Friday, 8 August 2008

Suspect Packages Radio Show feat.Pneumatic & Illustrate live

Yep yep, back once again for another two hours of UK pressure! This month we feature brand new and upfront shizzle from Blak Twang, Mudmowth, Krate Krusaders & Ramson Badbonez, Mystro, The Thunderclaps feat.Orifice/Ghetto & Shameless, Sonnyjim and more. We also have Pneumatic & Illustrate outta the Headcount Records fam passing through the SP Bunker to rotate some exclusive biz from Illustrate's forthcoming album. Enjoy the show, and let us know where ya checking in from on the comments yeah... 1, Disorda.

Download or stream right here, or via the Suspect Radio player on our main site @


01.The I.R.S. - Suspect Packages Radio Show intro
02.DJ Complex & Ed Strong - Free DPM - promo
03.Buggsy - 1 In 10 - promo
04.The Thunderclaps feat.Orifice Vulgatron, Ghetto & Shameless - Judgement Day - promo
05.Rhyme Aslylum feat.Diabolic - Unreasonable - Rekabet Records
06.Jack Flash - Hip Hop - Klinik Records
07.Blak Twang - So Hard - Abstract Urban promo
08.Mystro - Thorish - Beer & Rap promo
09.Reps feat.Witchdoctor Wise - Hee Haw - Flashfry Records
10.Mudmowth feat.Willo Wispa - Return Of The Cavemen - Associated Minds promo
11.Si Phili - Stand Up - Propaganda Records
12.The Elementz feat.Antourage & Malik - Best Kept Secret - Occupy Your Mind Records
13.Scizzahz feat.Longusto - Misfits - Genius Squad/OSB'z
14.Reain - Who Am I? - Stand Alone Recordings
15.Jack Flash feat.J Simple & Apa-Tight - Ground Wurq Anthem - Klinik Records
16.Percee P feat.Jazz T & Zygote - Percekusion (Remix) - Boot Records
17.C-Lone - Be Careful - Headcount Records
18.Pneumatic & Illustrate interview pt.1
19.Pneumatic feat.Mr Grieves - Opera - Headcount Records
20.Pneumatic & Illustrate interview pt.2
21.Illustrate - Work - Headcount Records promo
22.Pneumatic & Illustrate interview pt.3
23.Illustrate - Do What You Like - Headcount Records promo
24.Pneumatic & Illustrate interview pt.4
25.Illustrate - The Winter Lady - Headcount Records promo
26.Pneumatic & Illustrate interview pt.5
27.Illustrate - The Stuff - Headcount Records promo
28.Krate Krusaders feat.Ramson Badbonez - Incredible - promo
29.Rhyme Aslylum - Smoke Screens & Pipe Dreams - Rekabet Records
30.Longusto feat.Man - Free – Tea Sea Records
31.Mystro - Aquarius - Beer & Rap promo
32.Blak Twang feat.Sheriff & K9 - Nah I Ain't Done - Abstract Urban promo
33.Roots Manuva - Again & Again - Big Dada Recordings promo
34.Sonnyjim - Next Generation - Dented Records promo


Anonymous said...

Thunderclaps tune is BIG!!!

Liam-Boulton(The-Champion) said...


Anonymous said...

tidy show!
i wanna get all of them cds now!

why ain't these downloads workin...

marvin said...

yeah no download...? good sesh though, nice tunes... biggup krate krusaders!