Friday, 26 June 2009

Roots Manuva, Taipanic, Skeme & Chris Smoove freestyle...

Yes yes, been trawling through my dusty tape collection again today. This recording is off an old Kiss FM, Max & Dave show from 1997. A killer 10 minute freestyle session with Roots Manuva, Taipanic (Blak Twang), Skeme & Chris Smoove, with Shortee Blitz on the pots and pans.

This was around the time Manuva & Twang were still rolling with Tuse and his Sound Of Money label, before either had dropped any albums, only a couple of 12"s, and Chris Smoove & Skeme hadn't had anything out.

It was a very interesting period for the UK scene, having started to pick up the pace again after a lull around 1994, lots of hunger and some decent artists and music had started to come out again.
I used to record Max & Dave every Wednesday night, they always repped the UK artists.
Enjoy this slice of history...

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Anonymous said...

Thanx again Disorda for these lost freestyle gems. Was a golden time for UK scene. Real appreciate u encoding the old tapes :) Peace