material. As well as a dip back into the old school, with a fair few old UK joints that u may or may not know.
Enjoy.... download here


01.Prose - Suspect Packages Radio Show Intro - Boom Bap Professionals
02.Ed209 feat.Imam THUG - Karma360 - VRD
03.The P Brothers feat.Ress Connected - Shoot 'Em Down - Heavy Bronx
04.Triple Darkness feat.Melanin9 - Pyramid Warz - Higher Heights
05.Ghetto - Commandments - J Clarke Ent
06.Cons?iracy - Fire Drill - Boveboard Inc
07.Pentalk - UK Banger - promo
08.DJ Nappa - Rance Beat - Zebra Traffic
09.Life - Peace - Zebra Traffic
10.Mr Drastick feat.Yungun - Baby - MDM Recordings
11.Braintax - Duvet - Low Life
12.Tha 4orce - Licks I Bring - Mind The Gap
13.Million Dan - Hip Hop U Don't Stop/Reggae Music U Don't Quit - Million Dappa
14.K.Ners feat.Fallacy - Boys 'R' Back - Cristal City
15.Chain Of Command - Truss - Merciless Records
16.Dirty Dike - Blow Ya Own - School Bully Records
17.Verb T - Accordion Player - promo
18.Invisible Inc - Invisible Theme - promo
19.Triple Darkness feat.Blind Alphabetz - Leviathan - Higher Heights
20.Mr Drastick - The Cycle - MDM Recordings
21.Phrase Mob - Legendary Law Man - promo
22.Braintax - The Beast Is Us - Low Life
23.Dpf - Sick Flows - Son Records
24.Cons?iracy - Trying - Boveboard Inc
25.Text Offenders feat.Lee Scott - Our Beginning - 1984 Records
26.Dirty Dike - Typical Daze - School Bully Records
-----------Old Skool Selection-----------
27.DJ Life - ? - White Label 1991
28.Family Quest - Sleepwalking - Streetwave 1986
29.Two Fine & Tufkut - ? - White Label 1991
30.Chilli D & Dope Stuff - The Magnificent - Blacbird Records ?
31.Powergroove - Power To The Groove - Boogie Times Records 1991
32.S.L.R. Crew - Bass Drum - White Label 1989


elsicknick said...

im holding back diz week bro. outta respect and shit. still gotta lot to say. but.......I never put lol <~~~~and if you do, then you puss. my humour is as serious as the butchaz beat at your Grans wake.

£40 plus order this week tho. so i think im allowed an opinion.

elsickolasnicholas said...

come on Chess.....say what you gotta say. you know everyone is waiting for to shine that fucking light.....its fucking dark in space. we along time dead bro.

el vomit nicky the kid looking for an opening into the city. said...

just read that back to boost my ego. and the two messages are NOT linked in anyway what so ever. im just listening to the show and going with the flows.

1. Sundragon
2. Jehst and Chess
3. You.

so you work it out....

vomit nicky bombing the gritty city said...

slow-lee getting me on to them old beat breaks D. take it easy tho bro. my ears are still pretty fresh yo! my mother would say stop showing off.

can we see pictures of your record collection please Uncle Dee? maybe even throw in some cheese grins maybe even a little smug look if you're feeling cheeky.

in fact anyone wanna show me there record collection in well open.

1. Disorder
2. Evil Ed
3. P Brothers (but you'd need a two week holiday before you even got into the A's right)

G Rob XL said...

nice one for the show bro , was heavy again as usual . looking forward to hearing some more of mr drasticks new stuff. cheers for the shout, peace..

ED209˚ said...


Kickin' off the show with QB THUG prose!
Follow up with P Brothers...pure Boss Money flows!

stayup you drunk monkey x 5

( DJ Ivory has breaks for DAZE )

DJ Dee-Ville said...

dope blog, come check my Overlord-X 'Remember The Radical' mixtape

Anonymous said...

This file is named Suspect_Radio_May_08.mp3, but is the download for April 08 and the link in May 08 doesn't work?