Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Suspect Packages Radio Show with Micall Parknsun & Joker Starr live inside the session...

Easy folks, all good? Here's ya monthly fix of the Suspect Packages Radio Show, this month we feature brand new pressure from Sonny Jim & Kosyne, MCM & C-Lone, Orphans Of Cush, Ben One, Kyza, Brad Strut, LDZ & Dabbla, Paul White and more. Plus we get some very special guests Micall Parknsun & Joker Starr inside to share some jokes, interview each other, and let loose on mic for a 40 minute freestyle. There's also some exclusive news on the line up for the forthcoming Suspect Packages Live jam...

June Playlist:

01> Sonny Jim - Suspect Packages Radio Show intro
02> Sonny Jim & Kosyne - EG Professionals - Eat Good Records promo
03> Knew Jeruslum feat.Manchild - Non-Apologetix - Don't Talk to Strangers
04> Orphans Of Cush - Rain Blood - Higher Heights/Suspect Packages promo
05> Brad Strut - Believe - Unkut Recordings
06> Ben One - The Good Life, Rendered - promo
07> Paul White - Looking Out To See - One-Handed Music promo
08> MCM feat.C-Lone - Rhymes Equal Actual Life (R.E.A.L.) - Headcount Records promo
09> Dub Pistols feat.Rodney P & Gregory Isaacs - Six Months - Sunday Best Records
10> Mr Scruff feat.Roots Manuva - Nice Up The Function - Ninja Tune
11> Mystro - I Got This - YNR Productions
12> Joker Starr & Micall Parknsun - interview part 1
13> Joker Starr - Welcome Back Home - YNR Productions
14> Joker Starr & Micall Parknsun - interview part 2
15> Joker & Soliheen - Wisechildren - Flukebeat
16> Joker Starr & Micall Parknsun - interview part 3
17> Joker Starr & Micall Parknsun - All I Want - Flukebeat promo
18> Joker Starr & Micall Parknsun - interview part 4
19> Joker Starr feat.OPN - Northborough Estate - Flukebeat
20> Joker Starr & Micall Parknsun - interview part 5
21> Micall Parknsun - All For Hip Hop - YNR Productions promo
22> Joker Starr & Micall Parknsun - live freestyle
23> LDZ feat.Dabbla - Piece Of Mind - promo
24> Kyza - Go - Dented Records promo
25> Delusionists - Supa Lyrical Excursion pt.2 - Beats Laying About promo

>>> Download or stream the show by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

show only plays for 3 seconds, then skips to next show, same when i download, dunno if anyone else is having same problem?

DISORDA said...

Can ya tell me what your using to play/download? Internet explorer? PC? Mac? etc..

Anonymous said...

Iv tried to download by pressing the arrow under the payer as it wouldnt let me right click save as, and I get a zero kb MP3... Anyone else havin this problem?

DISORDA said...

There's a new link at the bottom of the Sensei FM player to download this months show. Seems some people are having problems wehen using Internet Explorer to download it?